Brad Hoppmann

Brad Hoppmann originally grew up in Florida, but has lived in Baltimore, Charlotte and New York as well throughout his career. Always an athlete, he played varsity football and water polo at the University of Florida and received All-SEC/SCC honors.

His bachelor’s degree is in business and strategic management, with his graduate work focused on management, decision management and information technology.

Before becoming the publisher of Uncommon Wisdom Daily, Brad built his unique skills and perspective in a fast-paced career focused entirely on delivering quality products to subscribers. He began his career at Gartner Group, the nation’s leading technology/business strategy consulting and research firm. He worked with Adobe, Sony, IBM, Netscape/AOL, McAfee and Panasonic, semiconductor companies like Applied Material and National Semiconductor, and storage companies like Quantum/Maxtor.

From Gartner, Brad moved into financial publishing, working at Stansberry & Associates Investment Research in Baltimore. Working closely with founder and childhood friend Porter Stansberry, Brad helped to build the group and helped to make Stansberry an indispensable resource for thousands of investors.

The next stop on his financial-publishing journey took him to as a Vice President. There, he worked with Jim Cramer and helped to bring to a record year in subscription revenue.

Brad then moved into the trading world as a director at a fast-growing stock and options brokerage, TradeKing, where he learned about advanced options and stock strategies.

Brad lives in South Florida with his wife and their young son. He enjoys keeping a close eye on the gold markets, developing trading models and financial products, and discovering otherwise-overlooked opportunities to share with Uncommon Wisdom Daily subscribers. He currently writes an investing newsletter, Cash Flow Kings, and heads up a trading service, Crisis Options Trader.

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