The top 3 joint supplements of 2016

We’ve seen big advances in natural, plant-based joint supplements during the past few years. That’s true in both their effectiveness and their overall health benefits.

To relieve joint pain, many people turn to harmful synthetic pharmaceutical pain relievers.

It’s easy to walk into your nearest pharmacy and buy aspirin or other NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Tylenol is another popular, although potentially risky, choice for pain relief.

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However, I think there are better choices for joint-pain relief that you can make. That’s why today I want to share with you my top three joint supplements of 2016.

When choosing these three supplements for this article, I had two important criteria that each supplement needed to meet:

 Immediate pain relief to make your quality of life better right now, and

 Long-term healing to improve your quality of life over time

Pharmaceutical pain relievers (opiates, Tylenol, etc.) only mask pain and act like a Band-Aid® for your body.

NSAID medications like ibuprofen are anti-inflammatory. That’s good, but they also come with some serious side effects. Think liver damage, increased risk of heart failure, and even a greater risk of death when used longer term.

True joint health and pain relief must come with a total benefit to the body.

Here are three novel, highly effective joint supplements that could give you immediate pain relief and also promote healing over the long term …

Cissus Quadrangularis

Closely related to common grapes, Cissus is a perennial plant. Although it isn’t completely certain where Cissus first arose, India or Sri Lanka are two high contenders.

Cissus is just becoming popular in the U.S. as a joint supplement; however, it’s been used in Ayurvedic (Eastern) treatments for generations.

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One of the most-unique traits of Cissus is its ability to boost collagen synthesis by over 100%. Collagen is the main component of connective tissue and the most-abundant protein in mammals.

Very few joint supplements, and especially synthetic pain relievers, have the ability to actually increase the production of collagen in the body and repair damaged tendons and ligaments. This one-two-punch can make Cissus a special option for you.

Cissus is also shown to be anti-inflammatory — a must in joint supplementation. Studies suggest it has the ability to relieve pain in users by 31%.

Not only does Cissus relieve pain and enhance recovery, but it could also help people to maintain bone mass.

Studies followed oral intake of Cissus Quadrangularis in a rat model mimicking menopause for 90 days. The herb was able to fully prevent:

 Losses of bone strength, and

 Up to 86% of the losses in bone thickness.

This suggests that humans with osteoporosis and other bone-eradicating diseases could see positive results by adding a Cissus supplement to their healthy regimens.

Boswellia (ApresFlexâ)

Boswellia serrata, its scientific name, is also known as "Indian frankincense." You might have heard of Boswellia before or used it in other joint supplements.

But a new patent-pending extract called ApresFlexâ is the next generation of Boswellia supplements.

This is a new form based upon the clinically proven Boswellia serrata extract providing Acetyl-11-keto-ß-boswellic acid (AKBA) with a proprietary Boswellia extract.

Boswellia. Image source: Franz Eugen Köhler, Wikipedia

Tests show that compared to AKBA alone, AprèsFLEX® increases absorption rates by 52% — a quicker therapeutic benefit. And its elimination pattern from the blood suggests a longer-lasting activity.

This unique composition improves the bioavailability and bioactivity of the AKBA. Meanwhile the proprietary extract exhibits 5-LOX inhibition as well.

To explain, 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX) is a member of the lipoxygenase family of enzymes. It transforms fatty acids into leukotrienes. Excess levels of the enzyme 5-LOX sets in motion inflammatory responses that have been linked to aging.

Normal aging results in higher-than-desired levels of 5-LOX and inflammation.

This kind of lox is better for your health than 5-LOX, which can accelerate the aging process.

The SAD (Standard American Diet) greatly increases these levels as well. Foods rich in high-glycemic carbohydrates (think Omega-6 fats, which can cause heart disease) trigger overproduction of arachidonic acid.

In response to high levels of arachidonic acid, the body produces the 5-LOX enzyme.

Together, the synergism exceeds the expected benefit of the individual ingredients.

AprèsFLEX® also more effectively inhibits MMP-3 activity. This helps protect against collagen degradation, an important component of connective tissues we talked about before.

Andrographis Paniculata (ParActin®)

Used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines, A. Paniculata has shown a broad range of pharmacological effects such as anti-viral … antibacterial … preventing the common cold … anti-diarrheal … supporting healthy blood glucose … and supporting healthy inflammatory response.

A patented extract of A. Paniculata called ParActin® is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. It’s also one of the most-exciting new joint supplements in the world.

ParActin® works by boosting your body’s natural PPAR gamma response and inhibiting NF-kappaB.

Well, what on earth does what does that mean?

When you have a higher PPAR gamma response and NFkappaB is inhibited, pro-inflammatory markers in the body are reduced. At the same time, pro-inflammatory agents such as COX-2, iNOS, and TNF-alpha also decrease.

This means reduced inflammation in your joints, less pain and a higher quality of life.

ParActin® reduces the COX-2 enzyme .COX-2 is an enzyme responsible for causing inflammation and pain.

Blocking this enzyme impedes the production of the chemical messengers that cause the pain and swelling inflammation.

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For those who really want to get into the science behind ParActin, here is a list of all the ways this novel supplement reduces inflammation in the body …

 Inhibits NF-κB binding to DNA

 Inhibits IKKβ

 Inhibits COX-2 and reduce PGE2

 Inhibits NFAT — bone erosion

 Stimulates osteoblasts & calcium deposits

 Decreases Rheumatoid Factor — TNF-α

 Reduces IgA & IgM: cartilage damage

 Reduces C-Reactive Protein

 Promote regulatory T cell (Treg), CD4+CD25+

 Reduces AP-1 & STAT3 in synovial tissue

ParActin is an incredible supplement. And test results are showing it to be more effective than regular over-the-counter synthetic pharmaceuticals. Plus, it doesn’t have the same nasty side effects that come along with them.

Together these are the ultimate combination of joint health and pain-relief supplements.

Not only can they help you feel better day in and day out, but they could actually help heal your joints and improve your overall quality of life in the longer term.

Have you ever used one of these joint supplements before?

Are you thinking about adding one of them in your daily life?

If so please let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

Happy and Healthy Investing,

Brad Hoppmann

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  1. Love to try them have a hip dislocation now it pains me more than can’t sleep or work anymore and can’t survive with disprin always. .Please help how do I get them

  2. I have a dear friend, and older man, who has severe shoulder pains, at times 10 out of 10 .
    Reading this article gives me great hope for relief for him. Where and how can I get these wonderful herbs?
    He is now on Morphine with the VA treating him.

    Many thanks,


  3. Ditto Don..where can these products be purchased? Have these been around long enough in this country to ask natural/holistic health stores about the various products and they not look at you like you have 2 heads? (sorry!, that’s been reaction to other articles I have followed, and no one knows anything about them!…hope this is different)

  4. I have a friend 63 who has shoulder joint pain so severe that the VA may soon put him on Morphine.

    How to get the 3 ‘miracle herbs’ that you wrote about in this issue for incredible pain relief.?

  5. and dont forget hyalronic acid for cartilage. see dr oz talk about reducing wrinkles with it and vitamin c

  6. I read that glucosamine/chondroitin needs to be potentiated, in many people, by taking it with MSM. Works for me. The combinations takes about six weeks to have a beneficial effect in me.

  7. Back in my 50s, I began getting painful, creaky knees, so I read up on natural cures, and began using the glucosamine/chondroitin combination. Then I read something negative about chondroitin, and there was something else to try: MSM (methylsulphonylmethane). I began using MSM, and it took a year or so for the creakiness to disappear, but it did, and has never resurfaced. I am now 87, still taking 1500mg of MSM daily, and can do 60 to 80 squats without pain or difficulty. All of my joints seem to work pretty well. I heartily recommend it, but remember, it takes some time to work, as with many natural remedies. Among other things, I also take about 1400mg of Turmeric daily for inflammation. It seems to help. I hardly ever get heartburn anymore.

  8. I have advanced osteoarthritis of the knee, hip and shoulder. I’ve already had hip and knee surgery and am now facing shoulder surgery, but it’s a year away and I need pain relief. Unfortunately I also have Atrial Fibrillation and am on blood thinners so cannot safely take blood thinners like Ibuprofen and advil.
    Tylenol and opioids do little to help me so now I have no recourse to ANY relief. Would these 3 herbs you describe be appropriate for me?

  9. Thanks brad, I find your many articles, enjoyable, interesting, and very helpful in this life we find to be occasionally distressing. Keep up the good work. Warner

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