Ah, yes — Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July, America!

Remember that tyrannical nation you wrestled with for your independence back in the late 18th century? Well, yeah, now they’re wrestling for theirs, so to speak.

Yep, Britain decided it didn’t like its European Union handcuffs.

And I don’t blame them.

They voted to leave the EU, as they should have — even though virtually no one expected them to actually vote that way.

No, because voters at large, around the globe, have become dependent on “leaders” setting the tone of culture and business. So dependent that they’re scared by the uncertainty of what it would look like to figure things out for themselves … even if that means choosing a new leader.

Fortunately, there are rumblings that suggest the common middle-class Westerner is ready to kick the great centralizers to the curb.

A ‘People’s Spring’

Even across Europe, where socialist-collectivist tendencies are as ubiquitous as beer at Oktoberfest, major political parties harbor the same intentions as those British who voted to flee the “United States of Europe” bureaucratic wet dreams.

Marine Le Pen in France has been among the most vocal. Following Brexit, she called it a sign of “freedom and liberty” and declared a “people’s spring” as being inevitable. Leaders in Italy, Netherlands, Spain and other nations seem to share her sentiments.

Such a drive toward independence from the EU would have implications for markets, particularly the Eurozone and the euro, whose makeup would surely change and its existence called into question.

To some degree, the euro would cede even more reserve currency credibility to the U.S. dollar.

Technically, though, all these nations have their independence. What they want back is their sovereignty.

Because the desire for sovereignty goes much deeper than the trade deals and “unrestricted” commerce so many elites claim is at risk when Britain (or any other nation) opts out of their demagogic policymaking.

Just ask the patriots hanging out in Lexington and Concord in April of 1775 …

An American Revolution in Paris?

King George of Great Britain was dropping all kinds of absurd taxes on the American colonies … all the way from across the pond.

A quick look at the oppressive taxes made it pretty easy to see that what might be tolerated in Great Britain could not be applied to the colonies in America.

This type of centralized rule — with no sense of what the economy, culture and life was like in the colonies — was a major buzzkill.

Indeed, the taxes were not absurd because they were particularly exorbitant.

Rather, the taxes represented a lack of representation.

Those in the American colonies had no say in British Parliament.

They had no say in setting the taxes nor in other matters that included issues such as colonial support for Great Britain’s military and, according to Wikipedia, the “Declaratory Act of March 1766” insisting that Parliament retain full power to make laws for the colonies “in all cases whatsoever.”

Thank goodness for the Treaty of Paris in 1783, where the American colonies were granted complete separation from the British Empire.

It’s not exactly the same, but Brussels has a sort of monarchical rule over the European Union.

And Britain decided it would rather assume responsibility for decisions influencing British economy, culture and politics rather than outsourcing it to an unelected bureaucracy raining down absurd dictates and mandates from afar.

From Pat Buchanan …

“Across Europe, tribalism, of all strains, is resurgent. Not only does the EU appear to be breaking up, countries appear about to break up.

“Scotland will seek a second referendum to leave the U.K. The French National Front of Marine Le Pen and the Dutch Party for Freedom both want out of the EU. As Scots seek to secede from the U.K., Catalonia seeks to secede from Spain, Veneto from Italy, and Flemish nationalists from Belgium.

“Ethnonationalism seems everywhere ascendant.”

It’s no American Revolution, but it’s a nascent revolution in its own right.

Meanwhile, in America …

Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has been railing against corporate and financial elites in a similar way as Ron Paul did amongst Republicans in 2008 and 2012.

Hillary Clinton uses words suggestive of protecting American business by rethinking our “free trade” agreements with other nations. But she’s a consummate liar, a globalist and an elitist … so never mind and sorry for being redundant.

Then there’s Donald Trump, the American Presidential hopeful most reflective of the same sentiment inspiring the Brexit vote.

Trump has his own personal track record of moral failings, ethical absenteeism and elitist snobbery (like Clinton). But his campaign sincerely suggests he is at least willing to listen to We the People. And his populism isn’t based on treating America’s ills with more socialist welfarism (like Sanders).

And the American people — at least this American people writing this article — are Fed up with a Federal government molding and manipulating interstate commerce, global trade, social ethics and morality — CULTURE — from their upper-class accommodations.

Today, on July 4th, in America, we celebrate the idea of America.

And even though Budweiser cans might say “America,” they are not America. They haven’t been since they sold out to InBev back in 2008.

I’m tired of multinationals, politicians and global elites selling out on the idea that made America … America so that they can line their pockets and the pockets of their buddies in Congress, regulatory agencies and corporate boardrooms.

Looks like I’m not the only one, either.

If you’re tired, rest up today. Remember what America meant in 1776 and think about what it means now. If it’s that the meaning of America is not already lost, how long till it is?

I leave you with the timeless Ben Franklin quote:

“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

May your fireworks be fantastical and your patriotism fanatical.

God bless the USA.

Do right,

JR Crooks

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  1. There are some who would like the United States to be subservient to the United Nations. You know; they are the ones who want a one world government and have seemingly appointed themselves to be the rulers of the world. I on the other hand am a Citizen of the United States of America, a country that has been free since its inception. Notice that I said I’m a citizen….but I am not a subject to any country! Anyone who wants to be other than a citizen should move to another country. We have , by the grace of God, been given numerous freedoms that some liberals would like to take away from us, but thankfully, they are not God, and He is in charge of everything, and someday everyone will have to answer to Him for what they have done whether it was good or evil.

  2. This used to be a column where you could get decent financial advice. Now Weiss and all his people seem to be just another right-wing propaganda outlet.

    JR’s email this morning was nothing if not a full-throated endorsement for Trump, without mentioning his name. As well as an endorsement for Brexit.

    That will please your Fox and Limbaugh-trained readers (like Keith), who think they’re “revolutionaries” fighting against bureaucrats (ie- liberals), but in actuality this “conservative” nonsense is sponsored by billionaires and multinational corporations, who are no friend of most Americans, and especially not them.

    Maybe Brexit should inspire you to start a movement for secession of Florida as a self-financing nation. That will get as far as big-talkin’ red Texas’s secession rhetoric.

  3. Well said JR! Britain has always stood as an independent nation. She stood alone against the German Axis war machine in 1939, until Pearl Harbor woke up the US sleeping giant. She let the liberals run loose for a few years after the war and lo and behold they were destroying the country again. Finally the real British people woke up and realized they were being sold down the river by the liberals once more. They erupted and BRExit was the result. Britain is free to rise again. Hopefully USA will follow their example, stop Obama, Hillary and the rampant liberal losers from destroying our country. Stop the importing of the liberal armies of refugees, as they call themselves and concentrate on rebuilding America from within, Not by flooding the country with unskilled foreigners but by concentrating on building American Industry with real Americans, either native born or the immigrants who came here wanting to actually work.

  4. Thank you for this great article. I too, am tired of the politics and politicians of our country. I do agree with you. They create all these laws to line their pockets and the pockets of their friends. They are greedy elites. But what can we do? The only power we have as citizens of the United States is at the Voting Poll. But so many of our citizens have been influenced by the fancy and empty promises of the Candidates running for the Presidency of our Nation. When Obama ran for President, I did not vote for him neither did I vote for him for reelection. Many of my friends who voted and supported Obama are now so disgusted with him, and I say………..good for them. I hope that the citizens of this country will wake up and pray to God to help them make right choices when they vote. Then I don’t like either candidate because they each have their own agenda. I absolutely will not waste my X on Hillary Clinton, and I have to think very carefully of Trump. I suppose I will have to vote for the lesser of the two evil. I love this Country.. Thank you for speaking out in the public forum to inform the citizens of this country or at least to those who are willing to listen of this great error. God bless you and God Bless the USA.

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