Upgrade your drinking water. Your body will thank you

You can live weeks without food. But you can only live a few days without water.

Water makes up about 60% of who you are. It’s the essence of life.

More so, it’s the essence of the organs inside your body that allow you to live every day. And if you take care of those organs, they can help you to live free from disease and illness.

Water forms 83% of the lungs, 79% of muscles and kidneys, 73% of the brain and the heart, 64% of the skin and even 31% of the bones.

Yet, over 230 million Americans — about three-fourths of the population — don’t drink enough water daily. This can lead to chronic dehydration.

And when your organs don’t have enough water to function, your body will let you know.

If you are mild or moderately dehydrated, you may notice a dry mouth, lightheadedness, dry skin or muscle cramps, among other symptoms.

But if you ignore those signs, you can find yourself at risk of organ damage and other health issues. Think kidney stones, changes in blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, rapid breathing, joint/muscle damage and even delirium.

We don’t want any of that to happen to you. Especially when you can nip it in the bud even before the earliest signs of dehydration show themselves.

And you can even do so in a delicious way!

The average person should be drinking between eight and 10 cups of water a day, and probably more if you live an active lifestyle that causes you to sweat a lot.

For many, drinking this much water is difficult simply because of the fact that it’s boring.

Especially when you live in a world where you can get any flavor of drink imaginable at the corner store within minutes.

So today, I want to kill two birds with one stone.

I want to show you a way to inject a little "excitement" into your daily water intake. And at the same time, I’ll show you a source of water that’s superior to the regular tap.

I want to talk about mineral water.

Usually, your relationship with mineral water begins and ends at a fancy restaurant. When the waiter brings you that mysterious green bottle, it causes you to question, "What’s so magical about THIS water? It’s just fizzy."

Well, it’s not magic. And it usually isn’t free.

But believe it or not, mineral water packs a host of health benefits that you just can’t find in ordinary tap water.

First and foremost, high-quality mineral water comes from natural spring waters in isolated areas of the world. Why is that so magical? Because they haven’t been exposed to heavy pollution or soiled with chemicals by the government.

It’s pure and clean, the way nature intended.

The real power of mineral water is in, I bet you guessed it, the minerals!

Your body relies on minerals to conduct and generate billions of tiny electrical impulses.

Without these impulses, not a single muscle would be able to function.

Don’t forget, your heart is a muscle and desperately needs these minerals.

Your brain would not work correctly, and your cells would not be able to use osmosis to balance your water pressure and absorb nutrients.

Unfortunately, naturally occurring, nutrient-rich soil is becoming increasingly rare. And that is affecting the quality of the plants we eat.

Aggressive modern farming has brought many of the earth’s minerals to the surface, where they have been washed away.

Simply put, you’re not getting the same amount of beneficial minerals from the food you eat as your grandparents and their grandparents before them did.

Mineral water is packed with beneficial minerals such as magnesium, sulfur, calcium, lithium, bicarbonate and many more.

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My favorite brand of mineral water is San Pellegrino.

San Pellegrino water has been around since the 1300s. It flows from three springs from a mineral water basin at the foot of a dolomite mountain in Italy.

Their quality is unparalleled when it comes to extraction, transportation and bottling.

You can find San Pellegrino at almost any grocery in their iconic glass green bottles.

Mineral water doesn’t need to completely replace your daily water intake. But it is a delicious and healthy way to stay hydrated.

Do you currently drink mineral water? Are you thinking about adding into your diet? Let us know!

Happy and healthy investing,

Your thoughts on “Upgrade your drinking water. Your body will thank you”

  1. Pssst….

    1. Your body only requires H2O. Not H20 Plus.

    Read Dr. Paul Braggs book on Water for the real story.

    2. Your body only require Organic Minerals. Not Inorganic Minerals.
    All ground water is full of Inorganic minerals.

    Surface water like snow melt has less inorganic minerals.
    Want to know how to check your water for most mineral content?
    Get a conductance meter. I have one and can tell you it is worth the investment.
    Mine is a Sprite Industries WP 2000 that I have had for 18 years so it might have been updated by now but it is only 6″ X 1 1/4″ and has a small digital read out.
    Simple to use.
    Example of TESTs ,
    Seattle Washington water supply as of 2002 Reading 68 to 72
    Most of their water is surface water from snow/rain reservoirs
    Steam distilled water, approx. 2 to 6 bottled.
    My Reverse Osmosis water from Spokane Washington area, 10 to 16 and starting from 86 to 110.
    Arizona areas … most Off the Chart for drinking.

    You should be getting your minerals from Plant sources.
    The plants convert the inorganic minerals in the soil into Organic mineral that the body can properly use.

    The huge and growing Water business is a Suckers Game.
    Do some home work and preserve the aches and pains from too much Mineralized water intake.

    I am 80 years young and have no symptoms of calcification, arthritis, heart issues or any pain in my body. My brain is clear and sharp.
    Stay Hydrated with Clean Pure water for Real Genuine Health.

  2. Ya well i have three houses in different locations within a hundred miles radius, two with city water and one with well water. From house to house there is a noticeable difference in the taste and quality of water. Tried a few different water filters, the ZERO water filter by far is the best I’ve tried. It’s a inexspensive way to purify your water quality and taste. FYI I don’t work for the the company zero

  3. In February this year (2016) I watched a video on water with singer Pat Boone and it changed everything I ever thought about water including bottled water. Check it out at 2Potato1.com it changed my life.

  4. I agree with Paul, it’s pretty hard to know where your mineral water really comes from and what it contains. My solution was to buy a water filter. At least that eliminates most of the pollutants. Then mix a little juice, kombucha, squeeze of lemon into it for flavor. If you think you’re lacking in minerals you can always take a supplement.

  5. Well I’ve heard just the opposite. Mineral water is often not very good for you. It sometimes can even be radio active, coming from areas with flint residues.
    We’ve been told that mineral water is otherwise pretty much the same as tap water and various chemical laboratories have confirmed this. Of course the people who sell mineral water can find laboratories who come up with a different conclusion! So who should we believe Brad?

  6. Brad how come you never looked at the info that I posted on your comment section back a few weeks ago. You can look around the world for answers to well being and low and behold there is something available right in your backyard. Again I urge you to go to http://www.immunotec.com/david219392 to allow you a truly great discovery.

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