Better Late Than Never

Macquarie Research just came up with a great idea — weeks after I came up with the same thing. Better late than never, I suppose.

Their idea: To buy Canadian gold miners. Why? Because the Canadian dollar, or "Loonie," has fallen to a 14-month low. So that lowers costs for Canadian miners.

And it makes them screaming bargains, to boot.


You can see the Loonie was already trending lower. It just broke price support. Will it next fall to the bottom of the price channel — or even lower?

Subscribers who watched my presentation saw me offer reasons why I think Canadian miners are great bargains here. And a cheaper currency is one of them.

Interestingly, Macquarie offered a list of five stock picks to play this trend. And two of them are on a short list of recommendations I am giving my subscribers to my Red-Hot Resource Millionaire subscribers this week!

Another pick of mine is a Canadian stock mining silver in Mexico. The peso had a good couple of months recently. But it is still trading 11% below where it was when Donald Trump was elected president.

You know what that means: Mas gangas! (More bargains!)

So yeah, Canadian miners are on sale. Canada’s economy is resource heavy. So we’ll probably see the loonie head higher the next time gold and oil blast off.

I think that next blast-off could be around the corner.

We plan to ride that move in Red-Hot Resource Millionaire. And we are targeting huge gains.

There will still be time to make gains down the road. Better late than never, right? But for those who are in early, the profit potential could be truly extraordinary.

All the best,

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