A Perfect Gift for the Ideal Man

The finest steel, the perfect weight and the perfect balance, spacing and pressure — those are the bold claims made by the maker of OneBlade.

What is OneBlade?

For starters, the product is responsible for easily the most incredible shaving experienced I’ve ever had, hands down.

It’s also a precise tool engineered for a man who appreciates a well-crafted instrument … one that has the ancient presence of a Samurai sword combined with the modern lines of a high-tech fighter jet.

This single-blade, single-edge razor has a pivoting head that makes the shaving process an exquisite sensory pleasure.

Yet the appeal of the OneBlade is much more than just its efficacy and simple pleasures.

For me, using the OneBlade added a level of Zen-like smoothness to my morning.

It has transformed a pedestrian and formerly uncomfortable five minutes of drudgery into a chance to celebrate man’s power to shape his existence — and to literally recreate reality in his own image.

In short, the OneBlade is a tool fit for any modern-day ideal man …

One who loves the pleasures of life …

One who appreciates ingenious form married with function …

And one who worships the best products mankind creates.

In short, the OneBlade is the perfect fit — and the perfect gift — for the ideal man.


As you likely already know, I am in the newsletter publishing business, and have been for many years. One of my mentors and fellow newsletter publishers is Porter Stansberry.

I bring this up because, in addition to being a giant in the publishing industry, Porter is the brainchild behind the OneBlade.

As he explains it, he got the idea to create the OneBlade after getting a shave in a tiny barbershop along Italy’s Adriatic coast.

The key to his experience was the quality of the blade. He told me it left his face smoother and feeling better than it ever had been.

Porter then went on a quest to create that same experience for himself and for others. And after some exhaustive and expensive trial and error, the OneBlade was born.

As for the look and feel of the OneBlade, well, you really have to experience it for yourself to truly appreciate the sleek craftsmanship.

Although it looks stunning in pictures, this is a case where pictures fail to tell the true and complete tale.

One of the coolest things about the OneBlade is how it just sits there on its own pedestal, waiting to be engaged.

Like a pedestal supporting a heroic Greek sculpture, the OneBlade’s base presents the shaver with a sense of rational pride — the kind of pride that one can only feel after an arduous and noble achievement.


As for the OneBlade’s functional virtue, I love how this shaver almost effortlessly glides along the angles and contours of my face, and all without the feeling you get from other razors that you are about to slice into delicate flesh.

Another great feature of the OneBlade is the ease of cleaning. Thanks to a design that exposes the underside of the handle to the cutting edge of the blade, whiskers and shaving cream rinse off easily. This not only keeps the blade sharp during your shave, but it also preserves the integrity of the blade’s edge.

I’ve got a pretty thin beard, and I can go about two or three shaves without having to replace the blade.

OneBlade recommends that, for the very best shaving experience, you should use one blade for each shave. But even the second shave per blade is by far better than every other shave I have experienced.

I have tried every expensive and value-priced shave that exists out there currently.


If I were compelled to use an analogy to describe the OneBlade, I would say the form and function remind me of a fine Swiss luxury watch or a superbly tuned German sports car.

In both cases, tactile awareness, sensory feedback and consummate form mate with function. Together, they deliver the user that experience of "oneness" with a material object. It feels exceedingly rare yet sublimely natural.

Now, as you might suspect, an instrument of such quality design and craftsmanship doesn’t come at bargain price. The OneBlade shaver costs $299, which includes the first 60 blades. You’ll also need to replenish your blade supply on a regular basis, depending how often you shave and how many shaves you can get per blade.

Yet despite the price tag, I think the OneBlade is well worth the cost, especially if you look at the value over five or 10 years. I have not done the math yet, but I would bet you actually save a bunch of money over the high-quality disposables over the next half-decade or so.

It’s also the kind of fine instrument that makes a fantastic gift for the ideal man who loves to transform life’s necessary tasks into opportunities to celebrate the achievements of the best shaving product ever created.

If this describes you, or any ideal man you know, then the OneBlade is a perfect fit.

You can find out more about OneBlade directly from the founder himself Porter Stansberry by clicking here.

Happy and healthy investing,

Brad Hoppmann


Uncommon Wisdom Daily

P.S. We are not and will not be paid by OneBlade for this review, nor do we currently have any business relationship with OneBlade other than receiving the product for review. But the quality of the product leads me to believe OneBlade is the best razor ever invented. So, I may seek to invest in the company or form a partnership sometime in the future. One of the company founders, Porter Stansberry, has been a close friend of mine since our childhood. After having dinner with both company leaders and discussing the product and process in detail with other employees, I fully trust Porter and the CEO of OneBlade, Tod Barrett, to back their product’s lifetime guarantee. I plan to buy this product as a gift for my three brothers and my father as well.

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  1. I can buy a whole lot of Gillette Good News shavers for the price of just one of these. A brass shaver for single edge blades served me in the Army (1959-62) and I have been trying to find another ever since. It did not cost much.

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