Cell Phone Radiation Could be Changing Your Brain

Today’s article is sure to be controversial. So, I want to be clear that I am sharing this with you strictly as an informational piece.

Research is sparse on this subject (and much more is needed). But I found the results in the following research alarming enough that I needed to share them with you.

First, I’d like you take a take a look at the two pictures below

Source: BioInitiative Working Group

The left picture is a thermographic image taken of a man with no exposure to cell phone radiation.

This is the “before” picture (the control) of an experiment conducted by the BioInitiative Working Group.

Now look at the second photo …

The picture on the right is a thermographic image of the same man’s head after a 15-minute phone call.

Red, orange and yellow areas indicate thermal (heating) effects due to radiation given off by the cell phone.

These thermal heating effects have been linked to various negative health effects. These include cancer, brain tumors and other neurodegenerative diseases.

In other words …

The Dangers of Cell Phone Use are Real

The BioInitiative Working Group is made up of 20 scientists, researchers and public health policy professionals.

They reviewed more than 2,000 scientific papers and reviews on electromagnetic waves like those given off by cell phones.

Their report documents scientific evidence that links brain tumors and Alzheimer’s disease with prolonged use of cell and cordless phones.

“This report stands as a wake-up call that long-term exposure to some kinds of EMF may cause serious health effects. There is evidence that EMF is a risk factor for both childhood and adult cancers,” said public health expert and co-editor of the report David Carpenter.

“Good public health planning is needed now to prevent cancers and neurological diseases linked to exposure to power lines and other sources of EMF. We need to educate people and our decision-makers that ‘business as usual’ is unacceptable.”

David Carpenter is the director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University at Albany in New York.

He estimates that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are a contributing factor in 20% to 35% of child cancers.

“In my mind, the evidence is overwhelming,” he said.

These Warnings Aren’t New …

In addition, Devra Davis — whose’ main area of research is the health effects of cell phone use — had this to say:

“Studies clearly indicate that pulse digital signals from cell phone radiation can alter membranes, weaken membranes, increase reactive oxygen species, which produce free radicals (which are very damaging and go around knocking electrons off cells and cause havoc within these cells). Cellphone radiation, it does those things.

“We don’t understand the long-term biological effects, but I’m really concerned that the major damage from cell phone radiation is to our reproductive organs. People keeping phones in their pockets — the fine print warnings say don’t do that.”

Even Apple (AAPL), the maker of the enormously popular iPhone, warns of the potential health effects of cell phones …

Hidden deep within the iPhone user manual, the one I’d bet 99% of people don’t read in its entirety, is the following warning:

In other words, if you keep your cell phone too close to your body you could be exposed to radiation that exceeds the federal safety limit.

After reading this, we all will draw our own conclusions. The one I believe we can all share is that this is an important subject that requires more study.

The mass use of cell phones has only been around for a little over a decade. And the fact is, we really don’t know the effects it has on the body long term.

But now that we’re starting to get an idea of the short-term effects, are you worried about the impact your smartphone may have on your health?

Do you think you will use the “phone” feature less and focus more on texting? Or is it time for all of us to put our phones down and find other “healthy” ways to communicate?

I’d love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts.

Happy and Healthy Investing,

Brad Hoppmann


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Your thoughts on “Cell Phone Radiation Could be Changing Your Brain”

  1. Now we are being exposed to more when we are forced to have a “smart meter” on our homes and businesses

  2. “The one I believe we can all share is that this is an important subject that requires more study. ”

    No, it really does NOT need more study; what it needs is a change of all governments around the globe to be changed out to NON CORRUPT ones that can warn humanity about this and not like the ones today that pretend there are (almost) no issues.

    There is no need and TIME for “more studies” (those words have been echoing for 10+ years now)… the knowledge is already alarming enough. So stop fucking around and DO SOMETHING instead… for ones sake.

    Thank you.

  3. It would strengthen the case if there were a third picture showing a person after 15 minutes on a landline phone to confirm that it is talking on a cell phone and not just talking on the phone in general that causes the increase in temperature. Where is the evidence that the heating is due to the cell phone radiation and not just due to changes in blood flow due to talking on the phone? I’m not saying one shouldn’t be concerned about health effects due to wireless radiation but as presented in your article the thermal imaging example seems like poor science.

  4. I am a chemical engineer working with a few scientists on a human health study around high power, high gain pulsed microwave radars and high gain Earthstations. Lots of epidemiology maps on my blog at darkmattersalot.com

  5. How about the POWER PADS worn on the hips of all FexEx employees? It’s a dirty secret. Written in the fine print that are not accessible to employees are that the system must be turned off at all times when worn on the body. And should not be any closer than 7 inches away at all times!!!!! I started to wonder about the use of these power pads. They are given to everyone and they are to be worn on your hip with a holster. And the printer on the other hip which communicates with the power pad. I started feeling burning in my hip that lasted and really never went away. I looked at the model and serial number and did some digging for the online makers msds sheets manuals etc. What I found was horrible! There is not one employee that is warned nor are we showed the manual. I really don’t know what to do with this information. I fear losing my job if I brought this to anyones attention. I am also not sure how many people are having problems as Hippa laws are strong. I do know almost all of the females at our station have had female issues! What say you?

  6. one suggestion for reducing radiation:
    currently a cell pone constantly sends out signal even when no phone call is taking place. this is needed so that the towers will know where the phone is. Now that most all phones have a built in gps this should no longer be necessary. The phone only needs to notify the tower on its new location if it moves. if i sit at my desk for an hour straight, it should not be necessary for my phone to constantly notify the tower of its location.

  7. If it so dangerous, how about the cell phone radiation in the Air. Is it with in the limits and well tolerated?
    Looks like carrying the cell phone in the pocket is also dangerous!! what about using them for alarm and keep near to head during the night?

  8. I believe due to the radiation from cellphones and their continued use, they will someday be considered the “cigarettes” of the 21st century. I don’t see a whole lot of difference between the adverse health effects due to cigarettes of the last century and the potential adverse health effects of cellphone use. Cellphone manufacturers and cellphone service providers will continue to stonewall any research, testing or data collection that would indicate any adverse health effects due to cellphone use…..just as tobacco companies did, and continue to do regarding cigarette use.

  9. Some of these information have already reached a small sector of society. To be available for the majority, i t should have the status of the commercials that are impacting and directing the life style and attitude of the majority.

  10. What research has been done on Pacific Gas and Electrics smart meters. The old meter on my home was replaced with a smart meter without any prior knowledge. To remove the smart meter and replace it with the original meter PGE told me it would cost $75.00 and $10.00 a month.

  11. Hi Brad;
    My personal interest in health really did not start until 1992. Since then I continue to learn new and often important pieces of my personal health puzzle. Thanks for your awareness message. Lawyers always try to protect their clients from mass law suits, so like the old saying goes, where there is smoke there is perhaps FIRE. IT WILL NOT SURPRISE ME IF THIS ISSUE PROVES TO BE ANOTHER FIRE. Thanks again for your message.

  12. I believe all of this to be true. I am very concerned for our children. Most kids are texting and playing games on their cellphones. How is this different from actually talking on the phone? Are they still getting the same amount of radiation whether they are talking on the phone or using the phone for apps etc? Do we know?

  13. We have practical and cost effective solutions to help mitigate this toxic EMR “soup” that you have discussed in your article. We are a Florida based company and sell our products worldwide. We have a solid scientific basis for our technology and have the support of many in the healing arts. If you are interested to know more about our products please contact me. Thank you for sharing this very critical information with your audience.

  14. Thanks for sharing this Brad. It is something that the average person hears little or nothing about. To me this is all common sense and not a one opinion versus another issue. I doubt any of your readers would want to be inside a microwave oven so why is there apathy about our bodies being subjected to radiation from all our electronic toys that transmit in the microwave range of the EMF spectrum? There’s a lot more to this than just cell phones.

    There are things one can do to lessen your exposure to EMF radiation but it’s next to impossible to totally avoid it in today’s environment. There are simple to complex techniques as well as a number of devices on the market. Some work well and others not so well. There are a number of scientists, medical professionals, and others who are trying to get the word out. Perhaps the best collection of such people I have heard was on an “EMF Summit” (http://emfsummit.com) that was held on the web last year. It was free and since it is over readers now need to pay to hear the speakers (well worth it IMO). They could also search the web for other videos, books, and literature by these presenters. We all need to educate ourselves about things such as EMFs that can impact our health.

  15. Thanks for being courageous enough to offer information concerning subjects which impact our lives daily and yet so many are unaware! Keep up the good work.
    Best of Health,

  16. I try to use speaker a lot to keep the phone 6″ away in use. Radiation levels drop dramatically at that distance. Use texting a lot. Also try to keep phone on seat in a vehicle to keep away from body. Cuts exposure a lot.

  17. I definitely believe there are bad effects from cell & cordless phones! I try to use speaker phone & texting most. I still have a landline & use it when I’m home. But to me, there’s nothing like a handwritten card or note to send or receive in the REAL mailbox!? I am especially concerned of children & teens using cell phones. My friend just lost her 30 yr old son,who battled cancerous tumors in his head for 4 yrs! You can’t help but wonder!!

  18. Hi Brad, I have been keeping up with different things to combat and limit these effects.
    As Dr. Martin Blank came out two weeks ago and Stated, “It’s Getting out of control” I personally agree with the experts like Dr. Blank, Dr. Davis, And Dr. Carpenter, it’s a serious issue, one that sort of gets shrugged off by many Cellphone users.

    I am concerned, Brad My Question to you is, If there was a All Natural Nutritional Product that equipts the body with the ability to defend itself against These harmful negative affects this Silent Killer. Would you want to know about it?

    – Art

  19. Thanks for bringing awareness to the topic of cell phone radiation. It is critical and amazing how little attention is paid to it. I have the good fortune of living in Silicon Valley where problems are both created and solved. The cell phone may fit both of those categories. While the radiation danger is real, there is also an answer and this needs as much attention as the problem. I wrote about a cell antenna that reduces radiation and increases clarity. You might want to get in touch with the founder and CEO, James Johnson. Here’s one of several posts I have about Vortis. This one describes Vortis in context with cell radiation. http://www.thesiliconvalleystory.com/disrupting-cell-phone-industry-new-antenna/

    For the rest, click here: http://www.thesiliconvalleystory.com/tag/vortis/

  20. Brad-
    How much of this thermographic heating effect in the subject’s head is due to increased blood flow which could be attributed to brain activity prompted by increased attention to the voice message spoken by the caller? Especially if the caller on the phone gives an emotional message to the recipient subject.
    I would suggest that the subject NOT using the phone is insufficient as a CONTROL in this cited experiment. A better control would be to compare use of a standard landline phone or for the subject to be listening to a radio or TV, or even to have someone nearby yell at the subject with a belittling comment.

  21. Perhaps you should read this article before making a declaration of “The Dangers of Cell Phone Use are Real”

    “Picking Cherries in Science: The Bio-Initiative Report”


    Showing a picture if a head thermal scan without an explanation of what the colors mean, (oh my, they are red – must be bad) tells nothing. What is the difference in temperature to go from one color to another? What about the heat generated by the cell phone battery? What about the heating effect of holding a warm hand next to your face for 15 minutes?

    If you found these results alarming enough to write this piece you have fulfilled the BioInitiative Working Group’s mission.

  22. Technology has provided us with many useful tools. Tools are to be used when needed. Our society has developed a compulsion to be connected with everyone all the time. This need raises some interesting psychological questions, but for now let’s focus on the risks that compulsion may present.
    I carry a cell phone with me whenever I leave my home. It is comforting to know I can reach others if I need to. But I don’t need to reach out constantly, so I leave the phone turned off until I want to make a call.
    In addition to the health risks avoided, I don’t have to recharge the phone daily and it will probably last much longer.
    Keep your tools handy and in good repair so they will be there for you when you need them.
    When a tool is treated like a toy, bad things can happen.

  23. I’ve read about EMF hazards a while back and take it seriously enough that I don’t use WI-FI in the house, but instead all connections to the internet are wired through a wired router. And I have a cell phone but don’t usually carry it and use it very little. It’s primarily used when evacuating for hurricanes (live in New Orleans).

  24. Question, if a person uses a bluetooth does it carry the same radiation as the cell phone itself? I do not use them much but would like to know if using the bluetooth is better then placing the sell phone up to your ear. As well, I did not know texting was better, I thought they both were using radiation from the phone. So, does texting use less or none at all?

    I look forward to your response. Thank You
    Dennis Smith

  25. Although more research would be useful, we have substantial evidence documenting various health risks from cell phone radiation including cancer, sperm damage, and reproductive health effects. Contrary to what many health agencies report, the preponderance of research published in the last decade demonstrates harmful bio-effects and health consequences.

    This month two hundred scientists from 40 nations who have published peer-reviewed research on electromagnetic fields and biology or health signed a petition calling on world leaders to adopt more stringent regulations of wireless radiation and to issue precautionary health warnings to the public. For more information see http://EMFscientist.org.

    This month the City Council in Berkeley, California unanimously (9-0) adopted a cell phone “right to know” law. For more information about this ordinance and the health effects of cell phone radiation see http://saferEMR.org.

    Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley

  26. I work with a Swiss laboratory dedicated to health and wellness . One of our programs is called ” cell phone blocker ” which was made more than 10 years ago .
    The lab tested this program using Kirlian pictures as well as with some blood tests from people using their cell phone . The results are very encouraging as it shows that we can still use a cell phone and limit the damage it could cause .
    I know that some cell phone manufacturers were approached but they denied that cell phones could be hazardous .

  27. We definitywny need MORE studies, limiting the cell phone use as much as possible in the meantime…

  28. As long the cell phone is ON it continues to radiate high amplitude pulses to keep communicating with BTSs. So the only sure way to eliminate the cell phone radiation is to switch it off. In today’s and tomorrow’s world we will be more and more immersed in the electro-magnetic (em)radiation fields. And with Internet of Things and Internet of Webs and fast-expanding deployment of wide-area Internet systems and wireless devices for control and data relay in devices and machines including automobiles that are all around us one just cannot escape ubiquitous human-generated em radiations.

  29. I wonder if there are any studies of the wireless phones we use around our house in connection with our landlines – those of us that still have them that is. Mine are good for around 1/4 – 1/2 mile depending on conditions and it seems it would take a bit of power to function over that range………

  30. I and many others have been waiting for this confirmation. It leads me to Wonder why the Cell Phone Industry,especially Apple; have not Installed as a matter of basic equipment. preventative/protective measures. Such products are available in the “aftermarket ” . Like safety-belts and other preventive measures in automobiles , is it not about time they were compelled to at least provide the product as an add on , at time of purchase. Just think-in !

  31. I would think that using the speakerphone mode would be as good as texting,
    and allow you to hold or place the phone beyond the danger zone.

  32. For years I have used my speaker at all times on both my cordless and cell phones and put them down on a surface when possible instead of holding them. My husband has a thick case that attaches to his belt to carry his cell phone in because it doesn’t fit in a pocket. Earbuds are good … I hope!

  33. Does using the cell phone hands free by enabling speaker phone reduce the radiation risk?

  34. Thanks for sharing this very valuable information with us Brad, its very appreciated. The scientific studies can be referenced here: http://www.bioinitiative.org/table-of-contents/

    Also everyone should know that Smart Toys and wearable technology i.e. smart watches, fitness trackers, blue-tooth headsets — ANYTHING wireless — emits cumulative radiation. While these offer great fun and convenience, the downside is that they might be harmful with long-term intensive use, even more so for children as their brains and bodies develop.

  35. I noticed the pain in my ear from being on a cellphone for a short period of time. I now have 25% hearing loss from using one. I believe they are very dangerous and will contrubute to Parkinson disease also.

  36. I would be interested to see a thermograph after the call. Does the brain return to normal? In other words, is the second thermograph all that much different than when a burner on a stove gets hot and turns red, but then goes back to cold when you turn it off? What does a thermograph look like after a call using headphones? How different is it if you use a cordless phone on speaker? And while cell phone use is relatively new, cordless phone use has been going on for a longer period.
    Also, could this person’s reactions be singular? If the study even tracked 10 different people and also took into consideration other factors, such as the subject’s health history and typical pattern of phone use, it would be more responsible. I think we need a lot more than 2 pictures before anything can be determined, though I do agree with you that the issue is worthy of further study.

  37. Have you seen any studies on the emf radiation from either a hybrid or an all-electric vehicle?

  38. There are certainly ways that one can mitigate many of the potentially harmful radiation concerns you have mentioned. One is to use smaller devices such as Bluetooth headsets that emit far fewer radiation waves, use the speakerphone which moves the phone farther from the head, and, heaven forbid, turn the phone entirely off when you will not need to use it, take it out of one’s pocket and set at a distance when in a set location such as an office cubicle or driving the car, etc.

    Thanks for bringing to light a concern we should all give attention to.

  39. Good article. We do need more of these. Technological capability has grown exponentially over recent years and does bring benefits to communications, however these advances are driven completely by product sales and user functionality with little if any though given to user health. As this is all relatively new, we may find out ( when it’s too late) that we all have contributed significantly to the deterioration of our own health without being aware of it, or more importantly being MADE AWARE OF IT by the product manufactureers or indeed our own authorities. The Human species did not evolve or exist in EMF rich environments for most of their existence, and now we live permanently in environments with multiple and constant sources of EMF radiation. This must haveconsiderable impact on Human health.

  40. Brad: Appears the greater risk is to men who carry the phones in their pant
    pockets or shirt. Even with a “blue tooth” setup of ear plug, body radiation is apparent over the day. Women could put it in their purse or pocketbooks. Thanks

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