Golden Opportunities in Vancouver

Gold tried to bounce today, but instead contributed to its biggest weekly loss in six months. Silver, meanwhile, has been stuffed in a sack and beaten with hammers.

Why are the metals under pressure? It looks like the establishment candidate will win the final round of French elections this weekend. That soothes some rattled nerves.

And on Wednesday, the Federal Reserve hinted at a rate hike in June. Finally, the GDP forecast for this quarter is growth over 4%.

I’ll give them France. The other two are loads of bull. The Fed ain’t raisin’ rates in June. I think the market could react strongly when it realizes it was lied to.

And GDP growth over 4%? After 0.7% in the first quarter? Don’t make me laugh.

But think of it this way. Yellen and the rest of them are handing you an opportunity. On a gold and silver platter.

This is a great time to buy. Some amazing stocks are priced like their CEOs are on fire!

Gold and silver have fallen so far, so fast, it’s like a powerful spring stretched wa-a-ay out. You know when the snap-back comes, it’s going to be a face-ripper!

I’m in Vancouver. I’m here as a featured speaker at the Metals Investor Forum. It’s a meeting of small, up-and-coming explorers, developers and miners. As well as some investors who are interested in them.

I plan on talking to a bunch of companies here. There are almost too many good ones to choose from.

I sent my Red-Hot Resource Millionaire subscribers some details on the great stocks I want to talk to. That’s for subscribers only. As are the details of the lunch I have scheduled today at the Vancouver Club with one of the most intriguing men in the global mining scene. My chance meeting with him years ago led to my investigation and recommendation of Great Panther (NYSE: GPL). That turned into MULTIPLE gains for subscribers over 300%.

The chase is on. We are going to find the best little mining stocks on Earth, and there will be the potential for fortunes to be made.

All the best,

Sean travels far and wide to seek out small-cap values in the natural resource sector. His journey started in New England. As a youth he worked on Mt. Washington, on the cog railroad that runs to the summit. Working on…