Fireworks beginning, big market moves!

Here we go. Fitch downgrades Portugal’s credit rating … Europe bickering about Greece. Sovereign debt crisis accelerating. Dollar jumping as safe haven, Dow too. Gold taking a short-term hit.

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Your thoughts on “Fireworks beginning, big market moves!”

  1. Larry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Who downgraded WHOM? Fitch downgraded Puerto Rico? PUERTO WHAT?
    FITCH DOWNGRADES AN EUROPEN, I repeat, an European country!!!!!!!!!!! Is Puerto Rico in Europe? NOOOOO
    You mean You do not know where Portugal is? Shame on You all, no wonder my investments are lost.

  2. Hi’lo>Larry> i ‘don’t have a colorful-comment today on the market forecast,c video- but breezily wins are common.
    The Gold< is to stay externally optimistic….Let the truth b- nun /as.the ^is = to the truth.

  3. Larry I recently bailed out of the market because I also believe it’s headed back down. At this time all of my portfolio is making a whopping 2.1% FDIC insured CD. I am retired and living of my portfolio & my retirement check which is only 700.00. I will not be able to draw Social Security until Jan. 2011. My wife and I are totally Debt free and own two homes, two boats and two vehicles fairly new. I have been following your advice, and a month ago I just felt like it was time to get out before we ended up giving back the money that we’ve recouped since march 9th of 2009. We have gotten back most of our losses and have a portfolio of over 500,000 cash, and as I said earlier making 2.1% locked until Jan. 2011 then we can either stay in CD or move it. At this time and Based on your predictions what would be the wisest choice then. I’m pretty nervous of the market with all this free money floating @ that will I believe someday have to be reeled in. When it does I don’t believe the market can sustain itself. My problem is that I believe the Buy and Hold strategy will never work again, with the ability to move masses amounts of money with a push of a button on our Keyboards. There in lyes the problem I think I understand the new strategy of swing investors instead of Day traders but I don’t understand how to do it on my own well enough and no financial advisor that I know of will Do it that way. They would just as soon throw your money into some investments and collect their fees. The only person that loses in that strategy is the investor, and that’s a position I don’t want to be in . I’m a retired Business man that feels very comfortable when I have some control over the outcome. When I sold my business and took all that money and put it into investments my life has been pure torture in the financial world. Especially the last 2 1/2 Years, since Oct. 2007 when I felt the market started acting strange. If you have any suggestions let me know if not I understand EJ

  4. Larry, do you have a record of your actual trades? I would be very interested in seeing this before I subscribe to any seervices.

  5. What will be the impact of tungston (SP) filled gold bars on the holdings of gold etfs and other physical held gold bar holding funds?

  6. I appreciate your uncommon wisdom. I have heard you comment that eventually our dollars will be worthless due to the debt crisis. So perhaps a new currency might come to light. Therefore, I understand that it would be wise to hold onto metals like gold and silver. Because of this, can you explain to your followers why it would still be wise to invest in dollar-denominated assets such Blue-Chip stocks or your other stock recommendations? If the stock goes up, but the dollar goes down what good is it to own something that when sold would be worthless since it would be in dollars? Hopefully my concern makes sense.

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