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Jan 24
President Obama’s Retirement
The presidential retirement plan just kicked in for 55-year-old Barack Obama, who will get millions yearly for staff, security, health and other expenses. Read More
Jan 23
Meet the China Trade War Winners and Losers
Trump pulled out of the TPP. Now, the prospect of a nasty trade war between the U.S. and China has analysts weighing in to game the winners and losers. Read More
Jan 23
Is the Fed or ECB Making the Right Decision on Interest Rates?
The Fed promises interest-rate hikes while the ECB is avoiding them. Which central bank is making the right decision, or will the Fed backpedal like it did in 2016? Read More
Jan 21
Why Do We Keep Getting Sicker?
With all modern medicine’s advancements, why are so many people getting sicker? And how can we treat them when we’re becoming more resistant to antibiotics? Read More
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Jan 20
Getting Your Money Ready for Beyond Inauguration Day, Part II
Today is the second in our special, two-part Afternoon Edition series on getting your money ready for Inauguration Day… and well beyond. Read More
Jan 20
This Isn’t Your Daddy’s Retirement
Many of our readers have told us that they plan to work in some form for the rest of their lives ... and are happy to do so. Read More
Jan 19
Getting Your Money Ready for Inauguration Day, Part I
Today begins a special, two-part Afternoon Edition series on getting your money ready for Inauguration Day ... and well beyond. Read More
Cash Money Going Down Sink Drain Isolated on White Background.
Jan 19
An Expensive Swamp to Drain…
China is pulling money out of the U.S., so much so that it's not our biggest investor anymore. (That honor now goes to Japan.) But taxpayers are on the hook for IRS and other gov't staffers' hotel, food and entertainment bills. Read More
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Jan 18
Sounding Off on the Latest China/Trump Trade Thoughts
If you want to get an audience interested, write about China, Donald Trump and trade policy. That’s the lesson reflected by our readers. Read More
Jan 18
The ‘Bridesmaid Strategy’ Beats the Market by 4.8% Per Year
If you buy 2016’s top “bridesmaid,” large-cap stocks, they should shine as a 2017 portfolio bride. And if they are telecoms, even better! Read More
Jan 17
China Warns Trump About a Trade War
China just put Donald Trump on notice about a trade war, with a warning from President Xi Jinping at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Read More
Jan 17
Five Changes to Social Security in 2017
There are five changes coming to Social Security in 2017 that we know of so far. Here's what they are, and how they can impact you. Read More
Jan 16
If You Make a Grand Shorting Oil, It’s on Me!
Want to make a grand shorting oil? Buy the DB Crude Oil Short ETN ($SZO) or sell calls against your oil stocks. Read More
Jan 14
5 Proven Health Benefits of CBD Oil
Cannabis oil offers many proven health benefits. You can buy CBD oil online and have it delivered to any state legally. Read More
Jan 13
Is Trump Making CEO Bank Accounts Great Again?
Donald Trump is still a week away from becoming president. But that hasn’t stopped him from helping making CEO stock options great again. Read More
Jan 13
Gold: Built Ford Tough?
Gold has been creeping higher in 2017, gaining in seven out of the last eight trading days. Our resident natural resource expert JR Crooks told … Read More
Jan 12
Here are the Companies We Love to Love
When it comes to love and admiration, Americans identify with some of the biggest, and best, companies — and stocks — around. Read More
Jan 12
Do Unelected Officials Have Too Much Power?
Many of Trump's swamp-dwelling friends will stay put past 2020, just like some of Obama's will outlast his presidency. That's because Congress gives unelected officials too much power -- including theirs! Read More
Jan 11
Here are the Companies We Love to Hate
When it comes to hating on companies we don't like, Americans are never shy. Here are some of the companies, and stocks, America loves to hate on. Read More
Jan 11
Why You Shouldn’t Sell Spin-off Stocks
Got a spin-off stock in your portfolio? Don't sell it, as they tend to outperform. The Guggenheim S&P Spin-Off ETF ($CSD) offers another way to beat the S&P. Read More
Jan 10
Trump: The Two Sides of a Chinese Coin
Donald Trump has been talking tough on China trade policy. So what should we make of his embrace of Alibaba's Jack Ma? Read More
Jan 10
How my father just raked in $54,148
Nilus Mattive's dad raked in gains of $54,148 after 2016's run-up and amid 2017's high stock valuations, unbridled optimism and unrecognized/discounted risks. Read More
Jan 09
Is the Future of Decision-making All About Computer Algorithms?
Bridgewater's Ray Dalio wants the world to make decisions like he does: transparent, honest, principled, painful … and on an app. Read More
Jan 09
Yuan Too Free? And Can the Fed Afford It?
China can't afford the yuan to be too free. But can the Fed afford to let the world perceive China's currency struggles as a problem too big for them to manage? Read More
Multi-Ethnic Group of Diverse People Holding Letters To Form A Health
Jan 07
Our Top 7 Health Stories from 2016
In 2016, we brought you to the forefront of medical research and health wisdom. Here are the top seven health stories that readers named as their favorites. Read More
Jan 06
The Great Retirement Debate Rages On
Our article, "The 401(k): A Regrettable Revolution?" generated a lot of reader comments. Here's the reader buzz on this great retirement debate. Read More
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Jan 06
Gold’s Going Up! What to Do …
Gold fell more than 30% over the last four years. And that happened in the context of near-zero interest rates from the Federal Reserve and most developed-market central banks. Funny. This kind of backdrop should drive capital into gold ... not away from it. Read More
Jan 05
Here’s What’s Hot at the 2017 CES Show
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is on. And thousands flocked to Vegas in 2017 in search of new, hot tech must-haves like driverless cars, IoT and VR. Read More
Jan 05
This Could Send Pharma Stocks Soaring in 2017
This pair of beaten-down biotech stocks could profit nicely thanks to the 21st Century Cares Act. And if you don't want the risk that comes with stocks in this volatile sector, we have a more-conservative idea you can consider. Read More
Jan 04
Wall Street’s Favorite 2017 Animal is … the Bear?
Wall Street's biggest firms are the most bearish they've been on equities for 2017 as they have been since 2005. Read More
Jan 04
Are Your Mutual Funds Making the Grade? Check the Scoreboard!
Are your mutual funds making the grade? If they're beating their benchmarks "net of fees" like these 10 fund families, those fees may be worth paying. Read More
Jan 03
The 401(k): A Regrettable Revolution?
A regrettable revolution: Herbert Whitehouse helped popularize 401(k)s as a pension supplement. Now they are a pension replacement, and a poor one. Read More
Jan 03
A Guaranteed 3.5% Annual Return Through 2037
Why buy Series EE savings bonds? Favorable tax treatment plus the Treasury's promise that new issues will double in value 20 years from the original issue date. Read More
December 2016 Calender on digital tablet isolated on white background
Jan 02
An Un-PC Way to Make Big Profits in 2017: Trade the Idiots
Don't fall for the theory of fair value. Stocks are not always accurately priced because the markets can't account for a key element of those prices: the idiots who trade them. Read More