Requiem for Mediocrity and American Ascent!

During my teenage twins’ Christmas & New Year’s break, they displayed their discontent over my obsession with the leaps in science and technologies.

I should probably explain that dinner conversations are always lively in the DiGeorgia household, but sometimes my very bright children don’t always want to hear what Dad has to say — especially when they heard it at Thanksgiving dinner … and probably many years’ worth of dinners before that!

But even though they are tired of me telling them that the kind of discoveries that would normally take 200 years will take place in the next 20 years, that doesn’t change the reality that they are going to some pretty incredible things in their lifetime.

Even better, you and I may be able to see many of these extraordinary advances in science, technology and medicine during our lifetimes … and some of these developments may even help us to live longer!

But you may have a similar worry about your children and grandchildren as I do about mine …

I’m just worried as they enter college that they’ll wind up choosing a course of study that will leave them ill-prepared for the graduate programs that will help them to shape our country’s future.

Essentially, I want them to take advantage of the education and experience and insight that’s theirs for the taking — to ensure they are not sitting on the sidelines instead and passing up their chance to be part of what’s sure to be an incredible history.

“Kids, you should be the ones telling your old man about what’s going to come our way. I’m the fossil; you’re the ones who may live 150-200 years.”

Like I told my

son, ‘150 years

from now, you’ll

regret not

listening to me!’

“What are you thinking?” My 17-year old twins say (I have a boy and a girl).

“Come on Dad, that isn’t going to happen. You’re crazy. Stop being so obsessed.”

“OK, I’m crazy, I’m obsessed, but 150 years from now you’ll regret not listening to me.”

My last statement stopped my son cold.

He finally asked me to explain my logic and give him one example of what I am so obsessed with: the accelerating pace of technological developments and why I really believe he and his generation will ascend to such great technologies and scientific developments.

So I told him:

“Alex, there’s a frenzy on Wall Street right now over a new way to treat cancers, Hepatitis C and other potentially fatal diseases.

“There are companies that are using immune therapies that can bolster and reinforce a human being’s immunity system to fight off a long list of these killers. Your Mom has already benefited from Celgene Corp. (CELG) and its Hep C drug.

“In the next 20 years, these companies and others will change how we perceive disease and the human lifespan, because leaning how to manipulate the human immune system is likely going to lead us to being able to improve how ALL the cells in the human body function.

“In other words, you know that your body regenerates every cell in your body every seven years. Essentially, you’re a living copy machine that makes a new copy of itself — albeit, out of focus, and sloppily until the copy is so bad that you die.

“Imagine being able to control and refine your cells so they replicate exactly like they were when you turn 31 years old, every seven years.”

My son responded,


I continued on:

“No Alex, it’s very possible, now that we have super computers.

“What’s more, these companies — Kite Pharma (KITE), Isis Pharmaceuticals (ISIS), Juno Therapeutics (JUNO) and Agios Pharmaceuticals (AGIO), to name just a few — will lead the way to a world of such prosperity and enlightenment, that generations that follow you may very well have not only incredibly lengthened longevities but also enhanced IQs.

“Imagine a world where increasing numbers of people are gifted with IQs above 160 — and some tech enhancements could literally see their IQs jump above 180.

“Keep in mind that Einstein had an IQ of just 160 … and that could be the low end of future generations’ intelligence levels.”

“Alex, I know this is coming, as sure as I am that baseball season will start in April. Now, do you understand why I am so obsessed?”

My son, confessed …

“It’s kind of scary.”

I teased him, with the old famed “Spider-Man” line, putting a spin on it …

“With great knowledge comes great power and even greater responsibility.”

“Dad, I’m going to go study,” my son said.

“I’m worried I might be left behind.”

At that, I actually started to well up and tear. I, at the very least, started to get through to my son. He finally began to understand my obsession and passion for what we will all be living through during the next 20 years.

There are so many technologies and breakthroughs happening here in the United States, right now. People who complain about taxes, deficits, and what’s wrong with this president and the country are missing the bigger picture.

We are approaching a new paradigm for mankind and the United States of America is paving the way.

If you understand that and make the right investments, such wonders and prosperity will be yours.

Just look at what has happened in technology and science from the end of World War II to today. Multiply that by 100 and you’ll get an idea of how things will be in 20 years.

It’s mind-blowing.

Always Watching Your Chickens (including the unhatched ones),

James DiGeorgia

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  1. In 1984, a few months after earning my engineering degree, I tried to talk to a young ‘lady’ – socially. She asked what I did, I said engineer, she said: “engineers are dull, boring, and conservative, and therefore completely undesirable”.

    In 1985, nearly all of the (pop) music industry superstars formed a group called ‘USA for Africa’ and conjured up a song and music video ‘We Are The World’ – intended to raise charitable contributions for all the starving millions in Africa. The population of Africa was 500 million then. Today, one generation later, it is 1.3 billion – in just one generation they added 3x as many (black) people to Africa as the entire population of the USA. The same has happened all across the Muslim world – enabled by all that oil money.

    Pardon my English/French/German/Danish/Mohawk here – but ALL of you Capitalist-Pigs remain absolutely clueless. Your white daughters will be sex slaves for blacks and muslims and your sons – will be lynched or beheaded. That means that in one generation, very soon, the white race will be extinct on this planet. Other than that, have a nice day.

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