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For more than 40 years, Weiss Research has had one mission: To provide you with the independent analysis and insights you need to help safeguard your portfolio, grow your wealth and secure your retirement.

That’s why we created this helpful resource page to assist you in quickly finding the specific information you need most — with free reports, special investment guides and highlights of some of our most popular investment services and publications.

Receive EVERY core investment recommendation Weiss Research publishes and every core service from every one of our analysts at a substantial discount. PLUS, you get them FOREVER.

The Weiss Elite  The Weiss Elite

Free Reports:

With 118 bank failures so far this year — double last year’s pace — and a new phase of the global debt crisis unfolding virtually every day — it’s critical to get your money to safety now and protect your nest egg.

We’ve just updated our comprehensive list of 4,311 banks and S&Ls — plus life, health and annuity insurers — that we believe are at significant risk of failure. It’s called The Weiss “X” List. And you can download it here for FREE in its entirety.

Plus, to help you find a truly safe place for your money — and keep it safe — in good times and bad, you’ll also get The Weiss “A” List revealing the strongest ranked banks, thrifts and insurance companies in the U.S. that are worthy of your trust. Fortunately, there are still 962 to choose from!

This FREE report will give you shocking proof that your buying power, your quality of life and your family’s future are being quietly and callously sacrificed on the altar of political convenience.

And it will also tell you what emergency steps you must take immediately to preserve and defend your quality of life … plus, which investment opportunities are the most likely to multiply your wealth — even as the sun sets on the U.S. dollar!

Special Investment Guides:

Inside this recently issued oil report, natural resource analyst Sean Brodrick outlines the six forces bearing down on energy-dependent America.

Sean reveals everything you need to know about five stocks and two funds that have the potential to catapult higher right along with oil prices. Exactly what to buy, at what price, how much … and why.

Plus, you’ll receive regular follow-ups on each and every one of the picks — three follow-up reports in all.

All indicators are telling us that these new oil recommendations are going to soar in the months ahead. So now is the time to jump on board the investments that can protect your portfolio and help you profit.

Monthly Publications:

Safe Money was created with one goal in mind: To give individual investors the insights and recommendations they need to keep their portfolios safe and growing even in the toughest of times.

It’s your complete self-defense system — designed to help you protect every dollar you’ve scrimped to save and risked to grow …

It’s your income compass — pointing you towards investments with the potential to double or even triple your yields reliably, year after year …

It’s your own, personal B.S. detector — fearlessly exposing the wealth-destroying lies Washington and Wall Street love to tell you, while delivering the unvarnished truth nobody else will …

And it’s your financial weather vane — constantly scanning the markets to identify which specific investments you should avoid, which ones have finally hit bottom, and which ones are most likely to grow your nest egg by leaps and bounds!

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Income Superstars is dedicated to finding the best income investments available today … precisely the kind that can help you build — and maintain — a comfortable lifestyle whether you’re just getting started in the markets or already in retirement.

Better yet, you get access to choose from two powerful portfolios …

The Dividend Superstars Portfolio is a market-beating list of dividend stocks — including smaller, off-the-radar firms and some of the very best high-yielding companies on the planet!

Meanwhile, Dad’s Income Portfolio gives you the very same recommendations that Nilus is making for his own father’s real-life $100,000 retirement portfolio. And you can act on these very same recommendations two days before Nilus’ dad does!

In short, with Income Superstars you’ll never again have to accept pitiful yields from CDs or money market funds. Instead, you’ll get the kind of investment returns you deserve with the kind of safety you need.

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Stock booms go bust. Bond rallies fizzle. Paper currencies turn to dust. But demand for natural resources — food and water … oil and energy … raw manufacturing materials … and yes, precious metals — is enduring.

Larry Edelson scours the far corners of the globe to bring you unbiased profit opportunities in natural resources — personally visiting mining companies, oil and gas drillers, and agricultural producers to help you pull huge profit potential out of the ground.

You get specific natural resource investments designed to help you triple or even quadruple your money … breaking news on developments that will have a dramatic impact on energy stocks, precious metals and other investments … plus, speculative opportunities carefully selected to help you multiply your money four or five times faster!

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