Our Top 7 Health Stories from 2016

In 2016, we brought you to the forefront of medical research and health wisdom.

Our readers have sent us continuous feedback on the many ways this powerful information has benefited them.

So we’re happy to say that, in 2017, we will keep sending you a health article every single Saturday of the year.

We strive to always share the newest and what we think is the most-useful research available. And every week, we’ll look to improve upon the last.

I can’t wait for you to see what we have in store this year!

Today, I wanted to send you some of the highlights of 2016 in case you missed an article or wanted to re-read some of our most-popular features.

Here’s Uncommon Wisdom Daily’s best of 2016 …

Do this to lead a happier life — Every day, you’re bombarded with advertising, social media and other influences. They can make even the most-content person believe more money leads to more happiness. And maybe even that more stuff can mean a better life.

Yet, University of British Columbia research found "Having more free time is likely more important for happiness than having more money. Even giving up a few hours of a paycheck to volunteer at a food bank may have more bang for your buck in making you feel happier." And they have the scientific data to back it up.

Deadly sugar discovered to alter hundreds of genes in your brain — The average American is consuming upward of 300% above the daily recommended intake of sugar. And fructose is a big part of this huge problem.

A study from life scientists at UCLA found over 900 genes in the brain are damaged by fructose consumption. The genes altered are among those that are responsible for regulating your metabolism, cell communication and inflammation.

It may not be too late to reverse the fructose damage that may already be happening in your own brain. And it can start with a simple diet change.

Boost your productivity by 46% using this simple hack — We revealed one of the simplest and easiest ways to increase your productivity. At the same time, it can boost your overall health!

This doesn’t involve any magic pills or hard-to-learn strategies. All you have to do is stand.

The top 3 joint supplements of 2016 — Mainstream drugs like Aleve and Advil can block the enzymes that cause inflammation and pain. But they also come with harsh side effects like ulcers, liver damage and internal bleeding. We’ve discovered three better (i.e., natural, fast-acting and longer-lasting) choices:

#1 Studies suggest it has the ability to relieve pain in users by 31%.

Not only does this supplement relieve pain and enhance recovery, but it could also help people to maintain bone mass.

#2 A 5-LOX enzyme inhibitor. Excess levels of 5-LOX set in motion inflammatory responses that have been linked to aging.

Inhibiting this enzyme protects against collagen degradation, an important component of connective tissues in your body.

#3 reduces the COX-2 enzyme. COX-2 responsible for causing inflammation, pain and swelling.

This last joint supplement successfully blocks the COX-2 enzyme without the negative side effects of mainstream drugs.

4 nutrient-packed mushrooms to super-boost your health — Each individual mushroom has the ability to improve your health. But together, these four high-functioning fungi could produce something you’ve never experienced before with traditional dietary supplements.

Packed in this blend are immune-boosting, cognitive-enhancing, and life-extending benefits, just to name a few. And isn’t it fascinating to know you can fight aging with a fungus?

A soda a day can age you five years — For many Americans, drinking sugary soda is a habit simply too difficult to kick.

That’s even with the prominent dangers that come along with it like obesity, liver damage, increased risk of diabetes, increased risk of heart disease, insulin resistance and dental damage. Not to mention soft drinks’ lack of nutrients and their addictive nature.

University of California at San Francisco researchers found that habitual soda drinking may shorten your lifespan by an average of five years, and affect the quality of the years you do have.

Meditation in the 21st century — Meditation can calm you and put you in the right "headspace," yes. But it actually has the ability to change your biology and produce physical transformations, too.

Thanks to modern technology it doesn’t take a Zen Master or a trip down to the local dojo to practice. All you need is your smartphone and one of the advanced "apps" we share in this article.

These are just a few of the many health articles we sent you this year. You can always find every past article on our website.

We look forward to sending you even more incredible natural health remedies, practices and other ideas this coming year. Stay tuned!

Happy and healthy investing,

Brad Hoppmann
Uncommon Wisdom Daily