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Apr 22
Do brain games make you smarter, or just better at brain games?
Brain games may not always lead to brain gains. Brain training is a billion-dollar industry. But FSU researchers say these games and apps won't do much to boost your memory. Read More
Apr 21
Gold’s Fear Index …
Sean Brodrick is back with his take on why gold, not the VIX, is the real fear index. Plus, an uncommon take on Earth Day. Read More
Apr 21
An Exciting Time for Gold, Silver and More!
It's an exciting time for gold, silver and other precious/industrial metals. This Q-and-A with Sean Brodrick can help you get ready for the next leg higher. Read More
Apr 20
Mining for Money: The Real Fear Index
North Korea is turning up the heat on its nuclear threat. In fact, North Korean state media just warned the United States of a "super-mighty preemptive strike." Read More
Apr 20
Attention Digital News Sites: Your Death is Imminent
Yahoo's ($YHOO) final public quarterly report is a harbinger of things to come for ad-based, digital-news websites that aren't Facebook ($FB) or Alphabet ($GOOGL). Read More
Apr 20
A Slow March to Nuclear War
We're on a slow march to nuclear war. If North Korea becomes Trump's Cuban Missile Crisis, we can only hope for the best. And for the worst, there's gold. Read More
Apr 19
Mining for Money: Copper’s Slide Could Squeeze Silver
Have you seen the price of copper lately? It surged mightily in 2016 … but stalled out this year. Now, it seems to be slip-sliding… Read More
Apr 19
When U.S. Stocks are Expensive, and Volatile
A record four out of five pro traders say U.S. stocks are overvalued. And with the VIX rising, they are moving cash to Europe and emerging markets. Read More
Apr 19
Beat the S&P 500 Index with the S&P 500 Index
The S&P 500 Equal Weight Index outperforms the traditional market-cap-weighted S&P 500 Index. Buy the Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight ETF ($RSP) to beat the S&P. Read More
Apr 18
Mining for Money: Why Big Gold Miners Are Scared
If you listen hard ... in the dark of the night ... in the mining fields ... you might hear the steady drip-drip-drip of big miners getting the night sweats. Read More
Apr 18
IMF Upbeat, Goldman Downbeat … Plus Fun Tax Facts
The IMF boosted its global economic outlook for Asia, Europe and the UK. But then Goldman Sachs ($GS) reported a weak Q1 and took U.S. stocks down with it. Read More
Apr 18
Readers weigh in on college debt
My article about New York’s new “free” college system — as well as the growing student debt bubble — generated A TON of great feedback from readers and today I want to share some of the comments and ideas that came in. Read More
Closeup of a pile of Japanese yen.
Apr 17
Mining for Money: A Yen for Gold
Recently, the Japanese yen is closely correlated to gold. Sure, this relationship can change over time. Just like the U.S. dollar. Read More
Apr 17
The IRS Just Hired Bounty Hunters to Collect Your Taxes
The IRS is using private debt collections bounty hunters to get what you owe. Fears of scams, and how to avoid the unpleasant experience. Read More
Apr 17
Hunt, Triggers and Darjeeling
Interest rates will have to go down soon since the current recovery/expansion is tapped out. Brew up a nice pot of Darjeeling — this movie is about to get good. Read More
Apr 15
The Cure for Brain Diseases May Lie in the Gut
Brain disease doesn't always stem from the brain. Rush University found that a leaky gut causes inflammation throughout the body. This can lead to even bigger health problems. Read More
Apr 14
Another airline outrage (this one’s bigger than United)
United Continental ($UAL) outraged thousands this week after viral video showed a man being dragged out of one of the cheap seats. But the real airline outrage you should be feeling is because you're picking up the tab for Congress to fly first-class! Read More
Currency background.
Apr 13
Mining for Money: This Gold Party Ain’t Started Yet
Sean explains how this gold rally hasn't even really started yet. How bullish forces DO exist. The tide in gold has turned. And we are getting closer to a big breakout. Read More
Apr 13
A Ray of Light from the Big Banks
Solid earnings from $JPM, $C, $PNC and even $WFC provided a ray of light to Wall Street in the form of hard data to support the rally. Read More
Apr 13
India’s Gold Demand Surges!
India's gold demand is surging. Gold imports have jumped 582% long before festival season. This could be one of the big drivers for gold prices in 2017. Read More
Apr 12
Gold ETFs Back Up the Truck
Have you seen what's happening in the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD), the world's biggest physical gold ETF? Read More
Apr 12
The Disturbing Death Rattle of Retail
We may be hearing the disturbing death rattle of retail, at least for brick-and-mortar stores. Here's how you can survive a potential retail Ice Age. Read More
Apr 12
‘Uncommon’ Occupational Benefits & Perks
Need more retirement cash? Don't overlook uncommon job perks like free eats, discounts, extra paid time off, company matches, tuition coverage & other benefits beyond pay raises. Read More
Apr 11
Mining for Money: Gold is Knock-Knock-Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
Gold has been knockin’ on overhead resistance for weeks now. As I write this, I don’t know how the day will end. But it sure… Read More
Apr 11
How Come Nobody Wants to Borrow Money?
What optimism? Post-election, businesses haven't wanted to borrow money for commercial loans or leases. And this could dent banks' bottom lines. Read More
Apr 11
Free college? Not really …
New York will offer free tuition to SUNY or CUNY schools, for families earning less than $100K. But this "free college" plan isn't free at all. It will actually end up costing a lot. Read More
Apr 10
Cooling the Waters on a China Trade War
Xi Jinping met Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, where the two agreed to enter a 100-day plan aimed at avoiding a U.S.-Chinese trade war. Read More
Apr 10
A Big, Fat ‘Hmmmm’
When will fear roil the markets? To that, our response is a big fat 'hmmmm.' Fears of falling stocks are unwarranted … for now. At least until May 5. Read More
Apr 08
The secret to stopping your cold with vitamin C
Forget OJ and concentrated powders. As soon as you start to feel sick, double up on your vitamin C regimen. This is one of the big secrets to stopping your colds, sooner. Read More
Apr 07
A Big Week of Big News, But Markets Mostly Yawn
U.S. missiles strike Syria. March jobs report disappoints. Chinese President Xi Jinping visits Mar-a-Lago. Senate invokes 'nuclear option' to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. And markets yawn. Read More
Apr 07
Make This Money Move Before April 30
Lending Club is offering you a chance to collect a special $150 to $3,000 cash bonus, on top of a nice 6%-8% yield. Act by April 30 to claim your reward for making this money move. Read More
Apr 06
Mining for Money: Gold Will Surge to Fill the Gap
There's a huge gap in gold's volume-price action. This one peaks around $1,310. And gold wants to fill that gap. Be ready for it. Read More
Apr 06
This Bookworm Wants to Rocket You to the Cosmos
Jeff Bezos is betting a billion dollars a year on Blue Origin's ability to rocket you to the cosmos. He's selling some of his Amazon ($AMZN) stock to fund his space exploration efforts. Read More
Apr 06
Shortcut to Gold Riches
Seeking out the next big winners in the junior mining sector can be hugely rewarding but it can also be fraught with danger along the way. Read More
Apr 05
Mining for Money: Palladium Puts the Pedal to the Metal
Most eyes are on gold, oil and other more headline-grabbing commodities. Meanwhile, palladium quietly puts the pedal to the metal in its bull market. Read More
Apr 05
‘I’ve Made a Million Dollars Since the Election,’ and Other Wall Street Excesses
Stocks in the major averages have been surging on hopes Trump's pro-business agenda. And now, a once-hesitant Wall Street is reveling in excess. Read More
Apr 05
Invest in the ‘New Silicon Valley’
U.S. billionaires invest in "Start-up Nation" Israel. But this new Silicon Valley is otherwise uncharted territory. ETFs to buy to get 'Israel Inside': $ITEC, $ISRA. Read More
Apr 04
Mining for Money: Maps to Treasure Island
Do you see the potential breakout forming in gold and silver? Man, we are looking at a blast-off if the metals push through overhead resistance. Spoiler: I strongly believe ... Read More
Apr 04
Optimism About U.S. Economy Hits Post-Recession High
A Pew survey says 58% of people (notably Republicans) are optimistic about the U.S. economy. That's a post-recession high and biggest one-year surge. Read More
Apr 04
Dividend taxes: What you need to know
What you need to know about how dividends on stocks, REITs, MLPs, trust preferred shares, and mutual funds are taxed. Plus, a word on dividend reinvesting. Read More
Apr 03
Mining for Money: 3 Reasons Why the U.S. Dollar is Going Lower
The U.S. Federal Reserve is signaling at least two 25-basis-point rate hikes before the end of this year. Heck, maybe more. Higher rates mean that Treasuries pay more interest. So you can get more interest on bonds denominated in U.S. dollars than in, say, euros. Read More
Apr 03
Digesting the Gains, or Prepping for Pain?
As markets digest last week's gains, we review Grant Wasylik's thoughts on StreetShares' VetBizBonds, and Sean Brodrick's dollar diagnosis. Read More
Apr 03
Is 50% Enough for Hi-Crush?
A surging demand for frac sand could send Hi-Crush Partners ($HCLP) to double its current price of $17. The fact that it doesn't pay a dividend could help, believe it or not. Here's why. Read More
Apr 01
3 Teas Packed with Anti-Aging Power
Rooibos, Hibiscus and Pu-erh teas are packed with anti-aging power. They can also help you slash your dementia, high blood pressure, obesity or even cancer risks. Read More
Mar 31
Mining for Money: And the Winner of the First Quarter is …
Silver. Yep, that lustrous metal kicked the collective butts of all other major asset classes in the first quarter. Silver rallied 13.5% in Q1. Then it dropped the microphone and walked off the stage. Read More
Mar 31
Is Trump Doing a Backpedal on Nafta?
Recent draft of proposed changes to Nafta suggest that Trump administration is seeking only "modest" changes to the trade deal. Read More
Mar 31
What to do Before the Next Heart Attack
When the market clutches its chest and keels over, you'll want a layer of gold to armor your wealth. You know the heart attack is coming. Buy gold now while it's cheap. Read More
Mar 30
The Big Borrowing Market Bubble-maker
Soaring margin debt is a sign investors are way too bullish about the markets. And the amount of money being traded at the margin is at a record high. Read More
Mar 30
Silver Miners’ Dirty Little Secret
Many silver miners have a dirty little secret, and it's that they produce/sell large amounts of gold, copper, lead & other metals. So their stocks/ETFs aren't pure plays. Read More
Mar 29
Mining for Money: Canadian Stocks are Cheap … But Not for Long!
Canadian stocks are cheap. But I wonder for how much longer. Ask yourself: "Does the market believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with Canadian companies?" Read More
Mar 29
The Trump Deregulation ‘Binge’ and Your Money
When it comes to signing executive orders that roll back Obama-era regulations, President Trump is on a … well … roll. In what the Washington… Read More
Mar 29
Investing in Veterans: Life, Liberty & 5% Interest for All
Any American can invest in veteran-owned business through StreetShares' VetBizBonds, which offer a fixed interest rate of 5% over a one-year term. Read More
Mar 28
Mining for Money: Silver is Poised to Take the Gold!
Silver has its racing shoes on, and it is pulling away from the pack. If silver keeps up this pace, that would work out to a 65% gain for the year. Read More
Mar 28
Elon Musk Wants to Read Your Mind
Elon Musk wants to make it cool, and profitable, to implant a microchip in your brain and read your thoughts. Neuralink venture, IBM. Read More
Mar 28
Fund this little-known type of IRA before April 15th …
Coverdell accounts function like Roth IRAs for young students. If you want to set up an "education IRA" for someone under 30, you have until April 15 to fund it. Read More
Mar 27
Mining for Money: Buy this Copper Crunch
Investors call this metal "Doctor Copper," because it has a Ph.D. in economics. When copper prices go higher, the global economy heats up. When copper prices go lower … well, you can see why people get worried. Read More
Mar 27
What’s Next for the Big Bank Trump Rally Barometer?
One sector that's seen selling off also happens to be the one that's led the Trump rally higher: banks and financials. Read More
Mar 27
What Gold Type Are You?
What gold type are you: physical or digital? Coins are great, but buying ETFs, miners and options is easy and the burden of brokerage transactions is light. Read More
Mar 25
Drinking Tea May Lower Risk of Cognitive Decline by 50%
Singapore University researchers found that tea-drinkers lowered their risk of cognitive decline by 50%. So drink a cup of black or green tea a day to keep dementia/Alzheimer's at bay. Read More
golden dollar and dollars symbol on balance
Mar 24
Mining for Money: You Can Gain from Gold’s Seesaw of Pain
The trend in the dollar-yen is bad. And it is the opposite of what is going on in gold. In other words, the dollar’s decline is boosting gold. Read More
Mar 24
Obamacare ‘Lite’ Weighs on Washington, Wall Street
There was only one story affecting Washington and Wall Street, and it was the defeat/pulling of the GOP healthcare bill. Tax reform pivot. Read More
Mar 24
Can Gold Go to $2,700?
Can gold go to $2,700? Peak gold, dwindling mining supply, $166,000 per taxpayer in government debt, and political risk could drive gold to $1,540 and beyond. Read More
Mar 23
Mining for Money: Gold Bangs Its Head
Gold is fast approaching a “break out or fake out” moment. The big money is likely laying even bigger bets. And the volatility in the next week could be enormous! Read More
Mar 23
Healthcare and the Washington Sausage Being Made
The market’s hanging on every miniscule news byte out of the White House and Capitol Hill about the fate of the Republican healthcare bill. Read More
Mar 23
Getting Religion on Gold
Gold usually falls in March, but we may have already seen the bottom of the correction. Yet Wall Street hasn't had its 'Come to Jesus' moment yet. When it does, gold and $GDX could soar. Read More
Mar 22
Mining for Money: Oil Says: Big Drop Ahead!
Thanks to some wheeling and dealing by the Saudis, OPEC and other foreign producers managed to put a lid on production and a floor under oil prices early last year. Recently, rising U.S. production caused oil prices to fall off a cliff. Read More
Mar 22
3 Mental Traps Investors Must Avoid
Being successful means avoiding three mental traps, as highlighted by self-help guru Tony Robbins. We apply it to your investing. Read More
Mar 22
A Superb Stock-picker Jumps into the ETF Asset Race
Family business Davis Advisors just launched three ETFs in January: equity ($DUSA), financial ($DFNL) and worldwide ($DWLD) with low expenses and big potential. Read More
Mar 21
Mining for Money: Energy Metal Lights Up!
There is a lithium supply-demand squeeze going on right now that is so bad … "How bad is it?" you ask. It’s like an elephant trying to fit into spandex shorts. It’s gettin’ ugly. Read More
Mar 21
Are ‘Rookies’ Responsible for Messing Up Financial Markets?
Bank for International Settlements says "rookie traders" could be to blame for flash crashes that roil currency markets. Youth and inexperience on Wall Street. Read More
Mar 21
Your questions on IRAs, TIPS and more…
Nilus Mattive answers your questions about Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) and required minimum distributions (RMDs). Read More
Mar 20
Mining for Money: Ready to Ride that Uranium Bull?
This interview is with Amir Adnani, the CEO and president of Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSEMkt: UEC). His company has built a portfolio of excellent uranium properties in Texas. Read More
Mar 20
A Bipartisan Threat to Your Privacy … and Your Money
FBI Director Comey admitted the FBI is investigating Russian links to the Trump campaign. The $HACK ETF can spell p-r-o-f-i-t-s here. Read More
Mar 20
The Dovish Hawk Will Die April 7th
If the euro rallies to $1.0950 by April 7 and U.S. stocks climb 7% by May 5, interest-rate expectations will shift and boost the U.S. dollar. That would jeopardize the bull market. Read More
Mar 18
Volunteering for Better Health. Plus, 5 More Trends Affecting Your Health
Volunteers are healthier than younger non-volunteers. Blueberries boost your brain function. Improve your memory in 30 minutes a day. How your neighborhood affects your health. Read More
Mar 17
The ‘Glow-In-The-Dark,’ Post-Fed Hike Play
Just like in Star Wars, you want someone who is strong in the Force. The Global X Uranium ETF's ($URA) Force Index shows that momentum is with the uranium bulls. Read More
Silhouette of a man pointing to a rising graph on an LCD display. Focus is on the LCD display. Chart created by the photographer.
Mar 17
Transports Utter a Warning Cry
The Dow Transports are not confirming the rally in Industrials. The bearish trend in Transports is getting stronger. Dow Theory tells us that's a warning of a reversal to come. Read More
Mar 16
Mining for Money: Why Junior Miners are on the Launch Pad
There’s a reason why the big companies are spending less money on exploration. There are junior miners willing to do all the hard work. They spend their own sweat, time and, importantly, money making discoveries. Read More
Mar 16
These Investors Continue Making Uncommon Profits
Take a page out of our editorial playbook to make uncommon profits in this politically driven market. Also, see how we'll be Mining for Money with Sean Brodrick. Read More
Mar 16
Your Golden Opportunity
A window of opportunity to buy gold and gold miners cheap is about to open. And you'll want to be there when it does. Read More
Mar 15
The Market Loves the Goldilocks Fed
The FOMC hiked rates 25 basis points at its March 2017 meeting. But the hike alone wasn't Goldilocks. The "just right" number came from the Fed "dots." Read More
Mar 15
A Push for Gender Diversity & a Play to Profit from It
Buy the SPDR SSGA Gender Diversity Index ETF ($SHE) and watch it, and its women-led companies, continue to outperform. Read More
Mar 14
Is This the Most Overvalued Stock Market in History?
One market-watcher thinks 2017's high valuations, and the metrics that go along with them, represent the most overvalued stock market in history. Read More
Mar 14
The biggest rip-off on Wall Street
What's the biggest rip-off on Wall Street? Underperforming funds and fund managers with high fees and expenses. Read More
Mar 13
The Government’s ‘Fiscal Gap’ Just Got Ugly
The government's financial health has continued to deteriorate in alarming ways. We know this by the one-third jump in the fiscal gap. Read More
Mar 13
Are You Scared Yet? Why You Probably Should Be …
The Fed is 90% likely to hike rates in March. But can the economy support it, when the debt ceiling is set to be reinstated the next day? Read More
Mar 11
Meta study shows coffee protects against 6 different cancers
Three to five cups of coffee a day could help protect against melanoma and oral, pharynx, colon, liver, endometrial or prostate cancer. Read More
Mar 10
Jobs and the Artificial Intelligence Debate
AI and job creation are often linked, especially when the monthly jobs report is released. Is the future an “unfavorable ratio”? Read More
Mar 10
10 Out-of-this-World Adventures for People on Ordinary Budgets
If you want a real out-of-this world adventure, here are 10 off-the-grid cities with no WiFi or cell signals, plus 10 U.S. cities to age gracefully in, for ordinary budgets. Read More
Mar 09
The Stock Market 8 Years After the Crash
Happy 8th birthday, bull market. Stocks hit their lows eight years ago today, March 9, 2009. And they have barely looked back since then. Read More
Mar 09
Your Brain, Immune System & Personality: More Linked Than You’d Think!
UVA researchers discovered lymphatic vessels that connect the brain and immune system. They also found the immune response can influence personality, including your desire to be social. Read More
Mar 08
The CIA Can Spy on You with Your Phone, Your Car and Your TV
The CIA can spy on you through your smartphone, your car and your TV. That’s the latest revelation from anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks. Read More
Young Man Sleeping On Bed In His Bedroom
Mar 08
Even More ‘Sleep Well at Night’ Stocks
If the last 13 years is any guide, these 25 “sleep well at night” stocks can offer safety during the next correction or bear market. Read More
Mar 07
Obamacare Repeal/Replace: Good Changes, or Just ACA ‘Light’?
The repeal and replace of the ACA has begun. The House unveiled its plan, called the American Health Care Act, but is it Obamacare light? Read More
Mar 07
Are you worried about inflation?
TIPS are like regular Treasury bonds, except their principal is adjusted every six months to reflect inflation. Read More
a bitcoin - the new virtual money
Mar 06
Is Bitcoin About to Become an ETF?
The SEC will soon decide if bitcoin will be available to investors as an ETF. Read More
Barrel of oil with financial graphs and charts. Stock vector illustration.
Mar 06
Crude Oil: The Dawn Before the Storm
OPEC was 94% compliant with its February oil cuts. Now large speculators are plowing $2 billion into near-term crude futures. Here’s how to profit when that bet blows up. Read More
Mar 04
New Evidence Shows Probiotics May Defeat Allergies
University of Florida researchers say a probiotic combo can regulate your body’s immune response to allergies. Kyo-Dophilus also boosts your digestive health. Read More
Mar 03
Are Robots Responsible for the Latest Market Rally?
Are robots responsible for the stock rally to all-time highs? Wall Street Journal writer Jason Zweig posed that question in a recent column. Read More
Mar 03
The Gold Gods Laugh
Gold is going to pick itself up off the cement and ride this inflation wave to new highs. And the gold gods will get the last laugh. Read More
Mar 02
The Singularity Will Be in Your Shoes
When will superintelligence reach the “singularity”? How about in 2047, when the microchips in your shoes are smarter than you. Read More
Mar 02
Tax loophole for Trump’s rich picks at risk
The wealthiest Cabinet in history may get a little richer thanks to IRS Code 1043. But their tax loophole is at risk thanks to the Senate’s No Windfalls for Government Service Act. Read More
Mar 01
Up, Up and Away… Stocks Soar in a Beautiful Trump Balloon
The market soared to record highs after the Trump address, as investors choice embraced the pro-growth language. But are there alternatives? Read More
Mar 01
The Future is Now — Consider This ETF to ‘Future-Proof’ Your Portfolio
We’re on the cusp of a new automation age. That means it’s time to future-proof your portfolio! We like the $ROBO ETF, which is up 10% this year vs. the S&P’s 5%. Read More
Feb 28
When Buffett Calls the Economy ‘Miraculous’
Every year about this time, the market is treated to the homespun wisdom of Warren Buffett via his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. Read More
Feb 28
An Update on Roth IRAs
For older Americans, Roth IRAS provide upfront tax advantages. These accounts could also pay off handsomely for younger heirs. Read More
Feb 27
Time to Consider These ‘Alternatives’ to Stocks, Bonds
It’s time to consider the “alternatives” to stocks and bonds. You might already own some of these “alt”-investments like ETFs, gold, real estate, art and more. Read More
Feb 27
Who’s the Fairest Manipulator of Them All?
China gets a bad rap as a currency manipulator. But they didn't even put currency manipulation on the map. Besides, the global balance of trade and balance of payments is about more than just exchange-rate valuations. Read More
Feb 25
Weight-Loss Success Tied to Your Social Media Attitude
Georgia researchers found the skinny on weight loss. They can tell with 77% accuracy whether you’ll be successful, based on your attitude on social media. Read More
Feb 24
It’s 10 Years Gone for the Financial Crisis … Remember That?
It’s been 10 years since the start of the subprime mortgage mess and the subsequent financial crisis. And now, here at the decade anniversary, the market’s shrugged. Read More
Feb 24
Retirement Revolutionized, for Better or Worse
The 401(k) revolutionized retirement. It helps people save money, but it also prompted pensions to go near-extinct. And now, its early backers regret what it's become. Read More
Feb 23
Are Investors Reaching the Point of ‘Maximum Optimism’?
Goldman Sachs’ recent note to clients says investors are reaching “maximum optimism,” and to expect a pullback in the S&P 500 to 2,300. Read More
Red, blue, green, white and black poker chips pile on green table
Feb 23
Would You Do This With Your Money?
Austin Allred went all-in on Tesla ($TSLA) because of Elon Musk. Deciding not to diversify is a big gamble we don't recommend. Would you invest all your money on a single stock like that? Read More
Feb 22
The More New Planets, the Merrier
Scientists discovered seven Earth-sized planets, six of which could potentially harbor life. Read More
Feb 22
Four ‘Sleep Well at Night’ Stocks
Sleep well at night with AutoZone ($AZO), Chesapeake ($CPK), General Mills ($GIS) and Waste Connections ($WCN), the only four stocks that gained each of the past 13 years. Read More
Feb 21
Is It Time to Take a Look at Chinese Stocks?
Chinese stocks are soaring even more than U.S. equities in 2017. It may be time for investors to look at buying Chinese stocks again via ETFs like $ASHR and $FXI. Read More
Young African Businesswoman Analyzing Data On Multiple Computer Screen In Office
Feb 21
The Other Way to Play This Market
Want money for nothing and less risk for free? You could buy or sell stocks. But we prefer another way to play the market: with covered call writing. Read More
Feb 20
Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear
Gold investors have pushed prices 7% higher in 2017 while stocks have rallied. This may signal a stock-market correction is coming soon. Is it time to put more faith in gold? Read More
Feb 18
The Science of Compassion in Marriage
Tis better to give than receive. It makes your marriage happier, and can be especially rewarding for you. Science shows that compassion makes marriage good for your health! Read More
Feb 17
Of Mammoths, Mega-Mergers and Mar-a-Lago
Mammoth genes, mega-mergers and Mar-a-Lago all are intriguing stories in a week dominated once again by President Trump. Read More
Currency background.
Feb 17
A Bipartisan Bump for Gold?
Gold has a reputation as being an investment for more conservative or libertarian types. But that all seems to be changing now that Donald Trump is president, Read More
Feb 16
What’s Snapchat, and Why is it Valued at $18.5 Billion?
Post-IPO, Snapchat ($SNAP) stock seems likelier to struggle like Twitter ($TWTR) than to please investors like Facebook ($FB). Read More
Piggy Bank and computer mouse, concept of e-commerce, online banking
Feb 16
The cover-up is always worse than the crime…
Yahoo! (YHOO) just lost a quarter-million dollars. It’s not that the stock fell. In fact, it closed 1.4% higher in Wednesday trade. So, what happened? Read More
Alushta, Russia - November 11, 2014: Isolated new phone iPhone 6 Space Gray. iPhone 6 was created and developed by the Apple inc.
Feb 15
Buffett Just Added Another $1.1 Billion Gain in Apple
Warren Buffett just made $1.1 billion in one stock in six weeks: Apple ($AAPL). This after quadrupling his stake in Q4. Read More
Feb 15
The Best New ETF of 2016: ‘SHE’ Power Prevails
Investing experts at Inside ETFs agree: The SPDR SSGA Gender Diversity Index ETF ($SHE) was the people’s choice for best new ETF of 2016. Read More
Feb 14
As Yellen Speaks, Changes Brew at the Fed
Yellen delivered her Humphrey-Hawkins testimony. But the real Fed issue is Tarullo’s resignation, and Trump’s chance to stack the Fed. Read More
Feb 14
Lower risk, higher income in one simple step…
If you have cash on the sidelines right now, you don’t have to sit around doing nothing. You can actually get paid to try and buy your favorite stocks at lower-than-current prices. Read More
Feb 13
FANG is So Last Year: 2017 is All About CRAP
FANGs are so 2016. 2017 is all about CRAP (computers, American banks, resources & phone carriers) stocks. Read More
Feb 13
Sell Gold Between These Two Prices: $1,277 and $1,288
Gold is up 10% since Dec. 14. If the rally hits the $1,277-$1,288 range, it's time to sell. Meanwhile, the glut of crude oil has become a glut of gasoline. That could bode well for gold buyers. Read More
Young Man Sleeping On Bed In His Bedroom
Feb 11
Not getting enough sleep? You’re putting your memory at risk
Johns Hopkins researchers found a link between lost sleep and lost memories. Your brain can only hold so much, and sleep lets it recalibrate so you can retain and do more. Read More
Feb 10
The Earnings Recession is Officially Over
Q4 2016 saw some of the best reports since the financial crisis. The earnings recession is over, but markets still trade on the Trump/GOP agenda. Read More
Feb 10
Next OMB boss will push for Social Security cuts
During the campaign, Donald Trump said little about the train wreck ahead for Social Security. What’s more, he promised that there wouldn’t be any cuts. But Rep. Mick Mulvaney, his budget director nominee, has significant, ‘fundamental’ changes in mind for Social Security, Medicare … even the retirement age. How will this affect you? Read More
Feb 09
Stocks Surge on What Wall Street Really Wants from Washington
Wall Street may get what it wants from Washington. Markets hit record highs after Trump promised a phenomenal, big-league announcement on corporate tax reform. Read More
Feb 09
Do You Own Counterfeit Gold? Here’s How You Can Tell…
You might own counterfeit gold bars or coins. John Fisher of Fisher Precious Metals shows you how you can tell whether you own fake or bona fide bullion. Read More
Feb 08
Social Media Straining Productivity in the U.S. Workplace
If you ever wondered why productivity in the American workplace seems strained, one answer is likely social media. A new study shows workers are frittering more time on Twitter post-election. Read More
Stacks of coins with the letters ETF isolated on white background
Feb 08
ETFs are Still Eating Mutual Funds’ Lunch
ETFs are the No. 1 most-recommended investment. Since the financial crisis, ETFs have net seen cash inflows of $1.5 trillion while mutual funds have lost $103 billion. Read More
Feb 07
A Rollicking Debate: Readers React to Dodd-Frank Dismantle
Readers debate President Trump’s executive order to reform financial regulations set in the Dodd-Frank law. Here are the pros, cons. Read More
Feb 07
Where will all the upside come from?
As this bull market approaches its eighth year, the good times could continue for a limited time. But with so much risk, where will all the upside come from? Read More
Feb 06
President Trump Determined to Dismantle Dodd-Frank
Trump embraced Wall Street while also doing something the industry’s wanted for years. He started the process of dismantling Dodd-Frank financial regs. Read More
Feb 06
A 10-Year Anniversary Boost for Palladium?
Palladium prices rose 75% in 2016, and demand could rise 17% by 2020. Look for a pullback soon, and get ready to buy Sibanye ($SBGL) on that dip. Read More
Feb 04
Collagen, Vitamin C Combo Can Provide Natural Joint Pain Relief
A collagen gelatin powder and vitamin C combo can provide natural joint pain relief by regrowing healthy joint tissue. Read More
Feb 03
The Super Bowl & Other Bizarre Wall Street Indicators
Investors will be watching the Patriots-Falcons game closely. That’s because the Super Bowl Indicator may give them insight to how to trade in 2017. Read More
Feb 03
3 More Ways to Make Your Portfolio Shine in 2017
Pay attention to fund charges, fees & expenses; enable options in your broker account; and diversify your assets to make your portfolio shine in 2017. Read More
Feb 02
How Not to Spend Money Like a Hollywood A-Lister
Actor Johnny Depp’s lavish spending has him embroiled in lawsuits with his ex-managers at TMG. Here’s how to avoid a mess like this. Read More
Feb 02
3 Ways to Make Your Portfolio Shine in 2017
Looking for a few good ways to make your portfolio shine in 2017? Say no to money market funds, reinvest your dividends and use the account that gives you the best tax advantages. Read More
Feb 01
The Fed’s Not a Factor, But You Are
The FOMC left rates unchanged at its first meeting of 2017. And Yellen & Co. gave few hints as to the future direction of interest rates and the cost of capital. Read More
Feb 01
7 Tips to Survive the Next Bear Market
2/3 of Americans haven’t recovered from the last bear market. And if the “Trump bump” turns into a “Trump dump” or worse, here are seven bear-market survival tips. Read More
Jan 31
Welcome to President Trump’s New War on Drugs
This isn’t Nancy Reagan’s war on drugs. Trump told pharma execs he’ll ‘just say no’ to outrageous prices and yes to fewer regulations, more competition. Read More
Jan 31
The very best sectors, stocks & dividends
2016 saw energy and financials soar. So did telecom, industrials & materials. $NVDA was 2016’s best stock winner, up 224%. Dividend cuts rose but the average dividend increase was 10.51%. Read More
Jan 30
Immigration Kerfuffle Masks the Real Reason Stocks Fell
Trump’s immigration policy kerfuffle isn’t the chief reason why stocks sold off today. There’s a much bigger reason, and it’s all about corporate tax reform. Read More
Jan 30
Three Stocks to Trade (Soon) Because Fibonacci Says So
The horns of a ram can predict financial markets. Fibonacci tells us get ready to trade three stocks -- Freeport-McMoRan ($FCX), Green Plains ($GPRE) and $GLD -- soon. Here's why ... Read More
Jan 28
Sitting Too Long Can Age You by 8X. Plus, 5 More Trends Affecting Your Health
This is my way of helping you keep up on recent natural health findings through some of the most impactful stories around. And in the coming weeks, we’ll look to delve deeper into some of these topics and other natural ways to boost your health. Read More
Jan 27
Scoreboard Check: 5 UWD Services Crush the Broader Market in 2016
Five UWD services outperformed the broader markets in 2016. With big wins in crude oil and gold, and a steady stream of smaller winners, our editors really brought their 'A' game. Read More
Jan 27
Is a ‘Tyranny of Compound Costs’ Costing You?
Are broker fees and commissions cutting into your returns? Paying too much for your investments can rob you of as much as TWO-THIRDS of your gains. It's time to put this tyranny of compound costs out of its misery. Read More
Businessman writes a pen on an empty paper
Jan 26
Sounding Off on Dow 20,000, Trump and Bubbles
Wednesday was historic for the markets, as the Dow pierced the 20,000 mark. Here’s what Afternoon Edition readers had to say about it. Read More
Jan 26
Can You Have Your $CAKE and Get Rich Too?
Can you have your $CAKE and get rich too? Investors see stocks with creative and memorable tickers as more likable. It was easy to pronounce profits for a stock like $PZZA, which gained 53% in 2016. Read More
Jan 25
Dow Celebrates 20,000 … Now What?
The market has been on Dow 20,000 watch for a long time. Today the Industrials crossed that metaphoric Maginot line and closed above 20K. So now what? Read More
Jan 25
Tracking Asset Flows in 2016: Where Did the Money Go?
Mutual fund and ETF asset flows tend to follow performance. Large caps and healthcare lost in 2016, emerging markets and energy gained, and bonds bombed post-election. Read More
Jan 24
CEOs: A Machiavellian Tiptoeing Act Through the Trump White House
For CEOs around the world, the new administration represents a Machiavellian tiptoeing act through the Trump White House that involves both fear and love. Read More
Jan 24
President Obama’s Retirement
The presidential retirement plan just kicked in for 55-year-old Barack Obama, who will get millions yearly for staff, security, health and other expenses. Read More
Jan 23
Meet the China Trade War Winners and Losers
Trump pulled out of the TPP. Now, the prospect of a nasty trade war between the U.S. and China has analysts weighing in to game the winners and losers. Read More
Jan 23
Is the Fed or ECB Making the Right Decision on Interest Rates?
The Fed promises interest-rate hikes while the ECB is avoiding them. Which central bank is making the right decision, or will the Fed backpedal like it did in 2016? Read More
Jan 21
Why Do We Keep Getting Sicker?
With all modern medicine’s advancements, why are so many people getting sicker? And how can we treat them when we’re becoming more resistant to antibiotics? Read More
Stacks of coins with the letters ETF isolated on white background
Jan 20
Getting Your Money Ready for Beyond Inauguration Day, Part II
Today is the second in our special, two-part Afternoon Edition series on getting your money ready for Inauguration Day… and well beyond. Read More
Jan 20
This Isn’t Your Daddy’s Retirement
Many of our readers have told us that they plan to work in some form for the rest of their lives ... and are happy to do so. Read More
Jan 19
Getting Your Money Ready for Inauguration Day, Part I
Today begins a special, two-part Afternoon Edition series on getting your money ready for Inauguration Day ... and well beyond. Read More
Cash Money Going Down Sink Drain Isolated on White Background.
Jan 19
An Expensive Swamp to Drain…
China is pulling money out of the U.S., so much so that it's not our biggest investor anymore. (That honor now goes to Japan.) But taxpayers are on the hook for IRS and other gov't staffers' hotel, food and entertainment bills. Read More
man stretching out credit card to buy goods in front of complete wavy national flag of china
Jan 18
Sounding Off on the Latest China/Trump Trade Thoughts
If you want to get an audience interested, write about China, Donald Trump and trade policy. That’s the lesson reflected by our readers. Read More
Jan 18
The ‘Bridesmaid Strategy’ Beats the Market by 4.8% Per Year
If you buy 2016’s top “bridesmaid,” large-cap stocks, they should shine as a 2017 portfolio bride. And if they are telecoms, even better! Read More
Jan 17
China Warns Trump About a Trade War
China just put Donald Trump on notice about a trade war, with a warning from President Xi Jinping at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Read More
Jan 17
Five Changes to Social Security in 2017
There are five changes coming to Social Security in 2017 that we know of so far. Here's what they are, and how they can impact you. Read More
Jan 16
If You Make a Grand Shorting Oil, It’s on Me!
Want to make a grand shorting oil? Buy the DB Crude Oil Short ETN ($SZO) or sell calls against your oil stocks. Read More
Jan 14
5 Proven Health Benefits of CBD Oil
Cannabis oil offers many proven health benefits. You can buy CBD oil online and have it delivered to any state legally. Read More
Jan 13
Is Trump Making CEO Bank Accounts Great Again?
Donald Trump is still a week away from becoming president. But that hasn’t stopped him from helping making CEO stock options great again. Read More
Jan 13
Gold: Built Ford Tough?
Gold has been creeping higher in 2017, gaining in seven out of the last eight trading days. Our resident natural resource expert JR Crooks told… Read More
Jan 12
Here are the Companies We Love to Love
When it comes to love and admiration, Americans identify with some of the biggest, and best, companies — and stocks — around. Read More
Jan 12
Do Unelected Officials Have Too Much Power?
Many of Trump's swamp-dwelling friends will stay put past 2020, just like some of Obama's will outlast his presidency. That's because Congress gives unelected officials too much power -- including theirs! Read More
Jan 11
Here are the Companies We Love to Hate
When it comes to hating on companies we don't like, Americans are never shy. Here are some of the companies, and stocks, America loves to hate on. Read More
Jan 11
Why You Shouldn’t Sell Spin-off Stocks
Got a spin-off stock in your portfolio? Don't sell it, as they tend to outperform. The Guggenheim S&P Spin-Off ETF ($CSD) offers another way to beat the S&P. Read More
Jan 10
Trump: The Two Sides of a Chinese Coin
Donald Trump has been talking tough on China trade policy. So what should we make of his embrace of Alibaba's Jack Ma? Read More
Jan 10
How my father just raked in $54,148
Nilus Mattive's dad raked in gains of $54,148 after 2016's run-up and amid 2017's high stock valuations, unbridled optimism and unrecognized/discounted risks. Read More
Jan 09
Is the Future of Decision-making All About Computer Algorithms?
Bridgewater's Ray Dalio wants the world to make decisions like he does: transparent, honest, principled, painful … and on an app. Read More
Jan 09
Yuan Too Free? And Can the Fed Afford It?
China can't afford the yuan to be too free. But can the Fed afford to let the world perceive China's currency struggles as a problem too big for them to manage? Read More
Multi-Ethnic Group of Diverse People Holding Letters To Form A Health
Jan 07
Our Top 7 Health Stories from 2016
In 2016, we brought you to the forefront of medical research and health wisdom. Here are the top seven health stories that readers named as their favorites. Read More
Jan 06
The Great Retirement Debate Rages On
Our article, "The 401(k): A Regrettable Revolution?" generated a lot of reader comments. Here's the reader buzz on this great retirement debate. Read More
Man cups hand to ear to hear better.
Jan 06
Gold’s Going Up! What to Do …
Gold fell more than 30% over the last four years. And that happened in the context of near-zero interest rates from the Federal Reserve and most developed-market central banks. Funny. This kind of backdrop should drive capital into gold ... not away from it. Read More
Jan 05
Here’s What’s Hot at the 2017 CES Show
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is on. And thousands flocked to Vegas in 2017 in search of new, hot tech must-haves like driverless cars, IoT and VR. Read More
Jan 05
This Could Send Pharma Stocks Soaring in 2017
This pair of beaten-down biotech stocks could profit nicely thanks to the 21st Century Cares Act. And if you don't want the risk that comes with stocks in this volatile sector, we have a more-conservative idea you can consider. Read More
Jan 04
Wall Street’s Favorite 2017 Animal is … the Bear?
Wall Street's biggest firms are the most bearish they've been on equities for 2017 as they have been since 2005. Read More
Jan 04
Are Your Mutual Funds Making the Grade? Check the Scoreboard!
Are your mutual funds making the grade? If they're beating their benchmarks "net of fees" like these 10 fund families, those fees may be worth paying. Read More
Jan 03
The 401(k): A Regrettable Revolution?
A regrettable revolution: Herbert Whitehouse helped popularize 401(k)s as a pension supplement. Now they are a pension replacement, and a poor one. Read More
Jan 03
A Guaranteed 3.5% Annual Return Through 2037
Why buy Series EE savings bonds? Favorable tax treatment plus the Treasury's promise that new issues will double in value 20 years from the original issue date. Read More
December 2016 Calender on digital tablet isolated on white background
Jan 02
An Un-PC Way to Make Big Profits in 2017: Trade the Idiots
Don't fall for the theory of fair value. Stocks are not always accurately priced because the markets can't account for a key element of those prices: the idiots who trade them. Read More