About Uncommon Wisdom Daily

Uncommon Wisdom launched March 2, 2009, and is a free daily investment e-newsletter published each morning before the U.S. markets open by Weiss Research, Inc., one of the largest independent, most reputable sources of global investment information.

Written by renowned financial analysts Frank Curzio, Nilus Mattive, JR Crooks and Brad Hoppmann — with more than 60 years of investment experience in the markets — Uncommon Wisdom Daily covers the latest investing news and insights on the world’s stock markets … precious metals … natural resources … currencies … bonds and interest rates.

With Uncommon Wisdom Daily you get unbiased, objective analysis and commentary AND unique profit opportunities from the areas of the world. Our experts cover a wide range of asset classes including stocks, options and Exchange-Traded Funds that are positioned to profit from global macroeconomic trends right here on the U.S. trading exchanges.

Plus, from time to time, Uncommon Wisdom Daily will cover other topics that can help you become healthy, wealthy and wise.

Uncommon Wisdom Daily’s analysts are some of the most widely followed in the world, and is the complimentary e-newsletter for Frank Curzio’s Dominators & Disruptors and Adventure Capitalist … Brad Hoppmann’s 10-Minute Trader, Cash Flow Kings and Global Trend Trader … JR Crooks’ Global Resource Hunter, Natural Resource Investor and Natural Resource Options Alerts … Nilus Mattive’s Income Superstars, Uncommon Wisdom Daily’s Superstar Trader, Easy Street Options Alerts, Easy Street ETF Trader and Easy Street Trader.

Uncommon Wisdom Daily’s mission is to help our subscribers preserve and grow their wealth no matter what the markets are doing, or where the profits are.

Uncommon Wisdom’s Core Values

Customer-Centric We are dedicated to advancing the financial welfare of our customers through a wide range of publications and services for investors and businesses.
Independence We abhor and prohibit conflicts of interest and business practices that might compromise the objectivity of our analysis, recommendations or services.
Objective Research We are committed to factual and disciplined research based on the most accurate and timely data available.
Striving for Excellence We continuously strive to improve and enhance the quality, the service and the performance of our products, recommendations or programs.