Boost Testosterone Levels in Zero to 120 Seconds!

Testosterone is popularly touted as the “man hormone,” and with good reason.

That’s because low testosterone (“Low T”) can be detrimental to a man’s overall quality of life.

You should routinely be tested by your doctor. But today’s article isn’t about your overall testosterone health.

Today is about being able to boost your testosterone by 20% in just two minutes.

In 120 seconds, you can make yourself feel more confident, radiate an “alpha male” presence, and show the world you mean business.

This doesn’t require any special pill or cream, either. The only thing you need is you.

Power Pose

Stand like a man. That’s all it takes.

You could stand in a power pose — hands in the air, like victory, or even at your side. You could even sit back in your chair with your hands behind your head, or with your arms outstretched or at your sides.

The idea here is to take up space — and to let your neck show, when your chin is up.

Think of Superman, or your favorite superhero for that matter, standing high on top of a skyscraper — ready to save the day. This is what we’re looking for.

If you hold a power position, just standing there in that position, for two minutes …

Your testosterone could spike by 20% at that moment.

At the same time your cortisol levels — the “stress hormone” — could drop by up to 25%; male or female!

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy, along with her collaborator Dana Carney of Berkeley, ran an experiment in which people were directed to adopt either high-power or low-power poses for two minutes.

As Cuddy explains in this talk from TEDGlobal 2012

“Both humans and animals express power through their bodies. They tumble in on themselves when they feel unsure, making themselves smaller by hunching over, crossing their arms over their chest and avoiding big movements.

“When they feel on top of the world, they sprawl out. (I) wondered … could adopting these postures change a person’s internal state and make them feel more powerful?”

Cuddy’s experiment contained test subjects who gave their baseline saliva hormones to the researchers, and then were randomly assigned to groups where they would do either “power poses” or “low-power poses.”

Each subject held the pose for two minutes, and then the researchers again tested their salivary hormones to see if there was anything different going on.

Remarkably, the results showed that holding a “power pose” for just two minutes was enough to increase testosterone levels by 20%, whereas the stress hormone cortisol also decreased by 25%!

However the “low-power” group saw a 10% reduction in salivary testosterone levels, and a 15% increase in the stress hormone cortisol.

Taking on a power pose for just two minutes can change the game for you as a man or woman.

More confidence and vitality is a huge benefit whether you’re about to present at a big meeting or simply take on your daily to-do list.

As always, I encourage you to talk with your doctor before making any changes to your healthy routine. And if you do try these “power” moves, I hope you find them quick, easy and highly effective.

Good Luck and Happy Investing,

Brad Hoppmann


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