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May 28
Boost your productivity by 46% using this simple hack
A Texas A&M finds that we could boost our work productivity by nearly 50% if we just take a stand -- literally. Here are even more ways a treadmill desk can boost your health. Read More
May 27
Yellen Speaks, Readers React…
Fed Chair Yellen confirmed a possible summer rate hike if it's "appropriate." So, how did markets react? Basically, they didn't. Read More
May 27
NO to forced unionization!
Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker's right-to-work law could end up with him in another recall election. Yet, you'd be surprised how many presidential hopefuls are in favor of this kind of forced unionization. Read More
May 26
Is the World Close to a 2008-Like Crisis?
Is the world close to a 2008-like financial crisis? Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe makes a comparison that warrants a closer look. Read More
May 26
It’s Time to Take Profits in This Once-Overlooked Sector
Everyone is bullish on defensive stocks like $GD, $RTN and $NOC. It's hard to find anyone who is bearish these days. And that's usually a signal to take profits and run. Read More
May 25
3 Signs to Tell Us if a Bull Market is Back
Does the price action in stocks mean a new bull is on Wall Street? Here are three signs to tell if the next leg is going to be bullish. Read More
May 25
Change the Day of the Week You Buy Gas and Save — and Other Pump-Saving Tricks
Pulling up to the gas pump on a Tuesday or Wednesday could save you $75 a year in some cities. Here are even more ways to save money on gas prices. Read More
May 24
No More Valedictorians? Bye, Bye, Excellence…
Wake County, N.C., principals want to do away with valedictorians due to "unhealthy competition." This creates an unhealthy environment for achievement. Read More
May 24
Is a bank or broker shortchanging you?
With rates near zero, many savers are losing money. So are investors who get nickel-and-dimed on "load fees" before their broker even makes the first trade with their cash! Read More
May 23
The ‘Biggest Loser’ Scandal & the Weight Loss Dark Side
"Biggest Loser" contestants say they were encouraged to take diet drugs like Adderall and "yellow jackets," starve, lie about their weight loss, and throw up. Read More
May 23
It’s Time to Start Making Money in Currencies Again
Currencies are heating up again thanks to China, emerging markets and interest rates. And if you trade the U.S. dollar, rather how it will fare against other currencies, you'll literally be following the money right now. Read More
May 21
Is this popular painkiller destroying your sense of empathy?
If someone asks whether you've taken a cranky pill today, say yes! They might have to excuse any lack of empathy if you took Tylenol or another form of acetaminophen. Read More
May 20
Hedgies Sell While ‘Doom and Gloom’ Buys
Hedge funds are running away from stocks. Meanwhile, a doom-and-gloom prophet likes stocks right now. So, what the heck is going on? Read More
May 20
Do You Remember Moving to the Nanny State?
While the national election grabs headlines, local lawmakers are turning neighborhoods into nanny states. See how four are chipping away at their citizens’ ever-dwindling privacy. Read More
May 19
How to Avoid the ‘Tyranny of Compound Costs’
Index-investing maven John Bogle says investors must avoid the "tyranny of compound costs." But is this "investing math" really a worry? Read More
May 19
Here’s Why Stocks Could Pull Back 15% Over the Next Few Months
Stanley Druckenmiller says stocks could fall sharply from here and investors should buy gold. Here's what else you can do if stocks pull back 15% from here. Read More
May 18
The Fed Gives a Rate Hike Heads-Up
The Fed is still the wild card capable of turning markets inside out, and we saw that with the release of the April FOMC minutes. Read More
May 18
Should the Investment World Be Run by Women?
Vanguard analysts found women outperformed men by 3% during the 2008-'09 financial crisis in their IRAs. It pays to "invest like a girl"! Read More
May 17
Prepare for a Cruel Summer for Stocks
Are stocks in for a cruel summer? That's the opinion of a trio of big investment banks, including Bank of America, Goldman and JPMorgan. Read More
May 17
5 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score
The FICO score that lenders use in 90% of credit decisions may not accurately reflect your creditworthiness. Here are five ways to boost your credit score. Read More
Portrait of a cheerful senior business man in an office
May 16
Why are So Many Saying ‘No’ to Retirement?
BLS data shows that more Americans are opting to continue working past age 65. That's the highest number since the country first enacted Medicare. Read More
May 16
Why the ‘Pros’ Will Probably be Wrong About China Again
Some big investors blew it big-time betting on China. Now that China's showing strength, they're betting against it. But perhaps they shouldn't. Yet. Read More
May 14
Zika Virus Threatens 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Tourism
Harvard scientists say the Zika virus could spark a "full-blown health disaster" at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, set for Aug. 5-21 in Brazil's capital city. Read More
Discounted merchandise signs are displayed in stores in Tampa, Florida on Thursday, May 1, 2008. Ryan K Morris/Bloomberg News.
May 13
The Retail Rout Rolls On
Retail is in a world of hurt as consumers move from department stores to sellers like Amazon ($AMZN). Investors may want to buy some $XRT puts to play the trend. Read More
May 13
Let’s cut tax-happy Congressmen off at the knees!
Did you know that Social Security benefits are taxed, and once again middle-income Americans get hit the hardest? We think it’s time Washington provides tax relief for middle-income seniors. If you agree, here’s what you can do TODAY … Read More
Gold chart variations with earth map. All in gold.
May 12
The World’s Insatiable Golden Appetite
World Gold Council data showed a 21% spike in gold buying last quarter amid 'swirling uncertainty.' So, what can we expect next for gold? Read More
May 12
Why Hyatt is My Favorite Stock Idea from the Ira Sohn Conference
The talk of the Ira Sohn investment conference was Hyatt ($H). The hotelier caters to high-end consumers and business travelers, and its stock is heading higher because of it. Read More
May 11
Hillary the Tortoise vs. Trump the Hare
Want to invest like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Clinton uses an index fund. Trump prefers hedge funds. The differences reveal a lot about the candidates' characters. Read More
May 11
Sell in May and Go Away? Not This Year! Here’s Why …
The "Sell in May" strategy is weakest during presidential election years. And we've had an unusual November-May leading up to it. Those are two big reasons not to sit this season out. Read More
May 10
Don’t You Forget About Mister Softee
Microsoft ($MSFT) just hit a fiscal milestone: $1 trillion in all-time revenue. It joins Apple ($AAPL) in that club but far surpasses the iPhone maker in profits. Read More
May 10
4 Ways You Can Fish for, and Net, Some Great Stocks
The Internet has brought stock screening to the masses, and it's easier than ever to fish for good valuation, cash flow, profit margins and low debt. Read More
May 09
Does Testosterone Cause Stock Market Bubbles?
Are high testosterone and cortisol levels responsible for stock market bubbles? New research indicates the answer could be "yes." Read More
man stretching out credit card to buy goods in front of complete wavy national flag of china
May 09
From Sigmund Freud to China
Sigmund Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays, helped usher in the consumer class. But a similar debt-driven system isn't working as planned in China. Read More
May 07
Do you have the attention span of a goldfish?
The average human's attention span is down to 8 seconds, compared to a goldfish's at 9 seconds. Smartphones and information overload are to blame. Read More
May 06
A Week Fit for a Polymath
What makes the Afternoon Edition such a great forum is that it's not just me telling you what I think. It's also what you have to say. Read More
May 06
What is the U.S. economy telling us?
There are deep cracks in the economy that could halt the market's next move higher. Read More
May 05
No More 500-Euro Bills for You, Dear Citizen
The European Central Bank just moved to put the kibosh on high-denomination cash, specifically the 500-euro "bin Laden" note. And that's good for gold. Read More
May 05
If You’re Within 20 Years of Retirement, It Might PAY to Read This
Forget retiring in Florida or overseas. A new survey of pre-retirees says states like Virginia, South Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa and Michigan suit them better. Read More
May 04
Bill Gross Now Wants ‘Helicopter Money’
In his Investment Outlook, Bill Gross raised more than a few eyebrows with his call for greater government stimulus via "helicopter money." Read More
Cash Money Going Down Sink Drain Isolated on White Background.
May 04
‘Mr. Pink’ Warns of Hedge Fund Washout
There's trouble in hedge fund land, as they lose billions and close their doors at a record rate. Even the star money managers are struggling. And ETFs are benefiting from those outflows. Read More
May 03
It’s the Rich Who Jump Ship the Fastest
Paper shows investors from the highest income group bailed out of stocks disproportionately during the worst of the financial crisis. Read More
Rear viwe of relax business man sit on chair and watch growth arrow cloud, business concept, asian people
May 03
The Best Annuity Available Today?
New rules ended some of my favorite Social Security filing strategies. But future filers still have options available to delay benefits and enjoy the best "annuity" available today. Read More
May 02
Is Puerto Rico About to Go Bust?
Puerto Rico will not make a $422 million debt payment due today. This marks a new level of worry over the commonwealth's fiscal crisis. Read More
May 02
What in the World is China Smoking?
It's time to talk about China's debt problem. Expectations seem ripe for reversal. And concerns about China's bad debt and superficial growth could be just the catalyst to do it. Read More
Apr 30
Deadly sugar discovered to alter hundreds of genes in your brain
Fight fructose with fish oil. A new UCLA study links fructose with brain disease. Researchers also found that DHA can help reverse cell damage caused by added sugars. Read More
Apr 29
Jeff Bezos and the Game-Changing Brain ($AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos became $6 billion richer today, thanks to a big rise in the share price of his game-changing brainchild. Read More
Apr 29
It’s Time to Start Hedging
Risk is at a high level that could have force a larger downturn than normal. Here are several hedging strategies that can help you give your stock portfolio a "hedged edge." Read More
Apr 28
ExxonMobil Gets a Credit Haircut
ExxonMobil ($XOM) just had its credit rating cut by Standard & Poor's. Does this reflect just oil prices, or are the agencies changing? Read More
Apr 28
How to Make Money Investing in the $500 Billion Robotics Industry
Robotics is a $500 billion megatrend where small stocks in the medical, automotive, electronics and food & beverage industries could get a big piece of the action. Read More
Apr 27
The Fed Fades While Apple Tastes Bitter
The Fed decision on rates and Apple's historic earnings miss dominated market news. Plus, your feedback on recent topics such as Prince, Goldman Sachs. Read More
Apr 27
6 Big Reasons to Own Tiny Stocks
Sometimes, it pays to think small. Here are six reasons why owning microcaps and small-cap stocks can offer investors a sizable advantage over buying mid- and large caps. Read More
Apr 26
Goldman: A Penny-Plus for Your Cash
Goldman Sachs will pay you 1.05% on every dollar you save with them. Why so generous? The answer is all about new regs and big bonuses. Read More
Apr 26
Social Security: Time almost gone to act!
May 1 is just around the corner. After that day, several popular Social Security file-and-suspend strategies will no longer be available to retirees and near-retirees. Read More
Apr 25
Wills and Estate Plans aren’t Just Fit for a Prince
Music icon Prince left behind no children, spouse or estate plan before his death at age 57. Now a court may have to decide what happens to his millions. Read More
Apr 25
Should You Prepare for the Yen Carry Trade Rewind?
Markets have sort of become one big currency carry trade. And the technical picture in USD/JPY looks buy-worthy. Read More
Apr 23
A new health threat that could kill more than cancer
People are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics for some of the most common injuries and infections. A terrified IMF is says we need a cure for the current cures. Read More
excited business man raise hands with money rain background
Apr 22
Are Investors Becoming Way Too Optimistic?
E*Trade ($ETFC) tracks sentiment among experienced stock investors. They say they have high optimism about the "dazed and confused" market in Q2. Read More
Apr 22
Another Miami Condo Crash Ahead?
We all know what happened to the housing bust of the late-2000s. But in recent years, there's been a robust rebound in the Miami condo market ... but is Miami facing another condo bust? Read More
Apr 21
Compensation Nation: Big Pay, Big Meddling
The top 25 highest paying companies include consultants and technology, but curiously there wasn’t a single too-big-to-fail bank. Read More
A speedometer with needle plunging down past word Bankrupt
Apr 21
Don’t Buy Oil Stocks Without Looking at These Charts First
More than 60 oil companies have declared bankruptcy since 2015, and 175 more could follow suit. If their earnings are declining, their profits and stocks will likely follow. Read More
Apr 20
China’s Capital Flight vs. Share Buybacks
China has just cashed in all of its U.S. equity chips. Meanwhile, U.S. companies themselves are going “all in” in terms of share buybacks. Read More
Apr 20
3 Ways You Can Avoid the Next Valeant
Any investor can make a bad decision. But you can avoid mishaps of Valeant's ($VRX) magnitude. Let's walk through three of them today. Read More
An old fashioned 'Bank' sign on a building exterior. Please see also: [url=file_closeup.php?id=16363514][img]file_thumbview_approve.php?size=2&id=16363514[/img][/url]
Apr 19
Big Banks: A Microcosm of this Market
If you want to know the status of the market, look at banks. Today, Goldman Sachs (GS) reported Q1 results, and they didn’t impress. Read More
Apr 19
Winning with singles and doubles …
If swinging for the fences with stocks is your thing, great. But don't pursue grand slams at the expense of everything else. You can win bigger with frequent singles and doubles than occasional, and often elusive, home runs. Read More
Apr 18
Digesting the Dip from the Doha Dud
Over the weekend oil traders, equity investors and just about everyone eagerly awaited the OPEC and Non-OPEC meeting in Doha, Qatar. Read More
Apr 18
Gold is Still the Old Normal
The new normal isn't that new. Gold is still the best way to measure the money-value of currency. Read More
Apr 16
Leg Strength: The Key to Longevity No One is Talking About
The strength of your legs has been found to be a key predictor of your longevity, both how long you will live and the quality of life as you age. Read More
Apr 15
Welcome to the Teenage Job Wasteland
Is the teen job a thing of the past? Judging by the statistics, the answer could very well be "yes." Welcome to the teenage job wasteland. Read More
Apr 15
Airline Stocks: Take Flight Without Ever Leaving Home
Delta ($DAL) had a great Q1. If you want your portfolio to fly higher, consider buying that stock or even an ETF like the U.S. Global Jets ($JETS). Read More
Apr 14
Bernie’s Very Dangerous Rhetoric
This presidential election is filled with the silliest political rhetoric I've ever heard. Yet one statement from Bernie Sanders really stands out as the worst. Read More
** FILE ** In this March 5, 2008 file photo, workers labor at a stockpile of steel in Hangzhou in east China's Zhejiang province. China, the biggest threat from the U.S. crisis is to the exports that have powered its growth. A slowdown in China would also ripple through the global economy, possibly prolonging the slump, as Chinese demand falls for goods ranging from Australian iron ore to factory equipment from the United States, Europe and Japan. (AP Photo, File) ** CHINA OUT **
Apr 14
Why Big Money is Pouring into This Left-For-Dead Sector
2015 was a rough year to own steel stocks. But they've risen from the dead in 2016 and keep heating up. Buy stocks like Steel Dynamics ($STLD) while you still can! Read More
Apr 13
28 Classified Pages America Deserves to Read
Calls ramp up to declassify the "28 pages" of documents pertaining to the troubling Saudi involvement in the 9/11 terror attacks. Read More
Apr 13
Are You Happy With Your Online Broker?
You can't control the markets. But you can control your brokerage costs, make more trades, get air miles and even enjoy a cash bonus in some cases. Read More
Apr 12
The Zika Virus is Coming to Your Neighborhood
The Zika virus is back, and the CDC says the situation is "scarier than we initially thought." Read More
Apr 12
Questions on Social Security, tax rebates, and more …
Want to owe the tax man less and maybe even take home more than you expected? If you're at or near retirement age, we have several ideas. Read More
Apr 11
Global Misery: ‘No End in Sight’
The World Bank says there is "no end in sight" to the current global economic situation, and that a "dull, throbbing slowdown" is upon us. Read More
Apr 11
Inside the Fed’s Alternate Reality
The Fed creates an alternate reality, one they can control. And the more we believe it, the truer it becomes. Read More
Apr 09
4 nutrient-packed mushrooms to super-boost your health
Each "super" mushroom on its own could boost your health. But our ultimate mushroom blend could provide you with a wide range of benefits. Read More
Apr 08
Stirring Up Discontent on Banks, Regs & Taxes
We stirred up the pot with stories on offshore banks, regulation nation and on America being far too overtaxed. Here are your responses. Read More
Apr 08
The Stock Market & Presidential Elections
If it comes down to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump in the general election, history tells us that the stock market does better under Democratic presidents. Read More
Apr 07
When Taxes Cost You More than Bare Necessities
Feeling overtaxed? The Tax Foundation says Americans will collectively spend more on taxes than on the bare necessities of life in 2016. Ouch! Read More
Apr 07
Huge Opportunity in This ‘Future Predicting’ Sector
Predicting the future is one of the biggest trends in technology. And several little stocks are finding new ways to use big data for huge profits. Read More
Apr 06
Regulation Nation: Feds Target Inversions, Advisers
New rules on tax inversions, and new regulations for financial advisers, are reverberating through the corporate world, and the financial industry. Read More
Apr 06
‘Investing’ in Charities
Want your charitable donations to keep on giving? Something called impact investing can pay you back for paying it forward. Read More
Apr 05
Big Banks the Biggest Stars in Panama Papers
Turns out the biggest stars in the leaked Panama Papers documents are many of the world’s biggest and most prominent financial institutions. Read More
Apr 05
When Uncle Sam Wants Your Dividends
Looking for favorable tax treatment on your dividends? Uncle Sam has different rules for different kinds of distributions. And the federal government sure wants its share. Read More
Apr 04
‘Panama Papers’ Link Putin, Global Elites & Corruption
The Panama Papers give us new insight into the extent and sordid affiliations offshore banking. And there's a whole lot of dirt on a whole lot of rich global elites. Read More
Apr 04
Commodities’ “Head-Smashed-In”
Investors have pushed commodities off a cliff. But crude oil and copper may have even more downside ahead. Read More
Apr 02
Naturally defeat allergies this springtime
Avoid the doctor and skip the expensive over-the-counter allergy meds. We have five natural ways to combat allergy symptoms that you can use all year long. Read More
Apr 01
Elon Musk’s Dream is One Step Closer to Reality
Elon Musk and Tesla Motors (TSLA) just revealed its latest superstar, and its name is the Model 3. Here's why it's a game-changer. Read More
Three business people collaborate on work in a blue binder. Horizontal shot. [url=][IMG][/IMG][/url]
Apr 01
What Isn’t the Fed Telling Us?
Little is crystal-clear where the Fed is concerned. But it was never going to hike interest rates four times this year. There's no chance of a hawkish Fed in 2016. But why? Read More
Mar 31
Is This Another Venture Capital Bubble?
Venture capitalism is alive and well. Startup investing is at highs not seen since the dot-com bubble days. Read More
Mar 31
How to Make Triple-Digit Returns in Today’s Market
Yamana Gold (AUY) has soared 70% in six months' time. And it could easily have another 40% more upside in store. Read More
Mar 30
Is Miami the Canary of the Real Estate Coal Mine?
Miami is a beautiful place. The restaurants, nightclubs, cultural milieu and upscale vibe give the city a Latin-inspired sense of luxury, energy and excitement that … Read More
Mar 30
Sage Advice for a ‘King’
If you want a slam-dunk strategy even LeBron James would be proud of, consider how his friend Warren Buffett invests. Even better, follow our ETF take on it by buying $ITOT or $SCHB. Read More
Mar 29
What to Make of the Fed’s Recent Flip-Flop
Four Fed officials essentially did a 180-degree turn from FOMC's flip-flop. Welcome to the schizophrenic world of the Federal Reserve. Read More
Mar 29
Retiring Abroad: Ever Thought About It?
Something to think about ... Spending your golden years in a foreign country. Read More
Mar 28
How the Elites Made Your Dollar Less Valuable
A secret meeting at the G-20 in Shanghai just caused the value of the dollars in your pocket to be worth less than they were before. Read More
Mar 28
What to Do with the 4 Winners I Gave You
Weyerhaeuser ($WY), Nucor ($NUE), PolyOne ($POL) and Applied Materials ($AMAT) have risen 34%, 16%, 17% and 20% since we published them. It's time to take profits. Read More
Mar 26
New study proves organic meat is better for you
Organic meats, milk and eggs may be better for you than non-organic. They offer up to 50% more Omega-3 fatty acids. These "good fats" offer many physical and mental health benefits. Read More
Mar 25
A 14% approval rating, and darn proud of it!
Appointing a Supreme Court justice isn't the only thing Paul Ryan and his fellow Senators are punting. They aren't in a rush to pass a budget, either, for the fiscal year that starts Oct. 1 Read More
Mar 24
What Can Millennials Teach Us About Investing?
What can millennial investors teach baby boomers about investing? As it turns out, the answer is a lot — and vice versa. Read More
Mar 24
GE: This Once ‘Old and Boring’ Industrial Still Has Huge Upside
Last year I said to sell Apple and buy General Electric. Since then, $AAPL is down 30% and $GE is up 25%. If you want growth and dividends, stick with GE stock. Read More
Mar 23
‘Rich Dad’ Says Stocks are Ready to Plummet
Robert Kiyosaki is still out there giving investment advice, and he's predicting that 2016 will see the worst stock market crash in history. Read More
Mar 23
The ‘In the KNOW’ ETF
Corporate insiders know their businesses and industries better than anyone. And the Direxion All Cap Insider Sentiment Shares ETF ($KNOW) makes it a point to know THEM. Read More
Mar 22
Don’t React to Brussels in Your Portfolio
When terror strikes, investors want to take action. But, this is the wrong tack to take, and Wall Street now understands this, too. Read More
Mar 22
Get schooled on Coverdell ESAs…
Coverdell Education Savings Accounts function like Roth IRAs for young students. Here are a few reasons why they beat 529 plans hands-down. Read More
Mar 21
Does Your Portfolio Have a High ‘Reputation Quotient’?
Does your portfolio have a good "Reputation Quotient"? It may if you own the stocks of companies with the best reputations in a new Harris Poll. Read More
Golden dollar sign breaking through the wall of money
Mar 21
Gold Just Punched Me in the Face
Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. And it hit a short-term gold short idea pretty hard … for now. But it's still scary to go long gold right now. Read More
Mar 19
Your 5-Step Springtime Cold-Fighting Protocol
Echinacea, Black Elderberry Syrup, NAC, Vitamin C and Lactoferrin can help you prevent an oncoming cold and help you fight an existing one. Read More
Mar 18
Readers Hit the Hot Buttons
Politics isn't everyone's cup of tea. But economists and readers have strong opinions about Trump, Sanders, Clinton, Cruz, Kasich, etc. Read More
Happy business man with a bundle of American currency
Mar 18
Fear, Greed & Even More Gains Ahead
The market should move higher from here before we see a pullback. Investor greed is high, and it will really kick in as the fear of missing out becomes too great. Read More
Mar 17
Economist Calls Trump Top Global Risk
If you were to make a list of the biggest risks facing the world today, would you call out GOP frontrunner Donald Trump as one of the top 10? Read More
Mar 17
It’s Time to Buy America’s Most Hated Sector
Natural gas use should surpass coal and oil in the coming years. But fewer companies are drilling for it (fracking) right now. This could help propel several "hated" stocks higher. Read More
Mar 16
The Fed’s Dovish Talk, and More Reader Response
The Fed has spoken, and they told the world today that expectations for rate hikes this year are now half as much as they were yesterday. Read More
Mar 16
This ‘Bridesmaid Strategy’ Beats the Market by 5% Per Year
Leuthold's bridesmaid investment strategy dates back to 1973: Buy last year's second-best performer & hold for 12 months. In 2016, consider courting T-bonds and healthcare. Read More
Mar 15
What’s at Stake on This Super Tuesday 2.0
It's Super Tuesday 2.0. With a lot of delegates on the line, we look at why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders dominate the free (or managed) trade conversation. Read More
Mar 15
Your Questions on Retirement Accounts
When you leave an employer, what should you do with your 401(k) plan? You have many options, like starting a money market IRA. Read More
Mar 14
Chess Champ Kasparov Talks Socialism & Capitalism
Chess champ Gary Kasparov lived through socialism in Russia. He says freedom and capitalism are the real solution to a stagnant economy in search of job growth. Read More
Mar 14
Hindsight Squared: My Take After Europe, New Zealand Cut Rates
Europe and New Zealand cut interest rates. Look for another cut from Australia, and consider the ProShares UltraShort Australian Dollar ($CROC) as a way to play it. Read More
Mar 12
This Natural Treatment Aims to Help Fight Alzheimer’s
Withanamides, derived from the plant Ashwagandha, have been shown to fight the progression of, and even prevent, Alzheimer's. Read More
Mar 11
The Root of the Trump, Sanders Appeal
Ever wonder why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have been so successful? It’s because both are touching on truth about trade. Read More
Mar 11
Is this market rally for real?
The bull market turned 7, and the party was low-key. If the rally is for real, energy and financials could help keep the celebration going. But that's a big "if." Read More
Mar 10
The Iranians Aren’t Going to Stop Oil Production
Iran isn't about to stop oil production, especially not after decades of economic sanctions. A new steel pipe deal with Russia is part of the proof. Read More
Mar 10
The Beat-Down in Biotech Stocks is Not Over
Biotechs got beaten-down 22% since I told you to sell your stocks in that sector. And with presidential candidates on the attack, pharmas big and small face even bigger troubles ahead. Read More
Mar 09
The Secret Bid That’s Shining Gold
The ECB and U.S. may want to take big bills out of circulation. This chatter is giving a secret bid to gold as investors swap cash for bullion. Read More
Mar 09
Americans Say a ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’ is Their Biggest Fear
Americans fear a cyber Pearl Harbor. One way to profit from the $400 billion cyber security business is with $HACK, an "ETF for the people." Read More
Mar 08
What Investors Can Learn from Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning retired from the NFL at the top. But what I like most is not his success, but the way in which he achieved that success. Read More
Mar 08
Why I no longer like Roth IRAs
You can still fund an IRA until April 15th for the previous tax year. To go for maximum tax savings, consider a self-directed, SEP or Solo IRA instead of a Roth. Here's why. Read More
Mar 07
This Could Be the Biggest ‘Negative’ for Banks
Negative interest rates hurt banks and financial stocks. But lower net interest margins (NIM) are a rabbit hole central banks are falling deeper into. Read More
Mar 07
This Historic Chart (Still) Foreshadows a Stock Market Surge
If you're a nimble investor and prudent with risk controls, you can buy the market right now with the initial intent of making some short-term profits on a test of the highs. Read More
Mar 05
Exercise more for better mental health
Exercise uses sugar and carbs to create more neurotransmitters in your brain. This goes a long way in combating stress and depression, as well as burning calories. Read More
Mar 04
Big Demand, Transaction Delays for Cash Alternative Bitcoin
Bitcoin has technical issues that have caused big delays. This could spell the end of the promising cryptocurrency as we know it. Read More
Mar 04
How to Play This Aging Bull Market
Investors are speculating less than ever. They are buying "safety" -- stocks with strong balance sheets and dividends. This is a sign of a bull market in its latter stages. Read More
Mar 03
5 Bits of Wisdom from Buffett’s 2016 Annual Letter
Warren Buffett served up his annual plate of advice for investors via the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letter. Here's my analysis. Read More
Mar 03
This Unloved Retailer Has Huge Upside Potential
Based on these concerns, most analysts expected J.C. Penney (JCP) to also report weak earnings. After all, the department store chain has underperformed the market for years. Read More
3d person, going to a fork of three roads. Objects over white
Mar 02
The Fed Story vs. Reality
When it comes to the markets and the economy, the Fed has one story to tell. Unfortunately, market reality tells a very different tale. Read More
Traffic on a Busy City Street
Mar 02
A Pilot — or Co-Pilot — for Stormy Weather
The Pacer Trendpilot 750 ($PTLC) brings the "granddaddy of moving averages" (200-day SMA) to the $2 trillion ETF market. It's a rules-based momentum fund. Read More
Mar 01
Will you be the next Lyndon McLellan?
Security breaches, insider deals, rehiring the worst of the worst, bullying hard-working taxpayers … the IRS is clearly out of control. There are, however, a few political types who want to do something about it … Read More
Mar 01
Investing in Collectibles
Guns, stamps, art, wine, action figures, watches and even sports cars could be worth far more than you paid for them … and many can appreciate whether they're new or well-used! Read More
Feb 29
Protect Yourself — and Profit — from the World’s Greatest Threat
One clear-cut, optimal way to profit from the demand for cyber security is to buy the PureFunds ISE Cyber Security ETF ($HACK). Read More
Feb 29
One Anomaly, Two Currency Trades to Profit from It
You could buy GBP/JPY to play the current anomaly in the pound and yen, or use currency ETFs like the CurrencyShares British Pound ETF (FXB) and ProShares UltraShort Yen ETF (YCS). Read More
Feb 27
Fluoride classified as a neurotoxin
Neurotoxins lead to brain disorders, especially in children. And now, researchers say fluoride is contributing to the next pandemic of developmental neurotoxicity. Read More
Synthesis from dollar symbol and banking safe
Feb 26
ETF Boomtown!
Experts reveal what's behind the "ETF boomtown" in wealth management. We'll also look at six reasons why ETFs are taking market share away from mutual funds. Read More
Feb 26
Why Technicals Belong in Every Trader’s Toolbox
Technical indicators give us a clearer picture of how stocks will trade next. Understanding charts could save you thousands, if not millions, of dollars over time. Read More
Feb 25
Artificial Intelligence Comes to Life
Google X and Boston Dynamics have big plans for Atlas, the robot that is aware of its environment enough to react to it. They just upped the ante on the robotics revolution. Read More
Feb 25
Hillary Clinton Just Gave Us an Opportunity to Make Triple-Digit Returns
Hillary Clinton is watching misbehaving student loan companies. But Navient ($NAVI) isn't one of them. And Vanguard, BlackRock, Fidelity, State Street, Goldman and Omega agree. Read More
Feb 24
Will Your Next Burger Be Grown in a Lab?
Several startups are on the cutting edge of the cultured meat business. And taste tests show they are on the cusp of changing the culture of animal agriculture. Read More
Feb 24
‘Shark Tank’ for Stocks
Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary often tells contestants, "You're dead to me." With his O'Shares ETFs, he also says it about non-dividend-paying stocks. Read More
Feb 23
Welcome to the Ex-Billionaire Boys Club
For many Wall Street bankers and CEOs, getting kicked out of the three-comma club is a reality reflective of the tough 2016 stock market. Read More
Feb 23
The Ongoing Case for Dividend-Paying Stocks
Forget bonds. Stocks are the best income investment. The combination of capital appreciation and dividend income — total return — gives you the best of both worlds. Read More
Feb 22
What’s Behind China’s Corporate Buying Spree?
China is on a corporate buying spree, targeting $GE, $TEX, $IM, $SYT, the Chicago Stock Exchange and many more U.S. companies. Read More
Feb 22
4 Attractive Companies and Their Good-Looking …
Basic materials and commodities stocks have been on a tear lately. Weyerhaeuser ($WY), PolyOne ($POL), Nucor ($NUE) and Applied Materials ($AMAT) are looking particularly good. Read More
Feb 20
New study proves organic meat is better for you
Organic meats, milk and eggs may be better for you than non-organic. They offer up to 50% more Omega-3 fatty acids. These "good fats" offer many physical and mental health benefits. Read More
Feb 19
Is There Really Power in Positive Thinking?
Does the power of positive thinking actually have any real power at all? You can attract positive results, yes. But only if your optimism is grounded in reality. Read More
Feb 19
The Market’s Next Move Will be a Volatile One
Investor sentiment has changed since December. Traders are now using any rally to sell. That's the opposite of last year when they used the dips to buy. Read More
Feb 18
Biting Into Apple’s Fed Refusal
The battle between privacy and security is on, with Apple vs. the FBI. Which side of this issue do you embrace? Read More
Feb 18
Royalty Companies: A Safer Way to Invest in Mining
Royalty companies like Royal Gold ($RGLD), Franco-Nevada ($FNV) and Silver Wheaton ($SLV) offer one of the lone bright spots in the mining industry to play a rebound in resources. Read More
Feb 17
Apple Defies Feds, Says No to ‘Overreach’
The feds want access to the iPhone used by a San Bernardino terrorist. Apple CEO Tim Cook is not prepared to give them that access. Read More
Stacks of coins with the letters ETF isolated on white background
Feb 17
ETF Boomtown! 6 Reasons Why ETFs are Gaining Market Share
Experts reveal what's behind the "ETF boomtown" in wealth management. We'll also look at six reasons why ETFs are taking market share away from mutual funds. Read More
Feb 16
Is This the Real Cure for Cancer?
A breakthrough in the battle against blood cancer has been uncovered involving a patient's immune system T-cells to combat invading cells. Could a cure be that much closer? Read More
Feb 16
Credit Scores and Gender Inequality
Men tend to have better FICO scores than women. Why does gender inequality exist in an already questionable credit world? Read More
Feb 15
Playing Crude
The charts suggest crude oil is at a near-term bottom. A rebound would take it into the low $40s and then to the upper $40s. If you're feeling lucky, consider $USO, $UCO, $XOM and $EOG. Read More
Feb 13
There’s more than meets the eye to Valentine’s Chocolate
There’s a reason why the most-given gifts every Valentine’s Day are roses and chocolate. It’s because they work. Almost everybody loves roses and chocolate. But … Read More
Feb 12
Financial Stocks in the Crosshairs
The two Democratic Party presidential candidates squared off in Wisconsin to debate the issues last night. Rivals Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders sparred … Read More
Feb 12
What’s Going on in the Economy, Really?
When the Federal Reserve raised rates in December, it gave Americans hope that the economy was changing for the better. Unfortunately, it was false hope. Read More
Feb 11
The Global Angst Monster Gets Bigger
The global equity markets, oil market and bond yields did today what they have become so accustomed to doing in 2016. That is, make a … Read More
Feb 11
Don’t Go Bottom-Fishing Here
The market is not short on bad news these days. Oil prices continue to plummet. This is pushing every stock … Read More
Feb 10
Ms. Yellen Goes to Congress
I almost felt sorry for Fed Chair Janet Yellen today as she delivered her semi-annual Humphrey-Hawkins testimony to the House Financial Services committee. I say … Read More
Feb 10
FINRA Takes Another Bite Out of Financial Crime …
FINRA's Securities Helpline for Seniors (HELPS) answers questions about annuities, taxes, REITs, brokers and more to help protect you from financial exploitation. Read More
Feb 09
‘Big Short’ Says Banks Aren’t the Problem
Steve Eisman, who inspired "The Big Short" character Mark Baum, says we don't need to break up the banks. We need to fix the real problem of income inequality. Read More
Close up detail of a US Shares certificate with a Dividend Check and a $1 coin to represent the dividend return on money invested.
Feb 09
The only stocks to buy right now?
Rising interest rates may not be that bad for all dividend-paying stocks. Since 1954, dividend stocks outperformed non-payers 58% of the time, even in times of Fed tightening. Read More
Feb 08
Chesapeake Energy Turns Blood Red
Chesapeake Energy ($CHK) shares plummeted some 35% on rumors and speculation that the once-mighty energy firm was about to go bankrupt. Read More
Feb 08
3 Reasons to Own Gold (and these ETFs) … Soon!
Many of the larger gold miners have done a bang-up job at reducing their costs. Consider buying $IAU, $OUNZ and $GDX. Each of these ETFs offers a different kind of exposure to gold. Read More
Feb 06
Doctors caution the use of wearable health devices
Is your wearable tech device really helping you to get healthier? Doctors aren't so sure. Read More
Feb 05
Super Bowl Ads Get Financial
If you want to get away from finances this Super Bowl Sunday, you're out of luck. Fortunately, at least the financial ads are entertaining. Read More
Feb 05
Beware the Head Fake: 3 Major Market Headwinds are Still in Play
Just last year, we saw economists predicting the U.S. economy would grow at 4%. Yet, we have seen a decrease in growth over the … Read More
Feb 04
A Smirk of Defiance, or Just Dumb Hubris?
Former Turing Pharma CEO Martin Shkreli smirked and took the Fifth in front of Congress. Is this defiance or just dumb hubris? Read More
Feb 04
Chipotle Still Has Big Problems
Chipotle's ($CMG) most-loyal customers say they are staying away from the restaurant. The stock is still overvalued, even with a national investigation into E. coli in its stores. Read More
Feb 03
Are You Committing Financial Infidelity?
Financial infidelity issues sabotage otherwise-healthy relationships. It's the top "money turn-off," according to a recent survey. Read More
Feb 03
Tracking Asset Flows in 2015: Where Did the Money Go?
Big, positive international equity flows ruled in 2015. Here's where else the money flowed, from commodities to taxable bonds to long-term ETFs/mutual funds and more. Read More
Feb 02
Is This the New Global Fear Disease?
The WHO turned up the fear on the Zika virus. It designated the mosquito-born pathogen a public health emergency. Here's what it means for you and your stocks. Read More
Feb 02
When the marshmallows have all been eaten…
Retirement saving is perhaps THE biggest real-world example of delayed gratification. Don't count on the government to bail you out. Save and/or invest your marshmallows now! Read More
Feb 01
A Moment of Truth for Iowa, Markets
Tonight's Iowa caucus is a moment of truth for the presidential race. February may also be a moment of truth for the markets and where they will head. Read More
Feb 01
Score Profits in an Asset Class that Goes Nowhere
Currencies are the ultimate pressure valve of the markets. And trading them via the spot market or exchange-traded products is a good way to make a lot of money. Read More
Jan 30
Choline: Eat More of This Brain-Boosting Nutrient
Cut through brain fog with choline with some simple additions to your diet. Beef liver is best. But egg yolks can be a tastier way to improve your memory function. Read More
Jan 29
On Facts, Tax Plans and Reader Passions
After a story on the presidential candidates' tax plans, readers offered their take on my subject selection, and on the substance in the plans. Read More
Jan 29
Why Earnings Matter More Than Ever
Two weeks ago, we said that earnings season could turn markets around. Not just "good" earnings. Companies needed to beat Street expectations. And … Read More
Jan 28
The Facts on the Candidate Tax Plans
The primary races are really heating up, but what's in the candidates' respective tax plans, and is there a big difference for investors? Read More
Jan 28
Should You Buy Apple After its Historic Quarter?
If you want to buy Apple ($AAPL) after its historic quarter, consider buying put options. That's because the stock could fall another 10% before the iPhone 7 arrives in September 2016. Read More
Jan 27
The Fed Wasn’t Dovish Enough
The Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged today, but they didn't rule out a hike in March. That sent stocks tumbling down. Read More
Jan 27
Bank on this Play for Rising Rates
Markets climb about 7% the year after an inaugural Fed interest rate hike. With regional banks set to be the biggest beneficiaries of rising rates, we like the ETF $KRE. Read More
Jan 26
Trump, Time and Global Elites
GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump generates a lot of feedback among our readers. Here are your thoughts on the boisterous billionaire and the global elites in Davos. Read More
Jan 26
Create monthly income with just 3 stocks
A well-structured income portfolio can take care of all your regular bills and recurring expenditures. Read More
Jan 25
Resist the Seduction of a Market Bounce
The market may have put in a "low." But it hasn't yet put in THE low. So, try to resist the siren song of the bulls, as it could just be a head fake. Read More
Concept: Success in business. Overjoyed talented businessman with raised arms cheering in front of positiv business graph, isolated on grey background.
Jan 25
5 Contrarian Items to Keep in Mind While All H-E-Double Hockey Sticks Breaks Out
Some $8 trillion was wiped out of the world stock market in January, yes. But here are five contrarian reasons the markets could, and should, head higher from here. Read More
Older man and woman embracing on the beach
Jan 23
Valuing time over money leads to a happier life
Skip the "stuff." If you have to choose between making more money and having free time, a new study out of the University of British Columbia says time is the more valuable choice. Read More
Jan 22
Trump: The Enemy on the Right?
The National Review is blasting Donald Trump for being a menace to conservative values in its newest issue, titled "Against Trump." Read More
Jan 22
Oil, Fear and Reality
Oil has fallen 70% and taken the entire market lower. But there's a big opportunity in the destruction. That is, you can now buy the world's strongest stocks at pre-run-up prices. Read More
Jan 21
Leadership Secrets of ‘The Eagles’
The loss of another great of the music industry, Eagles guitarist and co-founder Glenn Frey, is a chance to learn a lesson in leadership. Read More
Computer keyboard keys labeled BUY and SELL
Jan 21
Stocks are a Strong Buy Based on this Market Indicator
Contrarian logic says to sell stocks when investors are confident, and buy when they are fearful. Right now, the Fear & Greed Index shows they are downright terrified to own stocks. Read More
Jan 20
Davos Fiddles While Wall Street Burns
The 2016 market sell-off provides a unique backdrop to the World Economic Forum in Davos. There, world leaders are talking about top global risks. Read More
Jan 20
A Shopping List of ‘Millennial’ and ‘Boomer’ Stocks
The greatest wealth transfer ever is under way. Over the next 30 years, $30 trillion will be passed from "Baby Boomers" to "Gen-Xers" and "Millennials." Read More
Jan 19
On ‘Rice Theory’ and China’s Collective Stimulus
China's move to stimulate its economy represents collective impulses that may, in fact, have agricultural roots, according to rice theory. Read More
Jan 19
Social Security and the Lottery: When winning is losing
So you paid your money in. And now you’re ready to collect some cash back out. But the amount you were promised on all the posters has suddenly been cut in half as various government entities claw back the money before it even hits your hands. Read More
Jan 18
Seriously, Crude Oil is Funny. Buy it before everyone else does.
Crude oil is about 70% lower than when I told my readers to prepare for trouble. But this time it's different because it's TOO low here at $30. It may be coming time to buy $USO! Read More
Jan 16
Relieve Stress naturally with the Ashwagandha herb
Studies show the Ashwagandha herb can relieve stress, anxiety and depression naturally. It also offers a variety of physical benefits, if you use the right kind. Read More
Jan 15
Broke America: Why Half of Us Only Have $1,000 to Our Names
It was another week of bloody trade, and it's probably not over yet. Plus, your feedback on why so many Americans are "broke." Read More
Concept: Success in business. Overjoyed talented businessman with raised arms cheering in front of positiv business graph, isolated on grey background.
Jan 15
This One Thing Could Turn Markets Around
Markets are off to their worst yearly start ever. Out of the first nine trading days, the broader U.S. markets have only closed higher about … Read More
Jan 14
When More Than Half Have Less than $1,000
A new survey shows that more than half of Americans have less than $1,000 in their bank accounts. That explains a lot in this election year. Read More
Jan 14
Intel Journeys from Chip-Maker to High-Growth Innovator at CES
Intel's ($INTC) latest technology blew me away at CES. It was like seeing Apple unveil its first iPad or next-gen iPhone! This boring chip-maker is back as a high-growth innovator. Read More
Jan 13
What Will It Take To Stop The Bleeding?
What will it take to stop the bleeding in stocks this year? Here are a few developments that must take place before this decline can stop. Read More
Jan 13
Can You Afford to Live to Age 142?
Don't let advances in life expectancy crimp your bottom line. Here are a few tips to help you invest for a 30-year (or more) retirement. Read More
Jan 12
The Folly of Too Much Consensus
Too much consensus is bad for truth … and your stocks may be suffering because of it. That's why contrarian indicators are often correct. Read More
Jan 12
What to buy as the market dips…
There are over 100 dividend-paying ETFs in the marketplace. But $NOBL and $SDY are two that focus on unbroken, long-term dividend growth. Read More
Jan 11
What Investors Can Learn from David Bowie
The world lost an iconic musician when David Bowie passed of cancer. This multi-talented star was even a financial innovator. The lesson of his life is one for us all. Read More
Jan 11
George Soros is Right
George Soros says 2016 feels like 2008 all over again. While that feels true, there's one reason why it won't turn out the same way. It comes down to two numbers: $225 trillion and 0.25%. Read More
Jan 09
2015 Year in Review
Here are seven of our most-popular healthy ideas, habits, foods and practices from the past year. These could help you to have your happiest and healthiest year yet. Read More
Jan 08
‘Alternative’ Thoughts on a Crazy Market
Approaching your investment picture does not have to involve stocks. I am thinking "alternative thoughts" on how to put money to work. Read More
Jan 08
Don’t Get Too Spooked by This Sell-off
The key to the market in 2016 will not be the global economy, but U.S. companies' earnings. We have a good foundation of undervalued stocks that can carry the market higher. Read More
Jan 07
Will Circuit Breakers Get Triggered on Wall Street?
China suspended its circuit-breaker system after it caused more distress than it curbed. Here's how much selling has to happen before U.S. trading is halted. Read More
Jan 07
This Industry-Leading Growth Stock Could Fall 20% This Year
Nike ($NKE) is one of the all-time great athletic apparel and footwear companies. Shares surged 31% last year. But my research suggests selling shares before they lose their stride. Read More
Jan 06
Another Harbinger of Things to Come?
Stocks picked up where they left off on Monday. And despite Tuesday’s calming session, Wednesday saw the major U.S. averages wallowing yet again in a … Read More
Jan 06
A Deeper Look at a Flat Year in Stocks
Today we look at the top 10 stocks in 2015 … and their meteoric rise from the bottom of the S&P 500 in 2014. Might today's energy losers become this year's winners? Read More
Overall view during a dress rehearsal of the opera
Jan 05
The Deep Strain of Government Distrust
Gallup found Americans consider big government the greatest threat to the future. I say this strain of distrust is reason to celebrate. Read More
Jan 05
New Year’s Resolution: Cut Your Investment Fees!
Penny stock scams, Ponzi schemes or other esoteric maneuvers are the least of your worries. Fees and expenses are eating away at your nest egg right along with just plain lousy trading ideas. Read More
Stocks price in downtrend mode indicates global economy enter recession
Jan 04
A Blood-Red Start to 2016
Stocks launched 2016 with red screens nearly across the board, thanks to bad China data. Read More
Jan 04
This Week Makes the Whole Year … And It Could Be Ugly
The first trading day of 2016 might as well be the last. In the first five days of 2015, the S&P 500 finished trading practically unchanged. Here's what we think is in store for this year. Read More
Portrait Of A Mature Man Athlete Jogging With Earphones In A City
Jan 02
Here’s to your health in 2016
It's easy to set resolutions. But your intentions have to match or else you won't reach your personal goals for 2016 and beyond. Read More
Jan 01
Our Favorite Ways to Have a Healthy & Wealthy New Year
We hope these ideas can help you improve your finances, health and general well-being. Not just now, but also long after the New Year's ball (and holiday pounds) have dropped. Read More