A new health threat that could kill more than cancer

For every disease and sickness, the main priority for doctors, scientists and researchers is to find the cure.

There are treatments, medications and therapies to slow down the disease or alleviate some of the negative effects. But finding a cure is what really matters.

A cure means the disease has been eliminated from the body and you can return to a healthy state of being.

Some of the most watershed cures discovered in the past hundred years have defeated heinous diseases like polio, yellow fever, measles, smallpox, typhoid fever and many others.

Modern medicine has saved hundreds of millions of lives. But, there’s a nightmare scenario that haunts the dreams of doctors and scientists.

That is, what if suddenly the cure stops working?

I’m talking about one day a patient comes in with a disease that we already have a cure for. The doctor gives the cure to the patient, but the patient doesn’t get better.

The cure that’s been used for years suddenly no longer works, and we don’t know what to do because there is no other cure.

This is the doomsday situation for the health community. It’s something that would cause complete chaos, panic and millions of deaths.

However, this may not be a nightmare much longer. Soon it could be a reality, and it may just be the deadliest threat to our society in centuries.

Specifically, how this could happen is by a phenomenon called antibiotic resistance.

A Cure for the Cure

Antibiotics are medications used to cure diseases caused by bacteria.

And antibiotic resistance is when your bacteria morph and adapt to these medications — making the now-former cure ineffective and useless.

According to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as four out of five Americans may be prescribed antibiotics annually.

This staggering number has doctors and scientists worried. That’s because antibiotics for some of the most common injuries and infections are starting to not work as much. And the potential long-term threat is terrifying.

At the recent International Monetary Fund (IMF) meeting in Washington, one of Great Britain’s heads of state, Chancellor George Osborne, warned the world that resistance to antibiotics will become "an even greater threat to mankind than cancer" without global action.

You may be wondering why this was brought up at an IMF meeting.

Well, because in addition to the massive health threat, antibiotic resistance will also have an enormous financial impact on every economy around the world.

By 2050, antibiotic resistance could reduce global GDP by up to 3.5% — a cumulative cost of 100 trillion U.S. dollars.

In Chancellor Osborne’s words …

"Unless we take global action, antimicrobial resistance will become an even greater threat to mankind than cancer currently is.

"It is not just a health problem but an economic one, too. The cost of doing nothing, both in terms of lives lost and money wasted, is too great, and the world needs to come together to agree a common approach.

"We have to dramatically shift incentives for pharmaceutical companies and others to create a long-term solution to this problem, with new rewards, funded globally, that support the development of new antibiotics and ensure access to antibiotics in the developing world."

Currently, the number of people who die worldwide from cancer is about 7.6 million.

The number of deaths that could result from antibiotic resistance? Some 10 million a year.

That’s a horrific number — and an issue that should be at the forefront of medical research.

Right now, the UK is leading the way by offering "market entry rewards." These will pay a large prize to a pharmaceutical company that gets a new treatment or even a new diagnostic to market that helps in the fight against drug resistance.

Osborne is calling upon the global community to do the same.

Longer term, we will need to find new cures for diseases we already believe to be cured. It will be a monumental task for the medical community, but one that our society desperately needs.

That’s all for today.

Happy and healthy investing,

Brad Hoppmann

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  1. Dr Flaquer is spot on. Heal the immune system. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity
    Make health care about being PERFECTLY healthy; physically, mentally and spiritually.

    Get all the metals, plastics, insecticides, herbicides, any-cides, chemicals, viruses, nonsensical, navel gazing, and false notions and false lifestyles out. Get the problem out of the body. Get out of the problem, and be in the solution and stay there.
    Pharmaceuticals weaken the immune and other body systems. (And what about the other stuff like poor food and lifestyle choices, environmental toxins, cleaners, chemicals from manufacturing and construction of both commercial and home environments and the contents? Even an older toaster, or pot or pan or opened aluminum can (duh) can produce heavy metals to be ingested.)
    Simply heal first and do no more harm. Are the right questions being asked? False questions seem to get answers that are a bit shallow leading to sketchy, meaningless, unacceptable and insufficient diagnoses. It’s a sick and dirty business The sicker, the better, so its profitable.

  2. Natural treatments are the answers for mild and moderate infection diseases.
    Increase the immunity naturally will also slow the incidence of infection diseases.

  3. What will it take for the world to realize that the best way to solve the disease crises is to put the emphasis on prevention. As scientist Raymond Francis states in his book ‘Never Fear Cancer Again’ – there is only one disease – the disease of malfunctioning cells; just two causes – deficiency or toxicity’ – and just six pathways – nutrition, toxins, mental, physical, genetic and medical. If you don’t look for or know the cause how can you expect to find the cure! Allopathic medicine devotes 95% of its research dollars looking for a drug solution – after the disease has taken hold of the body. Why? Because there’s no money or incentives to prevent disease – and it isn’t good for business to cure ANY diseases. Much more lucrative to treat and manage the symptoms. A good example of this is type 2 diabetes. It is both preventable and curable – today, but you’d never know it – there’s just too much revenue that would be lost – if prevention or cure was followed.

  4. My son in law ,being treated at a well know clinic in Rochester Mn. for prostrate cancer that had spread to the bone
    has had the worst of traditional medical care . Not only with his treatment of radiation and chemo but the lack of proper pain medication , information, compassion . When questions asked doctors and staff became agitated and short with any or no answers . We desperately need an alternative to most traditional treatment . We need to continue the battle to keep the drug companies trying to shut down information on alternative treatment . Only my son in laws family Dr. Has had stuck by his oath to treat patients with respect , and kindness, and pain control . Only until we get the drug companies out of bed with polititions , will things change . I agree with Gena .


  6. Gena is right on! Cancer Cures are available, but generally not thru the US Cancer Industry! I’ve been using the BUDWIG protocol for over a year now to defeat Leukemia, and it is working. Developed by Dr Johanna Budwig in Spain long ago. See more at BudwigCenter.com Also many other good protocols are shown at CancerTutor.org These treatments offer real cures thru natural treatments; not thru pharmaceuticals, nor pesticides, nor GMO foods that defeat our immune system. The Truth About Cancer video series is a great way to learn how to become healthy from most chronic health issues!

  7. There are already treatments used by holistic doctors that work on bacteria that have become antibiotic resistant. Colloidal silver being one of those. Food grade (35%) H2O2 being another. There are also cures for cancer out there that are being ignored or neglected because even though they work, they are not as profitable as those commonly being used now, mostly to no avail. Try The Truth about Cancer marathon that is being shown on the internet this entire weekend. It covers many of the treatments that really do work, how to prevent cancers. One of the main reasons for antibiotic resistance, by the way, is the amount of antibiotics being fed to animals raised on factory style settings to optimize growth and prevent disease in the animals kept in such crowded conditions, aka to improve profits. Those antibiotics are passed on to people when they eat the meat, and in the long term renders many people susceptible to infections for which antibiotics will no longer work. That, and the known fact for decades now, that doctors often will give people prescriptions for antibiotics when there is no need, such as for viral infections, where they serve no use at all, and over time the body does not respond to those antibiotics at all.

  8. This issue needs a lot more media attention than the “politically correct” hysteria around “man-made global warming”, a hoax which is just a wealth redistribution play from industrialized nations to third world countries. Antibiotic resistance is truly an existential threat while “climate change” is an alleged threat in the future based on faulty computer models. Of course, the latter will necessitate the creation of a powerful new bureaucracy populated by pathetic progressive Marxists who will enrich themselves, I mean, “administer” the remedies while wielding much power.

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