If America Were a Corporation …

This should be a quiet Memorial Day at home with your loved ones, remembering the sung and unsung heroes of America who sacrificed so much to make this country as great as it — yes — still is.

Unfortunately, however, we are now facing the biggest financial battle of all time — because if America were a corporation, it would already be in bankruptcy court.

The simple truth of the matter is that our country is drowning in debt. $127 trillion, to be precise.

That’s $411,000 of debt for every man, woman and child in this country. Nearly $1.7 million of debt owed by every family of four.

And today, even as we commemorate those who helped build our great nation, investors — both domestic and international — are scrambling for cover from this mother of all financial crises.

They’re starting to dump U.S. stocks, driving their prices down hard. They’re fleeing the dollar and other currencies, and swarming into the ultimate safe haven, gold.

But this time, the action you are seeing in the markets will not be temporary, short-term moves.

Keep in mind, the first phase of this crisis — the real estate implosion — has already largely passed. The second phase was the collapse of the economy, which is still a mortally wounded animal.

The third phase, the most destructive of all, is just beginning.

Right now, it’s Europe that’s crumbling under the weight of its debts and liabilities. Soon, it will be the U.S.

And those in power will wage war tooth and nail against the debt and dollar meltdown.

But I’m afraid Washington — and the American people — may lose this battle, and our country may be at the point of no return, unless drastic, new thinking emerges that gives birth to radical new measures that address the heart of the problem: A monetary system built upon debt.

I have my own thoughts and proposals I am working on to save America from the debt meltdown. When it’s ready, you’ll be among the first to hear about it.

On behalf of the entire Uncommon Wisdom team, warm wishes to you and your family on this Memorial Day.

Best wishes,


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Your thoughts on “If America Were a Corporation …”

  1. PS. The shell game I feel is the devaluing of fiat currency because of the 78 million baby boomer 1946-1964 generation’s retirement funds hording. They will not allow us to enjoy our retirement without paying dearly. Just as we have been doing our entire life from creating baby (Gerber) foods boom, diaper services boom, Davy Crockett hat boom to hot rod 57 Chevy boom to housing boom to stock market (tech) boom and now the fear of losing our money boom.

  2. Thanks Larry. I have been reading your free e-mails and videos to me for quite some time and have decided to subscribe to your service. I also have been noticing much fear talk about how gold is the only thing to own for the near, medium and long term future. Everyone who sends emails and videos to me all want my hard earned green backs (which they all claim are becoming worthless) in return for their expert informations on how I can save my financial future by replacing my green backs with some other alternative valued commodity.

    In short I guess what I am saying, all the experts know what’s wrong and how to fix it but they first need my money to do it. I feel the fear that I will be left with alternatives to money and would then need to find someone who is willing to give me their green backs for whatever alternative (commodities) I posses at the time?

    On the other side of the coin. I get it that my green backs will grow along with the alternative (commodities) but they too will have their flash crashes some day. Then the experts will advise me to get out before it’s too late. It’s all a shell game to me.

    In my humble opinion as long as their is the desire for green backs I can keep mine close to my chest and slow down purchasing the expensive commodities until they become affordable to me.

  3. Larry,
    The United States IS a Corporation. Two United States, thiers and ours. They conduct business from the District of Columbia which is NOT part of any state. obama is president of that Corporation. China might someday call in its bet on the U.S.A. Inc., but they can not have ours. They just get a bankrupt Corporation. We go back to common law. They can have obama.

  4. Larry Edelson,
    Am new and small at investment, but have been watching your comments carefully, for my care of my nation is as yours. Have served in the armed services when I had other plans for my life, so that the events that are unfolding now do not shock me, but yet to see the sovereignty of our nation compromised by being lead into New World Order [Globalization] nags at me. New World Order is nothing more than Old World socialism that has crept into every nation by the back door. I understand the cycles effect, but this time Hitler has to be dealt with slicker that they got in. They have chosen a perfect opportunity using the cycles. The former Soviet Union during the Cold War infiltrated our schools and our learning so that most citizens are confused as to even the meaning of capitalism and think that socialism is harmless. It is not. Our Congress is complacent about it and our major leaders adhere to it. Rome lasted one thousand years – give or take – can our greater nation the USA strive above this threat eighth hundred more years? With God’s blessing and strength, I hope so. Thank you forth opportunity to say something that may be helpful.
    Joseph Edsel

  5. Larry, it is obvious you are talking your book here. Buy Gold. Be Scared.
    Get real. The society continues. Some stocks will do fine. Try cashing in your gold when tomorrow they announce it is illegal to own it. What are you gonna do it with it? Eat it?

  6. The Government just took 500 billion from Medicare to start a new program. For sure that’s going to be an entitlement reduction. Social Security is broke because the fund consist of nothing, but a bunch of I.O.U.s stashed in Parkersburg, West Virginia. They are government I.O.U.s. The fund isn’t broke. Our government “borrowed” the money. Pensions have been raided in the same way. The BLS(Bureau of Labor Statistics has been has been ripping us off for years with a thing called the Core CPI(Consumer Price Index).
    I feel we are all victims of mismanagement.
    I think we all realize there is a problem. The question I have now is how do I come up with a plan to survive the coming crisis. One things for certain I’m not going to get a bailout. It’s up to me to prepare. I anxiously await Larry’s comments every week because I think he has the closest thing to a survival plan for me.

  7. Larry,

    I think you are a smart guy and I act on all of your reports, but I do have one major concern:

    A lot of my friends think that investment in anything but physical gold in my own possession is risky because when the “run” on the gold stocks starts as gold prices soar and people demand phyiscal possession, the gold may not be there.

    This possibility has me very concerned.

    Please reply ASAP.


  8. GEEESH LARRY, what are you talking about, “If America Were a Corporation” … America IS A LEGAL CORPORATION!

    Here’s the information straight from the State of Delaware:
    Entity Name: United States of America, Inc.
    File No.: 2193946 Incorporation Date: 04/19/1989
    Entity Type: Religious Nonprofit

    Furthermore, listed below are just a few other Delaware corporations you and your readers might find interesting:
    Internal Revenue Tax and Audit Service, Inc. File #0325720
    The Social Security Corp. File #2213135
    U.S TREASURY, INC. File #2221617
    etc. etc. ….

    Now, the only questions that should remain are: Who are the stockholders of these legal corporations? Who serves on their Board of Directors? Where are there Annual Reports? etc.

    Would love to hear you comments on this!

  9. Larry,
    You suggest in todays article that because the U.S. government is not in bankruptcy court, that the U.S. government is not a corporation. Boy, are you ever mistaken. ALL government entities in the U.S. are corporations without exception. Do your research before you make such uninformed assertions.

  10. Yes I know you are correct but what are we to do. this country is so loaaded down with entitelments that the hole is only getting deaper How do we convince the american people that we need to reduce entitelments

  11. Larry,
    I love your reports and you’re the best out there! I’m retired(forced by layoff into early retirement) and now living on a fixed income(I really always have, I guess). I’m not hurting, because I have a great retirement plan, but I wish it were 10 or 15 years ago and I knew about you then! Nonetheless, I currently am living quite well, except for previous debt before I retired and started reading your reports! America, if YOU are able, I strongly suggest that you pay attention to Larry and his reports! Although I’m now very concerned about the self-proclaimed “fundamental transformation” now occurring in our Republic, which Karl Marx himself called anti-messiah(Marxism)! I must also comment that America is the real Israel(Joseph’s seed, NOT Judah) and now has appointed a “foreigner” over themselves for the very first time in their history, a non-Israelite(Deuteronomy 17:15), not to mention a Marxist, or anti-messiah, if you believe the Bible and Karl Marx! PS: The Bible, like Larry’s reports, is “only” to be interpreted through scientific deduction, not induction(i.e., what you think that it says does not count)! Just for your extra information.

  12. Larry, your numbers are ridiculous.

    Let’s be clear. I agree with your subtext that America is building the case with the US public and with the world for effectively defaulting on its net debt to China and others. But it is not $411,000 per US citizen.

    You can get a pretty nice house in the USA for $411,000. There is no way that every single American citizen is going to hand over something as large as that to foreigners. But they might work hard enough to hand over the equivalent of a Maytag or even a Chevy.

    The task is to join the dots between here and the Maytag/Chevy. Inflation is coming.

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