California officially labels Roundup as cancer-causing

Last week, we looked at a link between weed-killers and cancer in animals and humans.

And now, in a first for the country, California’s Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA) plans to list glyphosate as being known to cause cancer.

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Monsanto’s (MON) Roundup herbicide.

According to a “notice of intent” issued last week by California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), the effort falls under California’s Proposition 65.

Under Prop 65, the state is required to publish a list of chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects and/or other reproductive harm.

The use of Roundup has been an ongoing health concern/debate for a while. But this is the first time the government has stepped in with a verdict.

Make no mistake, this is a landmark verdict.

In the U.S. agriculture sector, Roundup is the most-used herbicide and the second-most-used in the home and garden market.

So much so that in a recent study done over a 12-year period, which focused on Mississippi’s highly fertile Delta agricultural region, Roundup was present in 75% of air and rainfall samples.

Farmers use glyphosate-based herbicides to control weeds. They spray it on these weeds in a diluted solution that is rapidly taken up by the plants. It works by blocking a metabolic pathway that is essential for the plant’s growth.

Unintended Consequences

Glyphosate contamination is systemic, meaning it’s present in every cell of the plant, from root to tip. In other words, it’s not just an issue of topical contamination, as with many other agricultural chemicals sprayed on crops.

Conventional wisdom says you can thoroughly wash your produce to remove topical residues. But you simply cannot remove glyphosate from your produce. Neither can food and animal feed manufacturers who use glyphosate-based herbicides.

When you ingest glyphosate-treated foods, you’re probably getting more than you bargained for. They are suspected to have some pretty harmful effects on the body, including …

  Nutritional deficiencies, as glyphosate immobilizes certain nutrients and alters the nutritional composition of the treated crop

  Disruption of the biosynthesis of aromatic amino acids. (These are essential amino acids not produced in your body that must be supplied via your diet.)

  Increased toxin exposure

  Sulfate deficiency — impairment of sulfate transport and sulfur metabolism

  Systemic toxicity — a side effect of extreme disruption of microbial function throughout your body; beneficial microbes in particular, allowing for overgrowth of pathogens

  Digestive tract issues — imbalances in gut bacteria, inflammation, leaky gut and/or food allergies such as gluten intolerance.

  Enhancement of damaging effects of other food-borne chemical residues and environmental toxins as a result of glyphosate shutting down the function of detoxifying enzymes

  Creation of ammonia (a byproduct created when certain microbes break down glyphosate), which can lead to brain inflammation associated with autism and Alzheimer’s disease

These types of harmful changes within the body can cause different diseases to develop over time, which initial studies done on glyphosate were not able to identify. (A top medical journal has recently called for more studies to be done.)

In the nearly 20 years of intensifying exposure, scientists have been documenting the health consequences of Roundup and glyphosate in our food, in the water we drink, in the air we breathe and where our children play.

In addition to different types of cancer, glyphosate has been attributed to other dangerous and life-threatening diseases such as autism, ADHD, birth defects, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, liver disease, MS, Parkinson’s and others.

A recent (and alarming) list of 15 diseases linked to Monsanto’s Roundup was compiled by the health organization EcoWatch. You can find the list here.

What’s important to note is that California is only labeling glyphosate as a carcinogen, not banning it.

Other countries such as the Netherlands and France have banned Roundup, and Brazil will soon follow. This should serve as a warning for all other countries in the world.

Within the coming months and years, we should see an increased awareness of the health effects of herbicides like Roundup. It will be interesting to see if other states or even the federal government follow California’s initiative.

Monsanto’s massive presence in U.S. agriculture will likely result in a long battle between advocates of banning glyphosate and different state governments, particularly those states whose economies heavily rely on agriculture.

One thing is certain, though. Glyphosate-based Roundup is an issue that must be further researched and studied, as the potential long-term effects may be devastating and irreversible.

Happy and healthy investing,

Brad Hoppmann


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Your thoughts on “California officially labels Roundup as cancer-causing”

  1. If Roundup and other chemicals used in agriculture are so dangerous, why is our life expectancy increasing and the general health of our mature population improving?

  2. The fact that the testing on rats and mice was only 90 days, was not long enough. Tumors and cancer started showing up at 120 days. Also, 90 days to a rat is equivalent to 7 to 9 years for humans. Another thing to take in consideration is, back when Glyphosate was started to be used in fields with food products, about the mid 90’s, less than 30% of the food you buy in the stores were GMO products. Now its around 90%. Which puts us at about the 25 year mark and now is when cancer rates in humans is really soaring. My facts might not be exact but given the overall picture, I will stay away from GMO foods as much as I can. Check this test out;

  3. As a farmer I have used roundup since 1991 not always using a tractor with a cab(whether that makes any difference is questionable since cab filters probably would not filter out roundup drift);therefore I have had very close contact with roundup. I am now retired but have an acreage that is surrounded by crops that are sprayed with roundup at least twice a year. So far both my wife and my health is good-time well tell. I do know of one person that was a commercial applicator of farm chemicals that passed away with cancer-cause of the cancer was questionable.

  4. Ten years ago, my family and I were very sick. I read a blog of a lady who had the same symptoms as I. She made a stew for her and her husband and gave the rest to her dog that almost died. By process of elimination, she determined it was the corn. She found out it had been genetically modified. By avoided GM foods, she recovered. By avoiding GM foods, I recovered. I told my dad and he recovered. But it was too late to save my son who died.

    For the next eight years my family and I have been relatively healthy. But then the symptoms returned. My wife became very sick and when she could again eat, we gave her gluten free bread. [Also glyphosate free] Later I called up my major bread maker and asked if there was glyphosate in the wheat they used for making bread. I was referred to the manager who said that all the wheat they buy met all Federal Requirements. No other comments were allowed. I switched to organic bread. It seem that most of the wheat, rye and barley are sprayed with RoundUp to end their life. RoundUp causes them to shrivel up and, like a weed, die. This makes them easier to harvest. The problem is the glyphosate in the grain locks up metal nutrients so they cannot be used. Lack of chromium is the seconds major cause of type 2 diabetes. Lack of cobalt interferes with our body making vitamin B-12 that is needed for cell division and growth. And lack of magnesium, manganese, zinc and other essential nutrients degrades our immune system.

    Glyphosate combined with fluorosalicic acid [added to water] deprives us of the iodine our bodies needed to defend against the fungus that causes most of the cancer in the United States.

  5. Purely junk science. Glyphosate has been heavily studied and in use for 40 years. These attacks are a backdoor attempt to stop GMO crops. I have a PhD in organic chemistry so I have some knowledge about this topic.

  6. How did the Roundup get into food / fodder / fiber crops and water and air when it is supposed to be applied topically (sprayed on the leaf surface) to weeds? Perhaps this is sloppy application, over use (exceeds label application rates, spills, or other carelessness that could be resolved with proper (new design?) application apparatus / techniques / training. I wonder whether the product could be reformulated to be something of a binary agent where the glyphosate would be formed inside the plant (weed) tissue only in the presence of sucrose formed during photosynthesis. In other words, the chemical applied to the leaf would not be glyphosate itself but, rather, something that causes the plant to form it internally. I am no chemist, but it is an idea.

  7. I’ll go along with those who urge caution when dealing with anything related to California. I came into contact with CARB (California Air Resources Board) about 15 years ago regarding a fuel additive. The impression they gave then and since was of a group of chicken littles. I would have to assume their OEHHA is similar in mindset. We’ve already seen too many nutcase laws and laughable actions from their state universities to take California too seriously. If Roundup has been studied for the past 20 years, I believe we would have seen something before now if it really was the cause of 15 major diseases. I do try to stay healthy and I’m not ruling anything in or out but I need something from far more credible sources than either California or EcoWatch, another group with a huge agenda, before I make major changes in my lifestyle and diet (which would cause a big change in my budget to go organic).

  8. I would be very suspect of this California study. Roundup has been under study in Europe for many years within a larger population universe. Independent studies by non-governmental experts beyond political influence and pseudo scientific conclusions. California scientists are always the first to announce health warnings as they love to be “the first” to disclose earthshaking discoveries. There are pros and cons to all new products developed to improve food quality and reduce cost. Roundup is a significant benefit to agriculture and urban weed control as was DDT. Millions have died by outlawing DDT in the 1960’s (due to Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring”) but current studies have proven it was not as harmful as reported. Malaria was near extinction before it became outlawed for use and millions of lives could have been saved if it’s use been permitted to continue.

  9. I hate it when I agree with anything that California is doing. In this case they are not going far enough. They should have banned its use.

  10. There is something very illogical about the report. I will not argue that Roundup or Glyphosates might cause cancer. I WILL question the assumption that it is present in the foods we eat. Roundup KILLS plants. How is it then, that it can be present in my fruit and vegetables yet did not kill those plants? How can that be? If there was roundup in the plant that produced my broccoli, it should have killed the plant. The fact that the plant did not die indicates it was free of the herbicide.

  11. I was a landscaper for years and had to take state tests in order to get a license to do so. They would tell us you could drink the stuff it was so safe. So we now have GMO that are plants that have been modified so Roundup can be sprayed on them time and time again to rid the fields of weeds. When the crop is harvested the grain is then used in human and animal food and we get that poison in almost everything we eat or milk we drink. I don’t know if GMO grain grown in fields NOT sprayed with Roundup is as bad as that which is sprayed because the grains most used are pollinated by the wind so even organic food is cross pollinated with GMOs. So now we wait and see if it doesn’t matter that half the world wants to get even with the success of the USA, we may have done ourselves in on our own.

  12. Please run this extremely important article again and again, with flollow- up reports and further info as this is a hugely unknown or ignored evil chemical that is tied to so many illnesses and death. I am forwarding this out to everyone on our mailing lists. Monsanto employs a whole army of lawyers to protect their trillion dollar baby called Round-Up. They probably have 5 lobbiests to for every senator and congressman. In our food and water supply is the worst problem, but as a weed killer around millions of homes, it also is very toxic. I used it for years before discovering how wicked it was. I believe my wife, kids and dogs have suffered many ill effects from Round-Up exposure. We must fight this battle. It is killing off our bees. Without bees this world will die. Check it out. Thank you for telling the truth. Next global economic topic: Geo Engineering and weather manipulation.

  13. And these studies were not done before it was approved for use- why? I swear, when are we going to get things like that right? Now what do I do with the Roundup sitting on my shelf at home? But I am secretly mourning….nothing gets rid of weeds so effectively in the cracks of my cement at home.

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