Patience = Profits!

Markets dangerous, volatile, and what I call “chop city.” So should you feel compelled to trade?

Not if you really want to make money. Watch my video to get my latest views on gold, the dollar, the Dow — including what you can expect and how to handle the current market swings.



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Your thoughts on “Patience = Profits!”

  1. Larry, Compare what you have said in this video with what is being discussed in your blog. “Trading” is another word for “gambling.”

    I would prefer to buy with a Value Investor thinking style. Buy what must rise in value in the long term just as your latest letter “Obama and Bernake Have Declared a Secret War On The Dollar” indicates. Small fry like me can’t afford to gamble. I’d like to know where to put small investments in commodities. Let them grow. Buy options if you’re sure about them. But day trading — not for me.
    Best, Steve Newdell

  2. When are investors going to figure out that the Dollar is not a store of wealth or a safe haven?The U.S. Dollar has fallen 98% since the founding of the Fed and today the Fed is as inflationary as ever in it’s history,Anyone buying Dollars or debt payable in U.S. Dollars is going to regret it in the long run.I don’t care what you read on those charts.

  3. I generally really like you guys and your analysis. You are one of the few people who typically truly know what you’re talking about.

    This time however I think you must be off your rocker. With sovereign debt concerns in Europe combined with China actively trying to throttle back its economy (not to mention valid concerns about Chain “cooking its books”) causing concerns about other Asian countries there has been a flight to the dollar. This isn’t a “short term rally” in my opinion, but a probably medium term shift in the trend.

    Now, I do believe that your longer term view of the dollar is accurate, but medium term … the next six months or so … I wouldn’t be surprised to find dollar to have rallied back to not too far from where it was at the end of 08. Take a look at EURUSD right now in fact. as I type this it is in the mid 1.37 range.

    Central banks all over the globe are dumping euros and buying dollars. That isn’t too likely to change in the next 3 months at least unless Trichet comes up with something ASTOUNDINGLY good for Greece and Spain … and I really don’t think he’s got it in him.

    Given that for at least all of 2010 there isn’t any real competitor to the US dollar for a reserve currency anymore (it did look for a little while like the euro might get a secondary reserve currency status) combined with serious economic issues in europe … then on top of that throw into the mix concerns about asia … where else but the US, China, and India is there for money to go?

    Oh wait … excluding some ETFs and possibly resouce plays, actually investing IN china is pretty difficult and for too many traders the regulatory environment in India makes us skittish.

    Long story short …

    I like you guys. A lot. Please keep up the good work.

    However, I think you might be a little too biased against the dollar for your own good this time.

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