Fluoride classified as a neurotoxin

The world’s oldest and most-prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, has officially classified fluoride as a neurotoxin. This puts fluoride in the same category as arsenic, lead and mercury.

A neurotoxin is a substance that inhibits the functions of neurons.

Basically, neurons are cells that transport different types of information throughout the brain and allow it to function properly.

One of the main concerns within the report: the effects neurotoxins have when passed down from a mother to an unborn child.

Researchers noted that brain disorders now affect 10%-15% of all births. And now, prevalence rates of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are increasing every year.

Brain disorders — including ADHD, dyslexia and other cognitive impairments — now affect millions of children worldwide. It’s being called a "pandemic of developmental neurotoxicity."

For The Lancet to classify fluoride as a neurotoxin is a big deal. This announcement really caught my attention. (See my 2014 article about fluoride: "Is the Government Poisoning You?")

Still to this day, fluoride does not have FDA approval. That means it is considered by the FDA as an "unapproved drug."

Other adverse effects of fluoride may include …

Chemicals used in fluoridation are byproducts of manufactured aluminum and fertilizer. They contain a high concentration of toxins and heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and chromium. All of these toxins have been shown to cause cancer.

According to the National Research Council (NRC), fluoride can damage the brain. Studies by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency show fluoridated water to cause dementia-like effects and lowering of the IQ.

Fluoride damages sperm and increases the rate of infertility. (N.J. Chinoy and M.V. Narayana, 1994)

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Fluoride negatively affects thyroid function. In the Ukraine, P.P. Bachinskii found a lowering of thyroid function among otherwise-healthy people. Symptoms of hypothyroidism can include depression, fatigue, weight gain, muscle and joint pains, increased cholesterol levels and heart disease.

Fluoride causes symptoms of arthritis. Skeletal fluorosis (a fluoride-induced bone and joint disease) mimic the symptoms of arthritis.

Fluoride damages bones. An early fluoridation trial (Newburgh-Kingston 1945-’55) revealed a twofold increase in bone defects among children in the fluoridated community. Hundreds of studies are shown with direct correlations between fluoride use and osteoporosis.

Austrian researchers proved in the 1970s that as little as one part fluoride per million parts water concentration could disrupt DNA-repair enzymes by 50%.

In other words … when DNA can’t repair damaged cells, we look older, faster!

It’s one thing to change from fluorinated toothpaste to non-fluorinated — that’s pretty easy. (Some of my favorites include Well Scent, Dr. Bronner’s and Uncle Harry’s.)

But a large majority of the country fluorinates the water supply without consent of the citizens. (Some experts say fluoridation might have worsened the water crisis in Flint, Mich.)

And normal water filters from your local department store aren’t able to remove fluoride, either. You need an expensive filter that uses a technology called "reverse osmosis." But it could pay off in spades when it comes to your longer-term health.

Because of the documented health risks of fluoride, many people have launched campaigns to remove the chemical from their water supplies, with varying degrees of success.

Such initiatives are often controversial and emotionally charged because of the reputation that fluoride still enjoys among mainstream dentistry practitioners … and the money it puts in their pockets.

We would love to know if you’re still using fluoride-containing toothpaste, and how your city treats the water supply. Please leave us a comment below.

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Brad Hoppmann

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  1. It’s great that there is a conspiracy, but in real life it’s often just people with an agenda of their own. We all fear something. Yet when you make scientific type recommendations that aren’t actually scientific or you provide a personal experience that often is inaccurate in at least someway, you are contributing to the problem. Yes, everything I say could be hogwash, but then how do we know anyone else commenting and for that matter the author of the article, is washing the hogs as well. Here is the Lancet “study”: http://www.thelancet.com/journals/laneur/article/PIIS1474-4422%2813%2970278-3/abstract Here is a rebuttal also on the Lancet: http://www.thelancet.com/journals/laneur/article/PIIS1474-4422%2814%2970087-0/abstract Seems like people should not only get the author’s snippets of AN OLD STORY, but also some kind of rebuttal. Otherwise, the author may just be leading others astray. Fluoride is a naturally occurring substance, which can be manufactured, but in the natural state it also prevents cavities. It just does!

  2. If it’s in the body, how do I get it out? The best way would be various detox teas.
    Anthony William provides the recipe in his book Miracle Medium, page 267.
    Anti-Chlorine/Anti-Fluoride Tea- Blend equal parts blackberry leaf, raspberry leaf, hibiscus flower and rose hips. Steep one tablespoon of the herb mixture per cup of hot water for tea.
    Other detox recipes are also provided for heavy metals, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, plastics, cleaners, radiation, etc. Interesting read.
    Problems that are solved are no longer problems. Let’s stay in the solutions.

  3. Don’t understand all the paranoia with fluoride toothpaste? When I brush my teeth I rinse out my mouth, I don’t swallow it. I know for sure tap water left to sit overnight loses most of its chlorine and works best for house plants, for sure. There is as much literature and study about how goofy the anti fluoride crowd as there is about fluoride is the end of the world. I can’t imagine the water municipal chemists are out to poison the population like genocidal maniacs. But paranoia sure sells well.

  4. Tom’s was bought by Colgate. I no longer trust the product and have switched to another fluoride free brand. I would love to see an independent lab see exactly what collate has inserted into Tom’s product line. Flouridation endgame is to destroy nural pathways and keep the sheep docile and dummed down. Flouride is the prim chemical in rat poison and is used in prozac. Now you know why GB SR was so looney with all the one world government rants. He ate prozac.
    Why would any rational human ingest a nuro-
    toxin into their bodies in any amount? It is called democide and it is being done to us by very evil people.

  5. Hello, I have just started researching this and was wanting help from anyone who can point me in the right direction. If I wanted to get fluoride banned and removed from my drinking waters, how would I do it or what steps would need to be taken?

    Any feedback or advice would be appreciated

  6. Rather than using reverse osmosis to get rid of toxins in the water, or most conventional water-filters, I recommend the pitcher now being sold only on the net called “Clearly Filtered” – love the double meaning. The pitcher itself is made from food-grade plastic and is fairly expensive for a family on a normal budget (79USD? – can’t remember; I bought 2 and got them for less than 120 bucks), however, there is the additional cost of the filter, which is 49USD and needs to be changed every 2 months (200gallons per filter), to consider. Point is, the filter does not destroy the beneficial minerals in the water as reverse osmosis would – it uses coconut carbon. (Anyone who is a believer in coconut might like this information – I also use coconut everything in my cooking, cosmetics etc and we have ad no flu since or sunburn though I use no sun-screen.) Fluoride and cavities issue is another thing – I used fluoride during pregnancy of my first child, gave her a supplement as a baby and yes, she has no cavities although she eats lots of sweets – but her school-performance is rather poor. I did not use it as much with my second child, and her school performance is great. She had a small cavity. I completely stopped using fluoride with my younger two. They have cavities though I try to limit their sugar intake. It is hard to say if that has anything to do with taking fluoride supplementation or not. It could have something to do with my own diet during each pregnancy, or during nursing them; also the younger ones got to taste their first sugary treats earlier because of their older siblings… The only way to know now is by starting to use fluoride tooth-paste again, and see if that has any effect. Now that I can stop them from swallowing it, I’m considering re-introducing it into their daily hygene. I’ll be able to know if the fluoride tooth paste works at the next dentist’s visit, as he uses a laser to measure how deep the cavity is, in order to avoid any unnecessary treatment of teeth that appear to have a cavity but do not actually have one.

  7. One final thing about fluoride: I read an account of a Harvard study that indicated that fluorine can react with heavy metals and take them across the blood-brain barrier. Stay away from dentists that want to fill your mouth with mercury amalgam. I had mine replaced with procelain fillings and my mood swings went away. It cost a whole lot more to have them replaced than it did to have them put in in the first place, but it was well worth it.

  8. One other very important issue with fluoridation: it is so common in commercial products, it is impossible to control the dosage, especially since the amounts consumers are getting are seldom specified.

  9. I am grateful that we have our own well and are delighted with the results we’ve had when it’s been tested. As far as cavities are concerned, sugar causes them. It’s stupid to eat tons of sugar and then drug the water supply. I no longer drink public water when I can help it (I take my own water, coffee and chocolate with me in stainless steel containers) because I have no intention of being subjected to an “unapproved drug.” In Tennessee fluoridation is local option, and several small Tennessee cities are discontinuing it. Folks in Kentucky are not as lucky; there it is a state mandate.

  10. I am always amused by any claims that something is “all natural” or “100% pure”, what ever. There is a huge number of totally natural substances that are toxic to one degree or another. And I must point out that nothing physical can ever be 100% pure of anything!

  11. After reading the negative reports about flouride ,I all but completely stopped using flouridated toothpaste ,the only times I have used flouridated toothpaste in the last 10-12 years is when it was in toothpastes that help with tooth sensativity,and then I would use it only for about 3 days and then I would stop using it again ,sometimes for over a year consecutive,I personnally have experienced harder teeth and not a single cavity since doing so ,my views are based on the results ,my teeth seem better and so does my digestive health,I will never use flouride toothpaste on a regular basis again !

  12. For years my family has been using Uncle Tom’s flouride-free toothpaste. We also fill up four, 5-gallon glass (BPA free and water tastes better than in plastic) water jugs from our local ‘water store.’ It costs 25 cents per gallon in southern California – $5 total vs $52 for Arrowhead home delivery! I find that most middle/upper middle class people don’t know of ‘water stores.’ They’re usually located in lower-middle income/ethnic communities and are regulated by the city. They use industrial sized reverse osmosis machines. Reverse osmosis is great; however, it also takes out some good minerals. Therefore, simply add a few slight, brief squeezes of ‘Concentrace Minerals’ (small blue bottle you buy at local health food stores) to your water to replenish vital minerals for our bodies. Water tastes AMAZING!

  13. Very interesting article Brad. I firmly believe that there are many minerals/natural bi-product chemicals found in our earth , that taken in small doses, all varying in their ability to help/hurt humans, can be helpful to us all. What is needed are proper, unbiased studies that bring out the actual fact based truth concerning mineral such as Arsenic, Lead et al.
    We found Arsenic levels in our deep well that had counts far above government standards at that time (< 50 ppb, now that standard is < 5 ppb), 400 to 500 ppb. Our family of 6 drank that water for over 12 years without any signs of trouble, as well as hundreds more in our town, and thousands more from NH, MA and CT before the problems was discovered in all deep wells that contained Arsenic pyrite in all low flowing wells ( 3 to 4 gallons per minute where the concentration was much higher than high flowing deep wells). Our pets all drank that water also, and lived to their normal expected life span 13 to 16 years (outside animals, not rug-rats). 48 years have now gone by and we range in age from 48 to 77 and in excellent health.
    What is the point of this story? The point demonstrates what I wrote above, that the mineral can either help or hurt depending upon the dosage and the physiology/DNA of the individual/s. We need additional studies that are UNBIASED by any profession or other industry that has a vested interest in financial support of that endeavor.

  14. Again, from Chem101, I taught it at a university. Chlorine is indeed added to water supplies as a disinfectant. It’s effective, but the residual chlorine can react with organic substances in the water supply to produce things like chloroform, which is a carcinogen. An alternative would be to add ozone to the water as a disinfectant, and some European cities do this. Regarding fluorine, it is indeed more reactive than chlorine, but it is not fluorine that is added to the water, but fluoride, the negative ion of fluorine. I have no more independent information about the beneficial or harmful effects of fluoride than what Brad has presented. I can say that in our household, we have a reverse osmosis filter that presumably removes both residual chlorine and fluoride. The water tastes a lot better than tap water and I recommend such a filter.

  15. If any “doctor” gave you “medicine” on an undiscriminating basis for a “medical condition” for All of your life (in utero, too) he’d be sued silly for malpractice.

  16. I like this article. If we look at the column in the periodic chart then we see fluorine above chlorine which tells us the two are alike with fluorine more reactive (Chem. 101 for those that remember). So we expect fluorine to act like chlorine which we know is toxic . The body can fight some toxins but too much is harmful. Why do we want to add more toxins if they are not necessary? Many are brainwashed (sorry to most of the USA dentists) by paid for media and paid for experiments (like paid for accounting or employment numbers ). Sometimes we use toxins for overall good (and a cheap way to a solution) like disinfecting water with chlorine. Chlorine is still toxic but dissipates with time and small amounts are handled by the body but this doesn’t mean chlorine is not bad for you. As for soluble and non soluble, nothing is non soluble…it is only mostly non soluble (once again chem. 101). So for those of you who think fluorine is good for you… I see no legs to stand on from your point of view.

  17. Have warned friends and family for several years about fluoride….banned in other countries…do not use products with flouride. Tom’s products are the only ones I can find without flouride. Haven’t researched any other brands that might be flouride free.

  18. Please give us any knowledge concerning eyesight and hearing effects of the fluorides. In particular, could the fluorides cause macular degeneration of eyesight and loss of hearing? My wife has those problems. We have another E-mail that deals with chemical changes in our water supply. We have especially hard water. This other E-mail provides a means of anti-oxidation of the tap water in the home by installing a chemical system to alter the normally oxidizing water and cause it to change into an anti-oxident water. This is done by separation of hydrogen so that the water becomes an anti-oxident instead of the oxidizing chemistry found in normal water supplies.

  19. Brad-you might want to actually read some of these articles before going off on a rant. The control group in the cited fluoride study was actually getting fluoride in their diets at a level very near what is recommended for public health. As someone who has practiced dentistry for 31 years I’ve seen the very obvious clinical value of fluoride to my patients. It’s also quite obvious at higher levels that fluoride causes problems. It’s naturally present in the water in many communities in the US and worldwide. There are hundreds of studies demonstrating the value of fluoride in lowering the incidence of tooth decay. Dosage is extremely important when looking at any supplement. Many vitamins and nutrients we advocate for are toxic at high levels. The same is certainly true of fluoride. I don’t personally advocate placing it in the drinking water as I think people have their own right to make that choice, but vilifying it categorically as you have does your readers a disservice.

  20. Again, the bottome line here, is that our cities are buying the uranium industry’s byproduct fluosilicic acid and adding it to drinking water, then claiming they are doing our dental health a favor.

    Their actual motive, is that fluosilicic acid inhibits the froth formation that happens, when laundry detergent used in communities upstream from the water intake, makes it difficult to remove cloudiness from the water in a conventional sand filter. The fluosilicic acid additive makes detergent-laden water less cloudy. It doesn’t actually remove the laundry detergent from the water. If your community’s water intake, is downstream from another community’s sewage plant, and your water seems to foam a lot, it’s doing that because of laundry detergent that was used by the people who lived upstream. “Fluoridating” your water, makes it a little less ugly-looking in a drinking glass…and that’s all.

  21. Been using non-fluoride toothpaste and water delivery service for many years because my home state of Illinois (Illinois EPA) enforces municipalities above a certain (low) population threshold to add fluoride to water supply. Don’t think most states have such over-reaching mandatory control…go figure Illinois.

  22. Clearly if fluoride has all of these nasty side effects and it is still being used in US and Canadian water supplies, there are two possibilities;
    – city Councillors are ill informed of the toxic effects of fluoride on human health
    – someone is getting paid off.
    If the facts don’t seem rational then follow the $$ trail

  23. Misinformation about health issues is always a great topic to get people’s attention.
    Especially it’s a money maker for the dental profession.
    Preventing tooth decay is a money maker! REALLY!!!

  24. Harrumphfft. Brad!
    I’m one of those so-called “experts”. Back in the 1990’s I invented a kind of quick-drying paint, that I could use to create a barrier coating in buried lead and copper water pipes, that prevented lead solder joints and lead interconnect pipes, from dissolving in water. In a single day, a city could shut off the water service to several city blocks of homes and buildings, pump paint into their pipes, drain out and recycle the paint that didn’t stick, and then cure the paint remaining on the pipe walls, with a beam of microwaves. My invention created an impervious plastic lining inside the old pipes. I still have the EPA’s letter, telling me what a horrible idea it was, to fix this problem…which gave no real reason why it wouldn’t work. And I inspired several engineering students, who’ve returned to their native China, to consider developing the process further, and using it to fix China’s older buildings.

    EPA’s bias was to look for an additive that could be put in water, that we would drink, which magically solved the lead-solubility problem safely, and they were not open to any other possible solutions. The effect of EPA’s hubris, was to make it impossible actually to fix the lead poisoning problem in our communities.

    Of course, to get as far as I did with my invention, I had to learn a lot about lead solubility. The “byproducts of manufactured aluminum and fertilizer” you cite, are a misnomer. What’s actually happening, is that hydrogen fluoride, a substance used to refine uranium, dissolves silicon oxide compounds and creates a liquid, called fluosilicic acid. It isn’t necessary to make fluosilicic acid when making fertilizer or aluminum. Those processes generate calcium fluoride, a crystalline substance that glows green when placed under an ultraviolet light. Calcium fluoride is the naturally-occurring substance in tooth enamel. Fossilized animal teeth yield deposits of the mixed phosphate and fluoride, and are processed in Florida and elsewhere to make phosphate fertilizer. The byproduct from Florida fertilizer plants is hydrogen fluoride,…the stuff uranium refiners need.

    It’s at the uranium end of the business, that things get dicy.

    Uranium ore is a rock. It contains other rocky substances when dug out of the ground. One of those substances is silicon dioxide.

    Pouring hydrogen fluoride over uranium ore, yields uranium tetrafluoride, water, and a number of water-soluble molecules that contain hydrated silicon oxides and fluorides. It’s the water solubility of that mixture, that causes the problem. Lead fluoride reacts with the hydrated silicon oxides and silicon fluorides, to form what chemists call a “complex”, a molecule that bonds the lead into itself and is water-soluble.

    I use fluoride toothpaste, myself. It’s effective at repairing my tooth enamel, just as dentists say it is. Believe it or not, dentists actually make a hell of a lot more money drilling and filling cavities, than they make by offering a fluoride treatment in the office, to correct tooth demineralization.

    What I minimize is my own intake of lead-silicon-oxide-fluoride complexes. That’s the substance that’s putting lead in our brains and causing dementia.

    EPA’s gaggle of government-licensed contractors, who painstakingly strip old buildings of lead paint, have themselves a cozy racket that costs Americans a great deal of money, and leads cities like Detroit to let abandoned houses burn to the ground, because demolishing those houses requires costly payments to the lead removalists…whereas when they burn accidentally, no EPA permit is required, for the plume of smoke that goes up from the fire scene and spreads lead contamination in the air.

    Lead paint removal is driven by a specious theory, that children eat paint chips when hungry.

    China simply refuses to believe the theory. Children aren’t usually that dumb. Lead paint is legal in China.

    American children have lead in their brains, because the older houses in which they grow up, have water delivered through 10-20 feet of lead pipe, running from the water mains to the water meter. When that water sits overnight, it’s fluoride-silicon-oxygen compounds, put in during fluoridation at the water plant, soak up lead from the walls of the pipe, through a reaction driven by oxygen and chlorine. Come morning, when the water tap is turned on, the first five gallons of water to come out, has so much lead in the water-soluble complex form, that it’s NOT LEGAL TO BURY IN A LANDFILL, under EPA regulations that govern landfills.

    Children in our cities are drinking this hazardous waste and eating it in their breakfast, before school.

    The best thing any family can do about this problem, is to buy their own house and have the Service Lead, that 10-20 foot pipe coming from the mains to the water meter, replaced. If it’s a lead pipe, switch to a copper pipe or a plastic pipe. If you can’t afford that, consider drinking and cooking with distilled water. The dirt-cheap approach to the problem, which won’t protect your children completely, is to run five gallons or so of water, first thing in the morning, down the drain, because that batch of water, which sat all night in those lead pipes, soaking up lead, is much more toxic, than the water that goes through the pipes, when they’re used frequently and the water has not had several hours to soak up lead from the pipes.

  25. Brad – Your commentary of fluoride seems naïve. Certainly in sufficient amounts fluoride can be neurotoxic and can damage teeth and bones. But one of the first thing one learns in a course on toxicology is that it is “…the dose that makes the toxin”. Nothing is toxic if the dose is low enough and everything is toxic if the dose is high enough. Iron and salt are essential nutrients in small amounts but deadly in larger amounts. Indeed, added dietary salt is likely the #1 killer of people worldwide. In small amounts fluoride appears essential to form healthy teeth and bones and yet in large doses fluoride damages teeth, bones, nerves and other tissues. A reasonable overview of fluoride uses and potential dangers can be found here:


    This statement is seriously flawed: “Such initiatives are often controversial and emotionally charged because of the reputation that fluoride still enjoys among mainstream dentistry practitioners … and the money it puts in their pockets.” BH

    Actually, the truth is fluoridation of water dramatically reduced dental caries in the USA and other countries in which required dental treatment and led to a lot of money ending up in the pockets of dentists. I lean Libertarian and am a big fan of free markets and certainly no fan of the nanny state but any objective review of the evidence informs us that fluoridation has led to a dramatic reduction in tooth decay. This is not to say fluoridation has been 100% beneficial and without any harm but an objective review of the known and suspected risks and benefits of fluoridation is that its benefits have greatly exceeded its harms. I have seen no credible evidence linking fluoridation of water to increased ADHD and/or autism spectrum disorders. I would encourage you to amend your commentary about fluoride toxicity to be more in sync with what the preponderance of credible scientific data tells us is most likely true.

  26. I have a private well so fortunately no fluoride in my drinking water but I DO still brush with fluoride toothpaste and rinse with fluorinated mouthwash as advised by my dentist- a necessary evil with some unfortunate side-effects but essential if you want to keep your teeth. I don’t brush as often as I should and have already lost two teeth. At 54 years old I have managed to keep most of my teeth but every time I see the dentist have one or two more cavities that need filling. The dentist tried to sell me prescription toothpaste with extra fluoride in it for $15 a tube and I said no way. I just need to be more self-disciplined about brushing more than once a day; but at least I’m spitting out the toothpaste and rinse and am not ingesting it like one would with drinking water.

  27. As a practicing dentist, I can’t disagree with most of your comments concerning the possible toxic properties of fluoride. It is a controversial discussion to say the least, but to be fair to the proponents of fluoride, there aren’t any evidence based studies confirming toxicity at the 1ppm concentration levels commonly used in water supplies. However, your comment regarding how fluoridation benefits dentistry financially is just plain ludicrous. The one proven aspect of fluoridation is that it significantly reduces tooth decay. Tooth decay is how dentists make a significant portion of their incomes. So how does something that reduces their source of income “put money in their pockets”? My view is that if the public doesn’t want fluoride in their water, then we will be happy to provide the increased number of restorations that will be needed as a result!

  28. Adding floride to drinking water is still a controversial subject after all these years. My county does not add it to the drinking water, leaving up to the residents to decide if they want it through their toothpaste or dental treatment. That’s how it should be.

  29. I live in middle Tn and as far as I know all the local water treatment plants around are still using fluoride in the water supply.

    What I wanted to share is that 20 years ago I thought I was getting carpletunnel syndrome or something similar. I was having pain in my hands and all the way up my arms to my elbows to the point off not being able to sleep at night. over the counter meds where not helping the pain much at all. I went to an alternative med / holistic practitioner he asked me a couple of questions and told me to stop using fluoride toothpaste. in 3 days my hands and arms where almost totally pain free.
    After that I have always had a good water filtration system on my home water line as it comes into the house and reverse osmosis under the kitchen sink.
    The first water filtration system I purchased, the sales man had us pour a cup of water to test the chlorine level in the water. After he tested the first one he had us pour a second cup and told me to put my fingers into the water, after which he tested the second cup with the same test method, and found no chlorine in the second cup. So this meant that my fingers pulled the chlorine out of the second cup. Chlorine is not good for us as well so I have always had a filter that will take the chlorine out of my house water ever since.

  30. its all governmental and insidious….democratic society..no such thing..its do as you are told or else..and its not improving. almost every facet of our lives has governmental intrusion of the worst kind. flouride is but one ..there are hundreds of other examples.
    still we are just heading for a big collapse..after tyranny comes collapse. it is the final stage of mankind’s stupidity. a chap named socrates made the statement many years ago. over 2000 years ago. read up on it and you will see how close we are to destroying ourselves. its obvious ..but its not apparent..you ask anybody lol

  31. Yes, and don’t forget that dentistry practitioners slam fluoride into our mouths after cleaning. Then we set there with this fluoride gunk in our mouths for 5 minutes.

  32. Myself and my wife use fluoride toothpaste. My son has only used it for 1 of his 2 brushings, and uses non fluoride for the other. We started rejecting the fluoride treatment that his Pediatric Dentist pushes. We are in New York City, and they do add fluoride to water. Only a few politicians tried to change that, but did not win since it is not mainstream thinking.
    Regarding filters, reverse osmosis is not the only technology available. A google search also uncovered bone char filters, aluminum oxide, ion exchange and possibly some others.
    We currently use carbon block filter which does not remove fluoride. We will be redoing our kitchen soon and will replace filter system at that time.

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