U.S. Department of Energy Gets Ready For Massive
Rollout of ...


Radical new liquid gas 20-times more powerful than natural gas ... yet cuts greenhouse pollution by 20% ... with full potential to power the entire continent ...

This breakthrough fuel could reduce or even eliminate dangerous fracking in our backyards. Even better, it could make early investors extremely rich by the end of 2014!

"[This Technology] could replace all the petroleum
consumed today in the United States."

— J. Davidson
Engineering Professor,
University Of Minnesota

Dear Reader,

This is not yet in the news.

It's not written about in any of the mainstream financial publications.

In fact, this idea may sound like it is right out of a science fiction novel or movie until you've completely read through this special report.

And while some may doubt the authenticity of this groundbreaking story ... the U.S. government is getting ready to secretly roll out a radical new type of gas ...

One that's born from groundbreaking technology, flowing from the Energy Department's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, at 902 Battelle Blvd. in Richland, Wash. ... as well as other research labs across the country.

Researchers have found a way to overcome the one problem that's plagued solar power for the last 30 years ... the ability to store and transport this energy over great distances.

In short, they've discovered a way to harvest the sun's energy and turn it into a powerful liquid fuel.

At the Sandia National Laboratories, they call the process "Sunshine to Petrol ..."

" ... Liquid Solar Fuel is the end product," according to the engineers.

Some researchers like chemist Nathan Lewis, at the California Institute of Technology call it "chemical fuel."

I believe it's a game-changer on the energy landscape. It's a new era that will ransack the energy industry upside-down and could make siphoning shale gas redundant ... even useless.

And scientists at the University of Minnesota agree with me ... "It could play a key role in the energy mix of the next generation."

But what's even more shocking is that Wall Street is clueless about this groundbreaking story. Let them stay that way ...

Because by the time they catch on and the press begins to tout this technology, early investors like you could be deeply invested in the most-disruptive technology since the Internet.

Just to give you a hint, if you can remember the impact the Internet had on the wealth of just a few privileged investors who got in ahead of everyone else ...

 ... You have a pretty good idea how this game-changing fuel could potentially transform you into an energy baron.

Just imagine investing a small stake in this disruptive fuel as it's about to leave the government's research labs. While most people have no clue ...

Start with $5,000 and it could easily multiply to a $55,000 bankroll; $10,000 could quickly swell into $100,000 ...

Even if I am half-right about the impact of this revolutionary fuel, you could still potentially double your money in a mere 12 months.

And that could be a conservative estimate.

You see, Sun-Gas has left every energy type in the dust because of its groundbreaking characteristic ... as it's about to take the throne as America's favorite fuel.

"... Converts Sunlight into a
More Energy-Rich Fuel"

— Science Daily

Here's why ...

Forget the phrase "Energy Independence" that you may have heard tirelessly ... because that's only half the story.

What most Americans don't know is ... deep within political and energy circles, the top tier ... where rules are rewritten that reshape the world's energy needs ...

A new era has arrived, with a new goal called: "Clean Energy Independence."

And while solar, wind and geothermal energy have failed miserably in the past ... the birth of Sun-Gas brings clean energy independence within reach once again.

Just to give you an idea of how big this is ... Sun-Gas is made with pure water and sunlight.

Researchers at MIT's famous Nocera Lab already predict that enough energy to run a house could come from one bottle of water and sunlight.

And if you think this is some pie-in-the-sky illusion, then you're missing out on one of the most lucrative moneymaking developments in America's history.

For starters, Sun-Gas is solidly backed by $3.4 million in government research money.

It's 20-times richer than natural shale gas and produces the same amount of energy with less fuel.

But what you're about to read next is basically a Godsend.

Sun-Gas produces 20% less greenhouse pollution than natural gas, according to MIT Technology Review ... "At a cost that's competitive with traditional fossil fuel power," adds government engineer Bob Wegeng.

Over the next few minutes, I'll show you exactly how Sun-Gas is made ...

I'll also show you how the first phase of a massive Sun-Gas rollout is already in the works, and how it will change America's energy sector and could make early backers ridiculously wealthy ...

And what about all the cheap gas (for now) that's stored across the U.S.?

I'll tell you all about that too, shortly ...

Because Sun-Gas gas will be used to power cities and help Americans breathe cleaner air.

It will power cars, planes, and heat homes in the winter. Truly, it's groundbreaking stuff.

The characteristic of any disruptive technology of this nature is its profound global impact and how it will alter the way we live ... and solve problems.

Pretty much the way the automobile changed the way Americans travelled in the early 1900s, or how the Internet created its own virtual world and transformed nearly every industry on the planet all in one fell swoop.

Some may try to doubt Sun-Gas' impact ...

But when a disruptive technology comes into your space, if it's not embraced ... the people who cling to the past get rolled over and miss out on the greatest creation of wealth.

In the next few minutes, you'll see how to get the name and ticker symbol of one company involved in this technology ... whose share price could soon be well out of reach, and potentially make you wealthy beyond anything you can imagine.

Why I Qualify to Tell You About
Sun-Gas ...

For one, I'm not easily blurred or excited by any potential investment.

I don't follow the crowd. That's because 9-out-of-10 investors get it wrong 95% of the time.

I've been in this business long enough to be able to weed out lagging investments from potential 10-baggers.

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James DiGeorgia

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Well if you've had to pay for oil or even gasoline anytime in the last few years, you know just how on-the-money my predictions were.

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Today, I'm the Editor of Global Resource Hunter, an investment research publication, published by Uncommon Wisdom Daily, a division of Weiss Research — one of the world's leading independent financial publishing firms.

Our sole purpose is to research and furnish our readers with investment commodity breakthroughs that other analysts and other mainstream financial outfits can't and won't cover.

Of course, I don't intend to blow my own trumpet on my achievements. I only hint at them to show I've been an investor for the last four decades ... trading and investing in gold, silver, oil, gas, grains and other natural resources.

I'm not some fly-by-night, easily amazed "guru" trying to make a quick buck.

In fact I don't NEED a quick buck.

I love what I do ... finding great investments and making lot of extra cash from those big ideas.

Today one such idea — Sun-Gas — fell right into our lap, and it will trigger a new wave of millionaires, and even billionaires.

Let me give you all the details so you understand the impact Sun-Gas will have on America and the world.

The Secret Plan to Mix Water
and Sunlight for Energy

A decade ago, with no announcement or fanfare, various branches of the military and the Department of Energy (DOE) secretly set out to harness the power of the best brains in the country to brew a new clean energy formula that would be used in America.

They simply knocked on the doors of major research labs across the country and asked scientists to develop their own prototypes to help speed up the process.

Not only that ... but the DOE threw big money behind the projects. And they weren't the only government agency to do so.

Not by a long shot.

The U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research began to plough millions into the coffers of the research lab at Princeton University in one instance.

Scientists went to work right away, locked the lab doors behind them, and shut the world away.

The plan? Reopen the doors years later when a cleaner and useable liquid fuel was hatched.

In the meantime ...

... Coal power plants loaded grey smog into the sky while sick Americans filed lawsuits against them.

... The shale revolution in the Marcellus Formation and Barnett in Texas made the news thrusting shale gas into the spotlight.

Fast-forward to today, a decade later, the scientists have swung open the white laboratory doors again, beaming with pride and satisfied egos ...

The Birth of Sun-Gas ...

For the first time in the history of the world ... mankind has created a new type of gas.

... The lab of chemist Andrew Bocarsly at Princeton is deeply involved in intensifying research that transforms the energy from sunlight into liquid fuel by taking carbon dioxide, and fusing it with hydrogen so that they split from water.

... A new prototype developed by the team at the University of Colorado — Boulder converts sunshine and water directly into useable fuel.

... University of Minnesota researchers are using concentrated light energy equal to — get this — 3,000 suns, to find the most-efficient way to convert carbon dioxide and water into Sun-Gas.

Other scientists are working on different designs using different materials ... like the Sandia Lab team in New Mexico who estimates that they could make diesel or jet fuel for roughly 10 bucks per gallon.

If this isn't revolutionary and disruptive, I don't know what is ...

But perhaps the most-daring of all, and the leaders blazing the trail are the DOE's own scientists at the Northwest National Laboratory who developed their own technology to combine solar energy and water.

How does it work?

The system uses parabolic mirrors that capture the sun's thermal energy at high temperatures and transfer the heat into a chemical reactor.

With several heat exchangers that mix water, carbon-monoxide and hydrogen, the result is Sun-Gas ... capable of offsetting the need for much fossil fuel.

Unlike natural gas where you have to drill and dig and fracture the earth to get a decent amount, Sun-Gas is easy to make using just the power of the sun processed through a state-of-the-art mechanical system that uses just water ...

Yet produces gas that's 20-times cleaner and richer than original shale gas.

How does Sun-Gas compare to other green energy forms like solar and wind?

While other green energies create a healthy breathing atmosphere for us and our children, they've been a sheer failure for the most part.

In reality, you'll need thousands of solar panels to power up a tiny neighborhood, let alone New York City.

You just can't depend on the wind either to do the job. You need a steady and reliable supply of wind to turn those 100-foot turbines.

But perhaps the biggest shortfall is this: You can't use either solar or wind energy to power cars or planes or to heat your home.

Green energy over the last few decades has been a pipe dream.

Until now!

Alas, the day of salvation has arrived ... at a time when most people only know about shale gas.

The Ushering in of Sun-Gas and What it Means for Your Retirement

That's why I am rushing this report to you. It's timely and requires your immediate attention.

Because once the press catches on ... all hell will break loose, and you may find shares of one of the companies involved bolting for higher ground ...

For now, neither the media nor Wall Street is talking about Sun-Gas, yet.

But forgive 'em, for they know not anything about it.

And that's a good thing.

Americans who think the government and energy insiders still singing the song of energy independence are clearly out-of-tune with the new energy goals coming to life from cutting edge innovations.

Most importantly, they're also out-of-tune with the imminent profit mania that could create million-dollar portfolios for every investor who knows how get in on this new fuel.

Like all disruptive technologies before it, timing is crucial when it comes to getting rich from Sun-Gas.

Early Investors Can Become Millionaires Investing
in Any New Technology

Here are examples of what I mean ...

If you can remember the early days of the Polio virus, you know it was a nightmare. It killed almost 350,000 people during the late '60s.

But salvation came.

By 1975, pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly produced the world's first vaccine. It was the best "home-grown" product Lilly created that eradicated Polio.

What about its investors?

Could you imagine getting in early on such a groundbreaking medical revolution?

You'd have become rich beyond your wildest dreams, sitting on a cool $1.5 million from a one-time $50,000 investment.

Or how about investing in Amazon when it was about to reinvent how the world shops ...

You could have been a millionaire by now, standing in the league of early Amazon investors like Pat Stonesfield who recently cashed out $1.1 million worth of shares ... or Jon Stroski who cashed out $2.04 million last year.

You'd create your own family legacy with wealth you could build on ... while vacation homes and the fine living become part of your daily life.

But even the energy sector has had its fair share of wealth-building mania.

Remember the good ol' hydraulic fracking technology that siphons oil and gas from shale rocks?

Well, one of the pioneers of this technique is a company called Continental Resources whose share price bolted almost 750% making millionaires out of early investors.

And while fracking can't hold a candle to Sun-Gas fuel technology ... it's worth mentioning here for comparison's sake.

While the clueless world moves along its daily business ... the government has been secretly laying the red carpet to commercialize the cleaner Sun-Gas.

Here's why ...

A staggering 1.7 billion tons of pollution smog from power plants disappear into the atmosphere each year ... triggering asthma — a health disaster — among 20 million Americans.

It keeps far too many kids out of school (a total of 14 million lost school days each year, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and excludes them from physical activity.

Employers lose 12 million workdays every year when asthma keeps adults out of the workplace and triggers nearly 2 million emergency-room visits a year.

There's one culprit through all of this ...


It provides almost 40% of U.S. electricity.

So the government forged new rules that allow pollution from power plants at 1,000 pounds of carbon waste per megawatt hour ...

That's about the level for a modern natural-gas plant. In effect, the new pollution rules simply welcome more gas plants across America.

Do you see where this is headed ... ?

The pollution limits effectively prohibit construction of any new coal-fired plants in America, and ultimately shut down the current ones.

If Old King Coal isn't dead already, he's teetering on life support.

"The migration away from coal has begun,"

Constellation Energy Group
Chief Executive Mayo Shattuck

Hardly a week goes by without a power company announcing changes that push coal to the sidelines, usually in favor of gas-powered plants.

"Power companies are increasingly switching to natural gas to fuel their electricity plants. Some utilities are closing coal-fired plants," according to a story buried in the Wall Street Journal.

Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy notified regulators that it wants to close a coal-burning plant in Boulder, Colo., and convert four units at its Cherokee plant in Denver to burn natural gas instead of coal.

It would cost the company $1.3 billion to switch, but still would be $225 million cheaper than installing pollution-control equipment on the aging coal units.

Houston-based Calpine Corp. says it will convert some of the coal-fired plants in Delaware and New Jersey to gas.

Progress Energy of Raleigh, N.C., intends to close four coal-burning plants and replace two of them with gas-fired plants by 2017.

The company says it's cheaper to build gas-fired plants than it is to outfit the coal units with pollution-control equipment as outlined by regulation.

As of 2012, nine coals plants in Illinois, comprising 15% of existing coal capacity, were slated for retirement.

Powering America with Sun-Gas

But here's what's shocking.

Most people think the switch is simply because gas prices have bottomed out ... and that's that.

While some of it holds true ... there's the bigger picture everyone is missing.

For now, nobody knows about Sun-Gas or even thinks it's at the end of the equation.

Here's the ultimate goal: Once a power plant is fired by natural gas, then it's easy to switch it to Sun-Gas instantly.

That's the new mandate.

The new system simply attaches to the natural gas power plant and turns it into a hybrid Sun-Gas power plant.

The government knows this; the scientists know this; I know this ...

But for those who don't know, they will wake up one morning and find a new, cleaner fuel powering their homes.

You might say ... well, life goes on, does it really matter?

Well it does. We're talking about millions of dollars to be made in this new energy cycle while it's still early.

Remember, Sun-Gas will be going nation-wide pretty soon. By the time the rest of the world catches on, that will be another round of profits gushing into your pocket.

In fact, there's another big factor that's important in this new energy age.

And that's China.

Power plant pollution across major populated cities like Beijing, Shanghai and others has reached such hazardous levels that the smog can be seen from space. It's a death trap for Chinese ...

So called "smog immigrants," Beijing's white-collar work force, is now leaving the cities in search of cleaner skies.

No doubt, China will court America's Sun-Gas technology to help kill its pollution woes. So will India and other developing countries like Brazil ...

America's very own Pacific Northwest National Laboratory — the main brains behind Sun-Gas technology — has even conducted studies in China to test how much sunlight the city gets.

Can you see the expected euphoria building up?

Once Sun-Gas becomes mainstream ... day traders will be pushing up the price of the stocks involved, hoping to make some quick gains when it's too late ...

Like what happened to companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Continental Resources and others that were on the forefront of cutting-edge technologies that stole market share.

And boy, did it backfire ...

They only created millionaires out of those lucky investors who bought in at the beginning when the technology was still fresh ...

Staying on the fence and not getting involved in the Sun-Gas now is like sitting on the sidelines and letting other investors count your money.

We can't let that happen.

Technology is moving at breakneck speed and if you wait too long, it will be easy to miss the opportunity to amass wealth as Sun-Gas becomes the fuel of choice.

And it will be an easy transition as you've seen.

In fact, the infrastructure to welcome Sun-Gas is already in place.

For one, it is easy to transport via pipelines with the same liquid properties as petroleum. Nothing new or groundbreaking needs to be built or created to make the Sun-Gas transition.

What Will Happen to All the Natural Gas

Now I know you're probably thinking that shale gas is cheap, and there's lots of it to go around these days. That is true.

We've got an estimated 318 trillion cubic feet of the stuff stored.

But the truth is shale gas is a non-renewable resource that must be used sparingly whenever possible.

The inevitable will therefore happen ...

With power plants nation-wide switching to natural gas ... paving the way for Sun-Gas ... the current natural-gas glut will be short-lived and end without warning.

And those of us close to the industry are fully aware.

Dr. Kern Martin, energy professor at Duquesne University ... and energy intelligence adviser to the highest levels of world governments, has gone on record saying ...

" ... The U.S. will be retiring at least 90 GW of electricity generation by 2020. The vast majority of this is coal-fired and is being replaced by gas as the fuel of choice."

For each 10 GW replaced, 1.2 billion cubic feet of gas will be required daily.

The final conclusion? "If half of the transition I expect from coal to gas actually takes place, it will eat up three times the current [gas] volume in storage."

It's no surprise the government is taking Sun-Gas mainstream. I call it laying the groundwork for things to come.

Bottom line: there is no way U.S. power plants can switch to natural gas without supplies drying up.

Energy insiders like us, and the government know this.

On top of it all, energy policy-makers still need a cleaner fuel than natural gas.

Now let me clear the air here on something quickly.

Whether you believe climate change is pure hocus-pocus, or whether you believe that scientists are blowing hot air about the stuff, is really irrelevant.

We're not here as pro- or anti-climate change.

I believe that  we're on the cusp of a major disruptive technology that is secretly backed by the government and is set to change America's energy needs and could make you and me hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits.

That should be your only goal here ... to milk this trend for all it's worth.

The government's climate change policies are ushering in a new age of fuel made directly from the sun ...

And it will send rippling effects across the energy industry as the absolute choice for electricity power.

Once cars, trucks and planes begin to use this gas, all the profits could be banked by investors who get in at the point we're at today.

I want you to be one of them.

Your Profit-Pass to the Sun-Gas Revolution

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Remember, Sun-Gas is disruptive. It could trump natural gas. It's already a favorite among policy-makers.

It will be used to power homes, cars, planes and anything that requires fuel. It is the missing link that solar energy needed to be profitable and useable on a huge scale.

The good news is, Sun-Gas is in the early stages. We're at the ground-floor level.

And we — you and I — are getting in before the world wakes up to this reality.

As a member of Global Resource Hunter, you'll get a ring-side seat to the profits to be made not just through the Sun-Gas Revolution ...

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James DiGeorgia
James Di Georgia

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