John Ross Crooks, III

“JR” specializes in trading commodities, currencies and options. He has spent nearly 10 years analyzing financial markets and writing about global economics.

JR honed his trading techniques and global-macro worldview alongside his father, Jack Crooks, at Black Swan Capital. JR also helped guide individual investors at Money and Markets as well as The Sovereign Society. Previously, he was a contributing editor to Larry Edelson’s Gold Trader Hotline.

Technical indicators are at the core of his trading, but JR believes understanding market psychology gives him his edge. “You get a lot of guys who are very right about how things are going to shape up in the markets,” said J.R. “But these guys are often very wrong about precisely when such events will materialize. You can’t make money if your timing is bad, right? So don’t just settle for what analysts are thinking – try to figure out why they are thinking it … and then place your bet.”

JR credits his success in the markets to his even-keeled demeanor. “A bad psyche can ruin a trading account in no time. If your emotions control your trading decisions, you won’t be making too many more trading decisions!”

JR doesn’t stop thinking about the markets just because the closing bell rings. But when he pulls himself away from his work, it’s to enjoy his family and live a little bit like Joel Salatin, a “Christian-libertarian-environmentalist-capitalist-lunatic-Farmer.”

JR received a B.S. in finance from Florida State University.

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