3 Delicious Ways to Improve Your Gut Health

One of the fastest-growing areas of research in the medical field is gut health.

That’s because the health of your gut has a direct impact on your entire body. This includes digestion, your immune system, your mental health, your joint quality and so much more.

However, with this new spotlight comes a bevy of swift marketers looking to cash in. You’ve probably seen the ads: probiotic, prebiotic and other gut health supplements that sport hyperbolic claims. Many people are buying these promises … and the products, as they are flying off the shelves of every health food store.

Now, I’m not saying there aren’t effective and helpful supplements for your gut health. Because there certainly are.

But with over 100 trillion bacteria in each of us, we all have very different gut biomes. And each of us will react differently to these supplements, many of which do not have long-term scientific research to back up their safety.

If you feel you have a specific problem, you must go to a doctor and get the right type of tests performed so you know exactly what needs to be fixed.

I believe when it comes to general gut health, the best way to keep a healthy biome is through your diet and eating foods rich in helpful bacteria.

Which is why I want to share with you three delicious ways to improve your gut health, day in and day out.


Kombucha is an ancient Chinese drink. It’s been around for more than 2,000 years.

Known in the East as the "immortal health elixir," Kombucha is a type of fermented tea that’s loaded with gut-benefiting bacteria.

Research has shown Kombucha can prevent and heal leaky gut (where bacteria, food particles and/or viruses "leak" through your digestive lining and into your bloodstream) and stomach ulcers.

Kombucha can also help keep candida yeast from overpopulating within the gut. In other words, it helps restore balance to your digestive system.

Kombucha is full of powerful antioxidants, including a very unique one known as D-saccharic acid-1, 4-lactone (DSL).

DSL, and the accompanying vitamin C present in Kombucha, provide you with protection against cell damage, inflammatory diseases, tumors and overall depression of the immune system.

You can find Kombucha at most grocery stores now, but be wary of brands that use a lot of sugar.

My personal favorite brand is GT’s, which has a ton of unique and delicious flavors.

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Home brew kits have also become very popular and significantly reduce the price if you’re someone who likes to drink Kombucha every day.

Farmhouse Culture’s Gut Shot

This is a brand-new product on the market, and it’s a one-of-a-kind "shot" of gut-health-promoting bacteria.

Created by the brand Farmhouse Culture, Gut Shot is a concentrated liquid of fermented vegetables. It’s rich in probiotics and other digestive enzymes.

This is a convenient way to get the benefits of fermented foods if you don’t like the more-traditional means of consumption like, say, eating sauerkraut.

Gut Shots come in a variety of great flavors like smoked jalapeno, garlic dill pickle, ginger beet and kimchi.

Just like the name says, all it takes is slamming down a small 2-ounce shot of the liquid to reap the benefits that gut-friendly fermented vegetables provide.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is simply made by simmering the bones and ligaments of animals. This process releases healing compounds like collagen, proline, glycine and glutamine, which all have the power to transform your health.

Studies show that gelatin in bone broth is beneficial for:

  • Restoring strength of the gut lining
  • Fighting food sensitivities (such as wheat or dairy)
  • Helping with the growth of helpful bacteria
  • Supporting healthy inflammation levels in the digestive tract.

Bone broth has been used for thousands of years to cure many digestive issues such as leaky gut, diarrhea and constipation.

The benefits of bone broth reach far beyond just gut health, though.

Bone broth protects your joints, improves your skin, helps you sleep better, strengthens your bones, increases your energy, and so much more.

Up until now, the only way to reap the benefits of bone broth was to buy the bones and boil them yourself.

But in the past couple years, single-serving, portable bone broths have hit the market.

My favorite comes from the company EPIC, who makes a ready-to-heat Bone Broth in beef jalapeno, homestyle savory chicken, and turkey cranberry sage flavors.

Health practitioner Dr. Josh Axe recently released the first Bone Broth Protein as well, with 20 servings in a portable container.

All three of these options above provide easy and delicious ways to improve your gut health, and maintain an optimal gut biome, starting today.

I would love to know your own experiences with gut-health-promoting foods and drinks by leaving a comment below. Have you ever used any of these products before? Do you have any other suggestions for your fellow readers? Let us know!

Happy and healthy investing,
Brad Hoppmann

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  1. Eating Directly Off the Pesticide Free Tree or Plant is a great option. Living bacteria that live on and help Living things in their life cycle are what I want. You can keep your processed and pharma’d and fermented companies (quite lucrative) in your IRA, but keep their products out of my gut.
    Ideally, I limit animal products in my diet to 1 small portion a day. Ammonia permeability/ leaky gut and increased inflammation seem to be tied to these items. I completely dismiss the suggested dietary requirements of the government, food industry, advertising industry and fads and I eat what is vital and life giving.

  2. Save leftover bones from any meal in the freezer. When you have enough to fill a pot, simmer your bones in enough water to cover them, with 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, six hours to a whole day. The vinegar helps draw out the nutrients. Season with herbs and vegetables that you like. Voila, homemade bone broth. (It’s very easy if you use a crock pot.)

  3. I’ve been making my own kombucha for about a year now. It’s WAY cheaper than commercial which can be $3.00 per bottle. That’s a lot if you drink one a day. It’s pretty easy to make. Check out a book on fermentation. Sauerkraut is another good food for gut health. Also easy to make yourself.

  4. Thank you for a very informative article. I enjoy these kind of articles because they increase my knowledge of what is available for me to consider in my continuing health. I am 71 years old and still very healthy and active.

    I am also interested in producing my own sources of probiotics. You discuss the benefits of Kombucha, but it is quite a long process to make this, so I have not yet attempted this.

    My favorite, and much easier to make, is Kefir. This produces results in 24 hours, is delicious, and, from what I read, produces the greatest variety of beneficial probiotics and enzymes. Unfortunately, this will be no good for those who choose a non-dairy diet. It will also require you to find a source of kefir grains ….. shop bought “kefir” is NOT Kefir, it is a fermented milk product using just a few selected bacteria/enzymes.

    I will certainly be looking into making bone broth. After reading your comments above, it definitely seems such a waste to throw all of my bones away, and it sounds like it will be delicious.

  5. Thanks for a very interesting read. We believe that adding prebiotic fiber to your daily consumption of probiotics is a great way to balance your guts as prebiotics nourish the bacteria naturally found in your gut. We are the first to have launched an organic fruit and veggie snack with plant-based prebiotic fiber. I have two everyday with my supplements of probiotics and feel awesome 🙂

    Founder of Energyfruits

  6. Excellent- I consume all of these products daily. I would add Tula’s Coco Kefir (if you can find it – I’ve only seen it in MN health food stores).

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